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Hi hi!

Time for a 'lil . My name is Silvio, I'm Italian but I live in the Netherlands. In the past I researched artistic "post-digital" publishing, I wrote about the entrepreneurial ideology in relation to precarity, and did a lot of other stuff such as graphic design, web development, installations, net art, zines, weird tools, videoclips… I'm starting to suspect that consistency is not among my core skills :oh_no_bubble:

Right now I'm mostly busy documenting and understanding a sense of disillusionment that seems to permeate the design field.

Currently, I'm an assistant professor in design theory and criticism at the Center for Other Worlds in Lisbon ( and I'm part of, a lovely space dedicated to everyday technology.

I toot mostly about , , and . Also, I enjoy posting "unacceptable" CW puns.

While writing about the past and the present of computer usership, I amassed a mastodontic year-long thread. That was fun :)

The attached photo is by @joak

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So, after one year of read-write time about computers I thought of having a Mastodon première of The User Condition, a looong text on computer agency and behavior. Here's the link, enjoy:

Of course I'm profoundly grateful for the help that I received from all of you people here (check acknowledgements at the bottom).

Needless to say, I welcome feedback, criticism, bug/misspells reports and whatever else comes to mind :)

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Charlie Warzel on Wordle 

"Wordle defies the infinite scroll, and the game is rewarded for doing so. I think there’s a lesson here—one that probably ties into the essay above. We love convenience; and we love efficiency and automation; and we prioritize scale and growth, and both those things create immense wealth. But even though we love those things, there is something truly joyful about things that feel slow and un-bingeable. You can only savor something that is scarce, and there’s a pleasure in doing so that feels distinctly human—that feels like being alive."

what's the most popular food served at the Bauhaus? 

the Oskar Schlemmer-Filet :unacceptable:

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Hybrid/Blended learning (theory): conflictual, consensual, generative and/or complimentary digital and analogue modes of organisation, production, interaction across a wide range of media and formats.

Hybrid/Blended learning (practice): full software and networked mediation of human activities via turbocapitalist cool video chat and productivity apps.

fyi: 20,000 grant on "AI Anarchies" 

"AI Anarchies is a call for proposals open to artists in any field who work with AI as a topic and/or AI technologies in the broadest sense. The project seeks artists that contribute to the debate on AI and ethics through conceptual and aesthetically compelling forms. AI Anarchies invites artistic, speculative, and/or technical practices and interventions that articulate and challenge approaches to power and ethics in the emergence of AI. It proposes artistic resistance through subjective and political actions and creative acts. Small AI, disobedient AI, unimaginable AI, counter AI, tricky AI, risky AI, fantasy AI, playful AI, mischievous AI, emotional AI, affective AI, or no AI at all could all be roads to AI Anarchies."

the fediverse doesn't really like the metaverse

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"The web is five giant services filled with the screenshots of the other four."

I just received this wonderful tome edited by Demian Conrad, Rob van Leijsen and David Héritier, designed by Johnson/Kingston and published by Onomatopee. "Graphic Design in the Post-Digital Age" includes the work of so many friends and practitioners that I admire as well as some amusing AI-generated commentary.

Should designers learn to code? This is the vexed question I wanted to tackle in my essay, but instead of giving yet another trite answer, I decided to focus on the bigger picture. To understand the "code imperative" one has to look at laid off coal miners in New Hampshire, woke journalists and their detractors, fictional ex-ballerinas working in cyber, IBM "new collars", AI pair programmers, etc.

In the essay I distinguish two paradigms: Learn to Code and Code To Learn. If the former is presented as an economic destiny for society as a whole, the latter has to do with gaining autonomy and technological self-determination – it means learning *with* computers and *through* computers. While both paradigms are real and useful, they lead to radically different ways of approaching creative coding as a practice and as a teaching subject.

I would also like to thank @rra, @cmos4040, @raphael, @mara and @sejo for their invaluable feedback.

Get the book here, DM me for the essay:

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feeling kinda guilty for not feeling that interested in NFTs :/

i love that mastadan preserves the transparency of uploaded pics

wordle: solved at last! 


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a friend sent me this gem by Momus: Finnegan the Folk Hero

In a field of corn
Is a master's shoe
Click the master's shoe
There's a blue-tailed fly
Click a blind man's foot
See a horse's tail
It's down to Finnegan
The folk hero of HTML

This is the tale
Of a clever sod
Was his gift from God
He slaved all night
Coding the master's site
Never paid a cent
What was his by rights…

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question for academics 

how seriously do you take indexes like the h-index and the i10-index? and what is a decent figure for an assistant professor?

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Praise for The Dawn of Everything by Graeber and Wengrow 

it even mentions Zelda BOTW!! @OCRbot

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