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Hi hi!

Time for a 'lil . My name is Silvio, I'm Italian but I live in the Netherlands. In the past I researched artistic "post-digital" publishing, I wrote about the entrepreneurial ideology in relation to precarity, and did a lot of other stuff such as graphic design, web development, installations, net art, zines, weird tools, videoclips… I'm starting to suspect that consistency is not among my core skills :oh_no_bubble:

Right now I'm mostly busy documenting and understanding a sense of disillusionment that seems to permeate the design field.

Currently, I'm an assistant professor in design theory and criticism at the Center for Other Worlds in Lisbon ( and I'm part of, a lovely space dedicated to everyday technology.

I toot mostly about , , and . Also, I enjoy posting "unacceptable" CW puns.

While writing about the past and the present of computer usership, I amassed a mastodontic year-long thread. That was fun :)

The attached photo is by @joak

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So, after one year of read-write time about computers I thought of having a Mastodon première of The User Condition, a looong text on computer agency and behavior. Here's the link, enjoy:

Of course I'm profoundly grateful for the help that I received from all of you people here (check acknowledgements at the bottom).

Needless to say, I welcome feedback, criticism, bug/misspells reports and whatever else comes to mind :)

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Platform Alliances #1 Tools 

What are the tools for alliances? 
How do we establish solidarity networks? 
Can a model of practice and form of governance be considered as a work of art?  
And what does it mean to publish/make public in a platform framework?

The first session of Platform Alliances presents a conversation on tools for tactics and strategies of facilitation and organisation. 
Tuesday 22nd of June, at 17:00 pm, live broadcasted from fanfare, shared via the trans-departmental initiative PUB, joined by the collective infrastructure, Varia, and the student-run KABK initiative, Mushroom radio. 

Platform Alliances is a growing initiative by Radio EE and fanfare; the program aims to discuss and share the strategies and challenges of current and future student-initiated platforms. It aims to create space and place for alliances amongst similar initiatives across The Netherlands and abroad. This radio broadcast presents a first step of opening up a dialogue and larger-scale platform alliance scheme. We welcome critique, ideas, and future collaborators.

This event was commissioned by the board of extracurricular platforms at Rietveld/Sandberg as part of Future Practices. After the live broadcast, the conversation will be available on &

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Instagram interface rant 

the interface of instagram web is a frickin joke. I need to find a follower whose name I don't remember and this is the size of the window I'm given: it will take me years. Any "pro" task that goes beyond liking and looking is discouraged.

As soon as I discovered the work of J. Dakota Brown, I became a fanboy. His essays on automation and autonomy in graphic design are such rigorous and rich contributions to the history and theory of the field. Now, thanks to the BURG University of Art and Design in Halle, I had the chance to invite him for a dialogue, which will take place tomorrow the 15th at 18:00 (GMT+2). More info here:

Also, if you were wondering, this beautiful digital flyer was collaboratively designed by Esben Terje Sonne, Georg Stahlbock, Helene Otto, Karen Czock, Luka Löhner, Marion Kliesch, Melanie Hauffe, Paul Werner, and Sanna Schiffler.

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I cannot even start telling how much I enjoyed this essay (except for the implicit sanctification of Enzo Mari)

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"Using Kay’s terminology, Apple’s creativity was relegated to the production of materials: a song composed in GarageBand, a funny effect applied to a selfie with Photo Booth. What kind of computer literacy is this? Counterintuitively, what is a form of writing within a software vehicle, is often a form of reading the computer medium. We only write the computer medium when we do not simply generate materials, but tools."

The User Condition by @entreprecariat

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What do you dance on an imageboard? 

@entreprecariat La

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What do you dance on an imageboard? 

@entreprecariat @raphael You do the ffffoundango

What do you dance on an imageboard? 

An 8cha-cha-chan :unacceptable:

a months-long thread on birdsite about a specific theme: a couple of reactions, some retweets, an occasional reply

a *single* toot about said theme on Mastodon: articulate responses, expressions of enthusiasm, sharp and intelligent criticism, good vibes

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If I were to give an award for the most goth ever, it would have to go to the Honey Locust. Those huge thorns are like eyeliner for woody plants.

They also qualify as "invasive" (kind of a rude term) in many areas but the wood is beautiful and quite hard. The thorns are so tough that some traditional craftspeople used them as peg-nails.

Also, the current theory is that the thorns evolved during the last big ice age to protect them from tree-munching mastodon!

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Deadlines? New crappy mixtape with to-cry-for conceptual development :) Can I even call it a concept at this stage? Probably...nay, definitely not. But here it goes:

The March Violets - Snake Dance
Oppenheimer Analysis - Devil's Dancers
Suspiria - Allegedly, a Dancefloor Tragedy
She Past Away - Disko Anksiyete
Lebanon Hannover - Gallowdance
Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle - Shadow Dance

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"any business school Deans who wish to reproduce the orthodoxy are on the wrong side of history" and more gems in this blistering auto-critique by a leading "critical management" scholar:

got this ad on youtube, next level dating platform 

this is weird

"Do you have a racial preference?

Master Wang's visions are raceblind, but we have found that by drawing your soulmate in the style of your racial preference, you will more easily recognize your soulmate (whether they are already present in your life or will be soon) and can more easily connect with them on a deep level."

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got this ad on youtube, next level dating platform 

Ready to meet your soulmate?
WARNING: You Will Feel Strong Emotions

Master Wang (王师傅) is a psychic artist and master of astrology famous in China for being able to draw anyone's soulmate. Thousands of people have found love thanks to Master Wang's gift.

Answer just a few simple questions and Master Wang will draw you a picture of your soulmate.

@rra @praxeology sorry, didn't mean to misinterpret, I was referring to this sentence, not to you in particular:

"At the risk of falling for the lettuce bait by engaging with it: there are few that would deem it an effective approach though. "

The mask was covered on Dezeen and caused a stir of indignation leading the designer to apologize. I think that this very fact shows the ambiguous state of design methods and outputs, especially when design "goes meta", i.e. when it tries to create scenarios, behaviors, rituals, etc. Are these things meant to be taken at face value or not? Are they just provocations? Etc. etc.

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