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Art/design academy opportunity in the !

WdKA in is looking for someone to lead and coordinate a multi-year transformation process of one of it core current BA and future MA trajectory. Focus will be on alternative , , from a critical, practical, and experimental POV.

"The Commercial Practices is one of three interdisciplinary graduation profiles at the Willem de Kooning Academy. The main focus of the WdKA Commercial Practices is helping artists and designers materialize and contribute to alternative modes of organization and production based on strong ecological and cooperative/collaborative values. It seeks to help students to reflect on, experiment and engage with such alternatives while bringing the urgency of the climate crisis and climate justice to art and design education. The Practices invite students to critically reflect on consumer activism, technosolutionism and the language of circularity and sustainability frequently found in today’s products and services."


DEADLINE: 18 December 2022

:boost_requested: boosts appreciated! :boost_requested:

PS: I'm working there, in the research department, if you have questions, send me a DM!

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Over the past three months I've been very lucky to work with an inspiring and talented group of new students at the Experimental Publishing Master programme of the Piet Zwart Institute, on a thematic project called "How Do We Library That?".

On Tuesday 6th December they will release "Garden ? @ Leeszaal", where " ...through collective writing and other experimental processes, participants will help rescue, repair, and remake the unseen binned books that would otherwise be destined for disposal. Machines, as stationary "gardening" tools will help us throughout the evening. The co-created harvest will be presented during a special release moment at 20:30..."

Special Issue 19 Launch
Date: 06 December 2022
Time: 18:00 – 21:00
Location: Leeszaal, Rijnhoutplein 3, Rotterdam West

More information about the event and XPUB at issue.xpub.nl/19

I am really thrilled to share our first UrbEX publication with the world :) It's a Handbook that we created with anyone who is working with (or facilitating for) young people in (disadvantaged) urban contexts.

The handbook is our first free resource within our 2-year research project. You can get it here: urbex4youth.org/handbook

If you are interested in the project and methodology we're developing, let me know. We would love to invite you to join our network.

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Two Doctoral Scholarships available in the School of Arts and Creative Industries, London South Bank University. One scholarship will be based in the Creative Technologies Research Centre (CTRC) and the second one will be based in the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image (CSNI).

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We are looking for small file photographs! We call to overcome the high-resolution regime and propose that small is beautiful! 🤏 🖼️ 😍 🌿


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Well the presentation turned out great. We ended up making a selection of the prompts, and used that to play bingo with the audience for the second half of the presentation. As we were going through the game, people from the audience could share how such or such prompt was relatable or an ongoing source of suffering. The winner got freshly baked cookies as reward. We will do that again for sure.

As for the rest of the prompts, there are so many and they are all so good, so I will just make a quick command line bingo board generator and put some of its output on the wiki :)
(with everyone properly credited ofc)

So if you have more ideas, check the top post of this thread for existing entries and feel free to add missing ones!

Photo credit: @automatist !

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The XPUB-Take-away

Monday, 28th November 2022
19:00 – 21:00 / at 20:00 there will be a presentation!
Location: Het Bollenpandje (bollenpandje.nl/, Rosier Faassenstraat 22, Rotterdam Bospolder/Tussendijken)

Ding! Dong! Your order is ready.
We, the second year students of the Experimental Publishing Master have prepared a small publication to pick-up!

We would like to invite you to join us for a free drink (or two) and little activities around work-in-progress ideas.
Besides the publication, snacks will be offered. See you there!

Supisara Burapachaisri, Mitsa Chaida Michelakou, Kimberley Cosmilla, Jian Haake, Chaeyoung Kim (Chae), Alexandra Nikolova (Ål Nik), Emma Prato, Gersande Schellinx, Miriam Schöb (the machine), Erica Gargaglione, Francesco Luzzana (Kamo)

PS. The Experimental Publishing Master, or XPUB in short, is one of the master courses of the Piet Zwart Institute, which is by itself part of the Willem de Kooning (the art academy at the Blaak). xpub.nl/

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Open call for participants! 👄 🤖 🌚 December 10th, together with @anglk we will run a workshop on ancestral data, artificial voice and vocal doppelgangers.


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Hypertext Hotel
Henry Andersen, Kendal Beynon, Bartek Buczek, Shelley Jackson, Daniel Jacoby, Peter Lemmens, Stuart Moulthrop, and Alicja Melzacka.

25.11.2022 5pm-8pm – Opening
8.12.2022 – Hypertext Reading Group
14.1.2023 – VaporWavePool – Sound Session
More info on times at www.sb34.org
Exhibition open on Saturday 4pm-8pm (closed on 24.12 & 31.12) and by appointment at info@sb34.org

With the kind supports of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and Région Bruxelles-Capitale/Image de Bruxelles.
Many thanks to Joseph Knierzinger; Paul Devens; Eastgate Systems Inc.; Jester, Genk; the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Hypertext Hotel is a network of rooms and passages, a collective endeavour, a co-authored text, an appropriated myth, a place of secrets and transgressions, a narrative structure, a mood, a premise for an exhibition.
The project borrows its title from a virtual space for collaborative writing set up by Robert Coover in 1991 for his workshop at Brown University, and it takes the then-emerging genre of ‘hypertext fiction’ – one of the earliest examples of electronic literature – as a starting point to think of an exhibition as a collective work of interactive fiction, where different scenarios and readings are not only permissible but inevitable.

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New publication 📄

Infrastructural Interactions: Survival, Resistance and Radical Care

With contributions by: TITiPI, Varia (Manetta Berends, Cristina Cochior), Clareese Hill, Other Weapons, Gwen Barnard, Naomi Alizah Cohen, Yasmine Boudiaf and Infrastructural Manouevres. Made with wiki-to-pdf.

PDF: titipi.org/pub/Infrastructural
text-version: titipi.org/wiki/index.php/Infr

@manetta @Sedista @Crittercompiler @ccl

p.s. @manetta & @ccl, thank you for the wonderful workshop & booklet. This visual recording and article came out of our moment at FIBER :)

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It's been a few months since I took part in the FIBER Natural Intelligence lab in Amsterdam. It was a blast: memorable conversations, many moments of awakening, absolutely one of those experiences that have impact on the way you think, work and are.

During the lab I did several visual recordings, but decided to publish this one:

Collective Infrastructures: How to Understand Collectivity is my take from @root@video.vvvvvvaria.org's workshop

You can see the whole Dossier with articles here: fiber-space.nl/project/dossier

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Varia invites you to its
5-year anniVariassary!!

:nes_fire: 👾 🎊 :nes_fire: 🎊:nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: 👾 👾

Friday, 4 November 2022
19:00 (CET) onwards
at (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam) + online (link to be shared soon)

After 5 years looking into and outside everyday technology, we want to come together in different modes to celebrate this occasion. On Friday 4 November at 7pm CET, join us for an online server party and/or in real life inside Varia's space.

Music from DJ Mercenary Force, JustSimon and experimental happening — in virtual and physical realms — there will be drinks, there will be food, there will be streaming, there will be celebration!

info: varia.zone/en/5y-varia.html

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[a tiny illustrated glossary of precarity] during the summer, Supisara [XPUB] and i made some experiments on the topic of precarity, digital footprints, marks and residues. One of our babies is this tiny glossary - tiny, because it is just a start and a prototype. But you can already print it at home and fold it yourself. Have a look here: hub.xpub.nl/soupboat/~alnik/xp

Hello dear lurk community, here is a brief intro & big thanks for creating this space! I am alex (ål nik), an experimental publishing student at piet zwart. I love to play with illustration, digital art and sound experiments; and this year my research is going in the direction of ways to create collective sound publications & facilitating inclusive sound jams. With my association nomadways, we facilitate workshops for artists and educators in france (and all around europe). 💾

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📝 We are happy to announce that on the 5th & 6th of November, Zine Camp is back for its 2022 edition at WORM Rotterdam! As always, there will be stalls, workshops, talks and more. And, of course, it is free to join!

Zine Camp is a space to connect with the self-publishing community, make friends and learn new skills and techniques. We also have open tables to collaborate and create your own zines on site. ✂️🖇

Keep an eye on the website (zinecamp2022.hotglue.me/) see link in bio and both ours and WORM’s socials for updates and a program!

Can’t wait to see you all! 👀

thank you sooo much @manetta for your invite to join! 🌊


A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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