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"The idea that people must now play like robots to earn a living so as to be human in their spare time is, indeed, the apotheosis of misanthropy."


For a new-ish project in the works I got a few custom printed veils (fabric) and now i'm not sure what to do with them. They will end up in a gallery installation, but I'm struggling to find the right way of hanging/displaying them...

New release out today. This live recording from November was part of an exhibition centred around a mushroom incubator.

The sound work treats field recordings in and around the exhibition as compostable material, growing resonances and emanations from its decay.

It is performed on a SuperCollider based custom instrument specifically made for this piece.


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@m15o is single-handedly bringing back the small web! Check out their stuff! It all has such a cozy feel, because it's a community!


(Also their upcoming forum software at https://vpub.miso.town/)

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listening to Eliane, like almost everyday, while she turns 90 today!

a lot of new works of hers have been released lately, please share, listen and support <3

image from retrospective in London w the lappetites 10y ago @soundandmusic@twitter.com

The bass solo on The Alex Blake Quintet & Pharaoh Sanders recording of The Chief is so so amazing. I can’t help but smile.

Anyone here with experience training diffusion ML models, or fine tuning existing models on a smaller image set? Would you be open to chatting?

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Making some progress on a new series of image works. Using ML processes to think about bricolage, digital detritus, ML itself, science fiction imaginaries, and Joseph Cornell.

I got my first real computer mouse in years so that I can learn Blender. Now I find myself using the mouse and the trackpad simultaneously.

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Not sure what’s up with time in 2022, but New Year’s Eve was like 6 months ago… right?

really struggling to pull some ideas together ... maybe need to do some longer form writing? or get more focus rather than flitting between projects so much?

i feel like some core concepts are missing for each project/idea but haven't had the brain space for deep research...

some things i've been thinking about in no particular order:

- Cornell Boxes (both the artist and 3D rendering versions)
- Soft : Hard
- Language and magic
- "true names"
- veils
- combinatorics
- Clojure
- original cyberpunk symbolism
- espresso
- 555 timers

Who are you favourite artists doing interesting things with laser cutters?

I have a new small project launching today:


The site is a collaboration between me, two photography-based artists, and the curator of their upcoming exhibition. It thinks about image research, living archives, free association, and databases.

(Note: the site is not very accessible and works best on full-size browsers like laptops etc. Apologies, it was the nature of this project).

Happy new year, where we all acknowledge a shared passage of time. I hope this next loop brings some sort of interesting or fulfilling iteration.

sketching some ideas that might turn into a series and/or project.

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