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Ok, so here's @hackertype , my first mastodon . It turn the toots into hackertype font ( instance specific). Let's see how stable it is.

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"In effetti, in una giornata intera non ho mai usato il portafoglio, la mail, un browser. Quando rientro in casa il mio computer, appoggiato sul tavolo in cucina, mi sembra ormai semplicemente una macchina da scrivere, ma meno rumorosa. […] Nel corso di tutta la mia giornata non sono mai uscito da WeChat. In Cina lo smartphone è WeChat. E WeChat sa tutto di ognuno di noi."

Red Mirror, Simone Pieranni, p. 5

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turns out I can't install the Italian dictionary on Zettlr because of a well known bug :( same goes with Portuguese…

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thanks everyone! I think for now I'll give it a go with Zettlr. Captivated by the Zotero integration!

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«Se sapessi che un uomo sta venendo da me per farmi del bene, correrei a mettermi in salvo» Henry David Thoreau

Apostrophe is my closest finding, but I can't try it cause my connection is toooooo sloooooowwww

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Hi all I'm looking for a editor for with the following features:

- spell check
- text suggestions
- prose-friendly layout (not a fan of the split view à la remarkable)
- export to docx, pdf (nice to have)
- folder view

I've been using Atom but it is kinda buggy. Is there a good alternative? thx

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Zine launch announcement 

Delighted to announce that Magiun #1 is finally out, in digital form, and can be seen, read and commented upon at

Magiun is a magazine about everyday food. This first edition deals with eating in isolation - the struggles, the joys, the unexpected discoveries, the newly added anxieties.

Print version out soon!

TIL that is not a great idea to paste an old /etc in full on top the /etc of a fresh install

What new skills did I acquire during lockdown? Mostly, I learnt how to drift in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. On Obieg I talk about excitement for the future, unboxing, open worlds and frenzy vs. idleness.

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In ecology, biodiversity is an important measure of ecosystem health.

Maybe we need to appreciate software, interface and network diversity as similar indicators of the health of our digital culture.

nobody: where do you write?
me: on my bike, in the shower

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* ¿* I am researching / collecting online platforms that present glossaries (for both natural and programmings languages) and different ways of relating concepts / definitions of terms — any references * ? *

boost if you sometimes feel like you have zero skills

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Come read with us online, this thursday evening, 23/07, 16:00 - 18:00 CEST. 📚

Varia is hosting two collective reading and conversation sessions. One will be online and one will be in our physical space, as a series of events to discuss matters of abolitionist technology & community-driven systems of accountability, while generating anonymous, consensual debris for stone throw, a temporary online work to share our resources and reflections. We sought texts that are talking about what we want to learn with and about, now.

For our first session we will read from Ruha Benjamin's Race After Technology, choosing chapter 5 Retooling Solidarity, Reimagining Justice to read together. In this chapter, Benjamin examines how practitioners, scholars, activists, artists, and students are working to resist and challenge the New Jim Code (a term Benjamin uses to connect discriminatory technology with past segregationist laws in the Southern states). This chapter also offers suggestions on how to contribute to an approach to technology that moves beyond accessing new products, to advocating for justice-oriented design practices.

These workshops are made with @jules @ccl. 👌

Find out more here -

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