This Thursday, July 28th in De Aanschouw , opening at 21.00:
lumbung tv from documenta fifteen -
an 8.5 hours video loop consisting of:

- ruangrupa (2000-2014)
- Jatiwangi art Factory - New Rural Agenda Summit
- Walkie Talkie Session I with Frederikke Hansen & reinaart vanhoe
- Lecture Series #8 - CAMP notes on education (on apartheid in South Africa)
- Keroncong Tugu Cafrinho, Live at RURU Gallery, ruangrupa, Jakarta, 19 August 2014
- Ruang Kosmik vol. 19

lumbung tv is part of the website and collaborative platform developed by Luke Murphy and @Varia Rotterdam for documenta fifteen, on the technological basis of non-commercial, volunteer-run decentral Open Source ("Fediverse") platforms such as Peertube and Mastodon.

I won't be physically present at the opening, but video-call in from documenta fifteen.

Next to the videos, the installation displays a written and a QR code link to It will be running up until October 3rd.


opening tonight, 21.00, De Aanschouw (window of the pub De Schouw), WdW straat 80, Rotterdam:

Francien Van Everdingen
Alfa Bravo Nederlands
Learning Dutch for adult native Arabic speakers

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@liaizon @fcr I really liked how at every new iteration, the GUI was getting more and more crazy. We need to organize a series of workshops for graphic design students. 32bit win/NT 4.0 on pentium pro, cracked photoshop 3.x with all the KPTs and we also bring in Bryce3D, Poser, Elastic Reality, etc. I think the world is ready for a second wave of Photoshop filters warez cornucopia and weird 2D/3D programmes.

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@fcr no way, that's actually my slide for the wdka AI conference thing in September :)))) well at least I know one person will get it...

DALL-E = Kai's Power Tools 2022

(inside joke for people who lived in the 1990s)

The English translation of Hito Steyerl's essay on Documenta Fifteen published by "Die Zeit" (one of the German papers that had called out its curators for alleged anti-semitism) softens one of its perhaps most controversial passages:

"If Putin’s ideologues are calling for the decolonization of Russia from some kind of Western-Jewish liberalism, then that notion of decolonization has been badly corrupted, and certainly not for the first time. Criticism of colonialism often regresses into a glorification of the old, innocent days populated by imaginary, Disneyfied versions of indigenous peoples. In many cases, the result is identity as voyeuristic branding."

- a more faithful translation would have been: "then this term decolonization has been strongly corrupted" (i.e. 'decolonization' in general, not just Putin's particular use of the word).

German original:
"Wenn Putins Ideologen die Dekolonialisierung Russlands von einer Art westlich-jüdischem Liberalismus fordern, dann ist dieser Begriff Dekolonialisierung stark korrumpiert worden, und das bestimmt nicht zum ersten Mal. [...]"

German text:

English translation by Eric Meier:

Foveon-like images from cameras with Bayer sensors:

published a howto for a DIY homebrew alternative digital raw photo developing process that turns conventional Bayer sensor cameras (with their interpolated colors) into full RGB cameras (similar to Sigma cameras with Foveon sensors).

It fully works with Open Source software (RawTherapee + Gimp, or Darktable) and completely bypasses the camera manufacturer's color science.

Published my article on the popular photography blog DIY Photography:

R.I.P. Sven Guckes

Sven Guckes was a first generation Linux user and command line computing super-expert. The best-known online tutorials and documented setting files for tools such as vim and zsh were written by him. He was one of the people at the Berlin Linux User Group who introduced me to GNU/Linux in 1997.

He was an infinitely friendly, infinitely patient and infinitely helpful person who made freely sharing knowledge his life. As far as I know, he never had a regular job (and probably never completed his computer science degree), although with his technical expertise, he could have worked in well-paid positions.

Together, we taught a three-day terminal command line introductory workshop at bootlab Berlin. He also came to my PhD defense in 2006 where all the humanities professors in the committee were visibly relieved when he asked me a computer science question and implicitly confirmed that the CS-related parts of my thesis were solid.

With Sven, a part of the old West Berlin dies - the place that had something similar to a Western socialism, because life was relatively inexpensive, there was not much pressure to have regular employment, and people followed and shared their personal passions.

FLOSS developer intentionally corrupts his libraries and has multiple depending applications print out garbage, stating that "I am no longer going to support Fortune 500s [...] with my free work."

question to pixelfed users: which instance do you recommend? (Especially for uploading larger numbers of pictures?)

Are artist-run spaces now being created/simulated by real estate developers?

In the case of "Huidenclub" Rotterdam, it's an art space calling itself “a bottom-up non-institution” that does “self assemble and strategically address societal and ecological justice”.

In Rotterdam-Delfshaven, the real estate development companies Dura Vermeer & Dudok Groep are turning a former factory territory into a new upmarket housing complex as part of the larger Merve-Vierhaven real estate development/gentrification project. A part of this complex will house “a new experimental platform for contemporary culture” [description on the website] called “Huidenclub”.

The launch will be during Art Rotterdam Week. Announcements can be found on art/culture websites such as WeOwnRotterdam and, but also on real estate websites like and Dura Vermeer’s own website.

The website of “Huidenclub.tmp” looks like that of a contemporary art space, but has a contact adress of a P.R. firm that works among others for FrieslandCampina.

The driving forces behind the Huidenclub seem to be the art consultancy Liv Vaisberg and the architect Chantal Schoenmakers whose bureau IWT.IO lists Dura Vermeer and Dudok Groep as its clients

Will give a public lecture on conspiracy culture, as part of the Münster lectures of University of Fine Arts Münster, Germany, on Tuesday June 22nd, 6pm Middle European Time.

The lecture will be on Zoom and in English. Link here:

second video shot with (Raspberry Pi raw video camera solution):

- social sculpture Koffie & Ambacht, video field recording of Gilbert van Drunen's coffee bar & neighborhood center in Rotterdam-Carnisse

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my first footage shot with the (CinemaDNG 12bit raw video-recording Raspberry Pi with the HQ Camera module):

Got interviewed, on among others: magic, software, 'post-digital' vs. 'new media', DIY culture & collectives, futures of art, the Crapularity, design as social experiment, dark sides of 'openness', artistic research:

What is wrong with the "Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research"?

- dissecting a European policy document that relates artistic research to "enterprise Research & Development" and has it "validated" through "international QA bodies".

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