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📡 A small book about votes, polls and surveys, tourist wildlife, digital couch life, flying money, stuck ships, earthquakes, shrugs and other fillth:

If all had voted against, the vote would have been negative.

sending out free copies all around the globe if you wish to receive one or we could do a zine swap 📨 💌 📨


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Músical Aplausos (flashy gif) 

<3 the fediverse for all the online concerts played and shared

i printed invitations to my website/remote show and then realized i forgot to include the URL. :oh_no_bubble:


mosquito death on timeline 

please scroll slow

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* remaining life will vary depending on the types of documents printed

📖 Brechtel, Werke der Schönschreibmeister (1573)
(works of the “beautiful writing” masters)

loads of swooshy calligraphy and then during digitization they found that someone scribbled a drawing beneath a dedication to the king, it shows a person fighting a goat (???)

try to read here:

trash horror 

i found this trash halloween monster mirror on a flea market (and still regret not buying it… the painting on the packaging is quite good)

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