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Ok, so here's @hackertype , my first mastodon . It turn the toots into hackertype font ( instance specific). Let's see how stable it is.

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Kickstarter workers vote to form first union in tech industry

Congrats to the Kickstarter staff for blazing this incredible trail!

"Workers voted 36 to 47 in favor of unionizing"

They're the first "white-collar, full-time employee" union in tech.


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Reminded now that in his reflections on the "automatic society" Stiegler describes a shift from the everyday life to the administered life. Might be the 'Vita Administrativa' (both administering and being administering) the crucial sphere of activity missing in Arendt's model of human practical capacities?

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La settimana inizia bene, da ieri Https:// ha raggiunto i 1000 iscritti ed entra nel club delle istanze da tre zeri che supportano il fediverso!

Grazie mille a tutti i primi mille!

#mastodonitalia #mastodon #1000 #fediverso #istanza

While acting for her means breaking the "fateful automation of sheer happening". Sounds familiar?

again, following Arendt, one could say that a website is a work/object, while a platform is a machine

more fundamentally, is the "online" a world?

is world-building, understood as building a durable interface with the totality of the real, still possible online?

Let's put it like this, using a thought experiment. The offline world suddenly disappears: no cities, no buildings, no bodies, no objects. Human agents are only able to interact through and within current digital interfaces. How human activity would differ? How our understanding of current online activities would differ?

Whenever you're writing a research proposition or a funding application, remember that the original proposal for what later became the Web was deemed “vague but exciting”.

wikipedia: "Users of computer systems and software products generally lack the technical expertise required to fully understand how they work."

to be clear: the admin is technically another type of user, but you get what i mean

what other paradigms of online activity are there? do human agents behave more as admins or moderators than users?

is that of the user the best paradigm to understand online activity at large?

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A few weeks ago we published a follow-up article about the project: "How sustainable is a solar powered website?"

The article is a very extensive research into the embedded energy costs of this setup and how to lower that. Additionally we have some statistics on visitors (865k unique), energy use (18.1 KWh) and uptime (98.2%) after more than a year of operation and what conclusions to draw from that.

There is quite some overcapacity in the system, so to increase our efficiency one approach would be to host multiple servers on that off-grid solar system. But that is scaling up. Instead the solution we opted for is seeing how we can do the same with smaller batteries, smaller solar panel and hosting more sites on the same machine. To that end we've started migrating , and language sites to the solar server as well.

Anyway here is the whole thing with all the details!

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It is time for a new special issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine! This issue, prepared by the collective Precademics 85.42.1, brings experiences of precarity in Greek academia to the fore.

"This is an attention-seeking act of Greek academic unions to make public and visible the precarious conditions they find themselves in. Far from being an academic aporia by our Greek colleagues, this is the past and future of academia itself." Leandros Kyriakopoulos

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