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Tomorrow and Tuesday, the Computing within LIMITS workshop takes place.

I'm presenting a paper based on a discussion on Mastodon, started by @calcifer about terms related to sustainability and computing. I'm starting with a discussion of 3 historical terms from the 70s, rooted in anarchism, anti-technocratic critique and human-scale technologies, after which I dive into LIMITS related and grass roots terms, ideas and their associated practices.

Link to paper: computingwithinlimits.org/2021

Lurk instance is well represented, @rra is there, in paper session #3, with a discussion on degrowth and ICT, focusing on Low Tech Magazine's design choices and most importantly, why it sometimes goes offline:

Many thanks to @solderpunk @neauoire @viznut and @calcifer for their kind contributions!

14 - 15 June, from 16.00 - 20.30 CEST


spent a chunk of today programming bezier curves in p5js. kind of how i want to spend every day.

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In the 90s there was an indie internet project called Hyperreal¹ that revolved around (and was quite essential to) the rave scene – providing web hosting and running a bunch of regional and topical mailing lists. It was how a lot of stuff was organized and discussed back then.

It warms my heart to see that the site is still online and most of the old RealAudio DJ sets², drum-machine scans³ and psychoactive lore are still usable.

1. hyperreal.org/
2. djsets.hyperreal.org/
3. machines.hyperreal.org/schemat

Sometimes finding the energy and motivation to keeping making things is really hard. Sometimes it's a sign that I need a break, like, a real break.

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aging, maybe morbid 

I have a tatty CDR marked "Shitmat Gutbuster Breakcore mix" a guy from Bristol gifted me in 2005 that is my version of Glen Miller's In The Mood, is what I'm saying.
2050s nursing homes are going to be wild places.

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A lot of people remember the "Browser Wars" but do you remember the "Battle for Digital Whiteness"?

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"Using Kay’s terminology, Apple’s creativity was relegated to the production of materials: a song composed in GarageBand, a funny effect applied to a selfie with Photo Booth. What kind of computer literacy is this? Counterintuitively, what is a form of writing within a software vehicle, is often a form of reading the computer medium. We only write the computer medium when we do not simply generate materials, but tools."

The User Condition by @entreprecariat


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“...we could say that we have studied the history of hypertext, but not the history of Metallica fan web rings or web rings in general. This book is an attempt to fill this gap.” ~~~> Olia Lialina in “Do you believe in users?”

Since I kind of skipped my 40th last year, and the next b-day is coming up, and my partner has a milestone, and i finished grad school … i bough an espresso machine! definitely a luxury, but so so good.

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We are pleased to announce the new open access/ source web ver of the bk , which is designed and implemented by @osp_kitchen. Check out www.aesthetic-programming.net, and make your own web version with new chapters/references/works by forking the repository: gitlab.com/aesthetic-programmi

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Programming by starting with a big block of 0xFF and carving away everything that isn't your program

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"Undying Dusk is a video in a format, with a gameplay based on exploration and logic puzzles, in the tradition of dungeon crawlers."


another work-in-progress screenshot of my new hypertext piece.

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FLOSS built on consumerist principles is still consumerist.

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The first release for my new irregular and experimental label <blink> is out now. Excerpts from a generative sound installation plus a PDF of the exhibition book. This is just the start, more releases and stuff coming soon, including a limited print run of the book.


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