My essay on Crapularity Aesthetics is out:
- Why "contemporary art" is not what its name literally means, how this reenacts the discourse of "Neue Musik", and how everything is connected to wasteful accumulation in (electronic and non-electronic) crapularities. part of 'Making & Breaking', an online journal published by the research department of AKV St. Joost in Breda edited by Sebastian Olma & Patricia Reed.

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Great 2019 start. I got my portable player back after more than a decade. This, a dodgy composite cable and a CRT screen is the only acceptable way to watch 90s bootleg films and run underground .

Together, let's make 2019 the much anticipated comeback of .

Neuro Paste, minimal music for the poor

After a long time, a new track by Neuro Paste (the music project of Mariëtte Groot, me & our collaborators):

video of coming late to "My Broken Tongue", performance by Nash Caldera & Kwinnie Lê at Galerie Lecq, Rotterdam, Dec. 9 2018:

(Two members of the) Woodstone Kugelblitz collective performing at Instruments Make Play 2018 – festival / fair at WORM Rotterdam, Dec. 8 2018:

# How gentrification and mass tourism destroyed the former Dutch contemporary arts capital Amsterdam.

This map shows the Dutch art spaces supported by Mondriaan Fonds in 2019, with Amsterdam now down to 3, The Hague having 4, and Rotterdam with 6 (factually 7 including De Player).

Concerning DIY artist-run spaces, the discrepancies are even more pronounced. (In our research at WdKA, we counted 50-100 for Rotterdam depending on one's tighter or looser definitions of "art"; in Amsterdam, there's simply no longer room/affordable space for such a number of initiatives.)

However, the same shrinkage that affected Amsterdam is about to repeat itself in rapidly gentrifying Rotterdam.

Mixed Business 15

Visual e-zine of the Woodstone Kugelblitz collective producing its collective issue at Varia Rotterdam, consisting of 61 animated GIFs embedded into one HTML page:

Easy download as a single, 180 MB HTML page:


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my video from the production of the collective issue of the zine L'Intolerant by the Woodstone Kugelblitz collective at Varia Rotterdam:
(PeerTube upload to follow)

On , overlooked epistemic issues of & , and how everything is connected to , , , non-participation artists and the .

Filippo Lorenzin interviewed me on my contribution to the book "Pattern Discrimination":

Our book is finally out - in print from University of Minnesota Press, Open Access from Meson Press:

Clemens Apprich, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Florian Cramer, Hito Steyerl, Pattern Discrimination

# Performance aan de Laan #1, The Autobiographical

with Heyer Thurnheer, Gj Derook, Toine Horvers, PQI (Patricia Qi Pluijmers), Marcus Bergner, Kathrin Wolkowicz & Rachel Carey. Programmed by Kathrin Wolkowicz, hosted by Gerwin Luijendijk, Johanna Monk & Vanita Monk - my video:

IBM buys RedHat for $30 billion. This value was mostly created by the labor of volunteer, un- or underpaid developers of Free/Libre/Open Source software who will not see a dime of IBM's money. There need to be discussions of economic flaws in the FLOSS development/distribution model.

my video of WORM Pirate Bay performed at WORM’s Slash Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
with The WORM Pirate Bay Zine Club, Re#sister (Zeynep, Oyo, Mariette, Tarik), Tarik Speelman, Owen Storni Hoogenboezem + Victor Suy Bio:

transmediale looks for a new artistic director:

(For potential applicants: The salary is on German public service tariff E14, equivalent to the Dutch art school/HBO salary level 12. To prevent all myths that people get rich working on these jobs.)

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema (v1) Survival Guide

Just wrote a hands-on guide for users of the first-generation Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (1080p), summing up 5 years of practical experience with the camera. The focus is on practical tips & tricks and the things that one should know when working with the camera:

Topics covered:

HDMI port
Infrared pollution
Mic & pre-amp
Storage media
Which format & color space?
Which lenses?
Which system?
Which focal lengths?
Pulling focus
Stabilizing the camera
Which computer for editing?’
Getting good color:
Method 1: LUTs
Method 2: Color Space Transform with Tone Mapping
Method 3: Color Chart
Method 4: RAW control sliders
Method 5: Hybrid
Note on Styling LUTs

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