my video of Shoko Nagamachi's prepared piano performance yesterday night at Poortgebouw Rotterdam:

pictures of - Magnetic Flux festival

...all taken on floppy disk with Sony Mavica cameras,

with organizers Niek Hilkmann, Lidia Pereira & Thomas Walskaar, Adam Frankiewicz (Pionierska Records/Floppy Not New(s)), Sascha Müller, Remute, underbelly shop (Mariëtte Groot) & diverse workshop participants and visitors.


my report of the symposium at Zinedepo, Motel Spatie, Arnhem, with Marc van Elburg, Anders M. Gullestad, Anna Poletti & Wilfried Hou Je Bek (that was parasitically made part of the conference co-organized by our research program):

Launch of Amy Wu's “A Cookbook of Invisible Writing” at Onomatopee Eindhoven -
a practical guide to steganography & non-electronic, DIY privacy tools, and a publication developed as part of our research program at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam.

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Shell script for collating/imposing a one-sheet mini zine layout from a 8-pages PDF document, using the Open Source command line tool pdfjam:



pdfjam --angle '180' --outfile /dev/stdout -- $input_pdf 1,8,7,6 | pdfjam --nup '4x2' --landscape --frame 'false' --outfile $output_pdf -- /dev/stdin - $input_pdf 2-5

Making Matters: symposium on Critical Making, May 9+10, Netherlands

- will relate Critical Making to artistic research and (post)critical theory, through a series of conversations and workshops.

May 9th-10th at West Den Haag/Onze Ambassade, Den Haag.
Tickets here:

new publication: "What Is Autonomy?"

- an overview written mostly, but not only, for students (including those in Autonomous Practices Wdka), meant to cover as many meanings of 'autonomy' as possible within a brief essay: political autonomy, aesthetic autonomy, and autonomous systems...

my video of Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (Guido Hübner) & Roel Meelkop performing at Vrooom #70, Rotterdam, Netherlands, April 5th 2019

(personal nostalgia trip since I've known Das Synthetische Mischgewebe from the Berlin underground music scene since ca. 1983 via Graf Haufen; shot with an early 1980s Fujinon E6X14AM TV zoom lens.)

Living Beings

my video of 'Seed to seed ~Gill Baldwin with Upominki and others', at Upominki, Rotterdam, April 5th 2019

with Gill Baldwin, Weronika Zielinska-Klein, work by Minji Choi and Seokyung Kim + cameos by Clara + various non-human actors.

Photo album of
'The Network We (de)Served - Special Issue #08'

at , 5 April 2019

Contributors: Simon Browne, Tancredi Di Giovanni, Paloma García, Rita Graça, Artemis Gryllaki, Pedro Sá Couto, Biyi Wen, Bohye Woo, @rra Manetta Berends, Lídia Pereira, André Castro, Aymeric Mansoux, Michael Murtaugh, Steve Rushton, Leslie Robbins.

"The Beach Bum" is a high-precision exorcism of the romanticist artist-genius, since it radically strips the figure of (a) substance and (b) aura, boiling it down to the (equally precise) title of the film.

project idea: autodestructive art made with counterfeit SD cards (the ones that have only a fraction of their stated capacity and delete most data that you write onto them).

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"Miekal And's "Why Publish Noise?" - ca. 1989, seems to be an extended version of Miekal's original contribution to Mike Gunderloy's (of Factsheet Five) DIY book "Why Publish" ("

by @memexikon reposted by @fcr


My essay on Crapularity Aesthetics is out:
- Why "contemporary art" is not what its name literally means, how this reenacts the discourse of "Neue Musik", and how everything is connected to wasteful accumulation in (electronic and non-electronic) crapularities. part of 'Making & Breaking', an online journal published by the research department of AKV St. Joost in Breda edited by Sebastian Olma & Patricia Reed.

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Great 2019 start. I got my portable player back after more than a decade. This, a dodgy composite cable and a CRT screen is the only acceptable way to watch 90s bootleg films and run underground .

Together, let's make 2019 the much anticipated comeback of .

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