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📡 As part 3 of my little cyber ruins project i made a few book copies with screenshots from field research. I only have a monochrome laser printer, so i used three different types of paper to add some color. It has 40 pages, i think that’s nearly the maximum for staple binding and cutting with this old rusty machine i have… i have to find out how to sharpen the knife very soooon

Cyber Ruins (Part 3: Adjective+Noun)


my first woven fabric 🐛
it’s fun and so nice to create fabrics! i should do some more weaving, have to look up though how to do pixel graphics with it… so only stripes for a start. i thought about keeping this first messy attempt, so i made a little website for it.

I received this beautiful work »Missing Piece« from @TQ by mail! Thank you so much, i love it! It arrived safely, not much traces from its short snail mail journey.

Usually i’m not much into framing art, but to show the idea of the missing parts i did here. Wonder who got the other postcards, where are the other collectors on the fediverse? @TQ still has some works of this series up for sale, go get one :100a: 🖤 :nes_fire:

Ooh what a nice color! Thanks for voting everyone! Happy Birthday

, the mixed you this color:

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Hey let’s mix a colour together to celebrate the !

Please add 1 Color on the poll below, i will mix the resulting color afterwards.
:hacker_b: :hacker_o: :hacker_o: :hacker_o: :hacker_s: :hacker_t:

Today’s reminds me why i moved to the
:drake_dislike: Find safe and interesting spaces on corporate social media
:drake_like: just join the fedi,

oh snap! i haven’ŧ learned all the inkscape shortcuts yet, but this really annoyed me so i had to: when rotating objects and snapping is activated, it’s impossible to rotate without snapping to other objects. with SHIFT+5 (%) you can easily de-/activate the auto snap option.
took me >4 years to learn the shortcut for this, i only toot this to not forget!

…and probably will have to look it up again in 15min :thinkhappy:

:oh_no_bubble: i’ve only just learned about the asterism glyph! A small group of asterisks, used for minor breaks (so more or less decorative, a bit like the aldus leaf❦)

*** ↠ ⁂

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,,,,,,,,,, ||||||||||
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stapler drawing

our squirrel neighbors are still snacking on their winter supplies

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