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Very cool: Animals are key to restoring the world's forests, long-term data set reveals

Our tendency to be literal, concrete and thing-focused is boundless. In response the world keeps trying to show us, it’s *relations* all the way down.


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> In order to consolidate their power over their citizens, states rolled out policies to increase the legibility of the population they ruled over; they started to require that everyone take a surname in order to uniquely identify them to the state in censuses and tax documents. As you can imagine, this didn't go over well; the historical record documents intense resistance, in some cases even open rebellion.


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Yesterday I gave a talk at BSides on what IT security professionals can learn from Safety literature [1]

Basically, it's about what's termed "Safety II", i.e. "Ensuring that things go right", rather than "Avoiding that things go wrong" (as Hollnagel would say).

[1] msoos.org/wordpress/wp-content

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“We can practice being gentle with each other by being gentle with that piece of ourselves that is hardest to hold.”
—Audre Lorde

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After two years of negotiations with Microsoft, the joint committee of the German federal data protection authority and 17 state regulators (DSK) published a devastating statement that essentially says that organizations currently cannot use MS365 in a lawful way under the GDPR.

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Timeline of a new Mastodon user:

Day 1: this sucks servers are confusing and why is my feed empty

Day 2: why is there no quote tweet this is dumb

Day 3: mastodon better make some changes if it wants to compete with tw_tter

Day 7: hm, people are really nice here

Day 10: loving the no ads and real conversations



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Just scaled up #Metatext’s push notification server for the first time

It’s still completely affordable for me to run but feel free to tip at https://opencollective.com/metabolist

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The thing about Twitter is that it really lacks a lot of the features you'd expect from a true Mastodon replacement.

For example, there's no way to edit your toots (which they, confusingly call "tweets"—let's face it, it's a bit of a silly name that's difficult to take seriously).

"Tweets" can't be covered by a content warning. There's no way to let the poster know you like their tweet without also sharing it, and no bookmark feature.

There's no way to set up your own instance, and you're basically stuck on a single instance of Twitter. That means there's no community moderators you can reach out to to quickly resolve issues. Also, you can't de-federate instances with a lot of problematic content.

It also doesn't Integrate with other fediverse platforms, and I couldn't find the option to turn the ads off.

Really, Twitter has made a good start, but it will need to add a lot of additional features before it gets to the point where it becomes a true Mastodon replacement for most users.

#twitter #mastodon #twittermigration

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"Why don't you go to a radio station just as you did to theatres. Micro radio theatre could be possible. The airwaves cover only a housing space. That is enough." --Tetsuo Kogawa

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I couldn't find an to my liking here on the , so I decided to roll my own. Let me introduce you to @oblique_strategies. 🤖

It's my first ever bot, so I might pester you with questions about bot parenting in the coming weeks.

The bot has been posting fairly often these last couple of days, mainly for testing and debugging purposes, but is likely to settle on a pace of a couple of Oblique Strategy cards a day.

I hope you find it entertaining.💫

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Proud to present a collaboration with Vladan Joler & @gordan : "Infrastructure of a Migratory Bird". A #map of a more-than-human ecosystem assembled to enable wilderness in the #anthropocene. Check out the audio tours! Let me know what you think!


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Here's a sneak peek of 's forthcoming v1.0 re-skin. We've revised Nextcloud Hub 3's design for improved visual, layout and typographic and a focus on refining interface [1]. Once this is complete, we will redraw and replace all of Nextcloud's icons, authoring them against a grid and ensuring they follow a consistent stype.

We've also wrapped it in Underscore's identity and I'm pretty thrilled with how it's coming along. The first of many.

More about this project:

is a based platform, built from projects & refined with strong moderation tools. It features:
🐦 Creative collaboration, broadcasting, streaming and web publishing
🐦 No passwords - authentication through community participation
🐦 Analytics-free and hosted in Finland, Germany and Switzerland

Info & expressions of interest 👉 undersco.re

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(Boosts welcome!)

Hi all, I have made my research documentation software 'Orson' (Open Research Notebook) available for beta testing.

I would really appreciate any feedback from users. If there's positive interest I may publicise it more actively in the new year.

It uses markdown editing, but allows for custom representations and interactions with text, images and data.

If you're not a researcher you might also find it useful for note-taking or as a commonplace book.

Code: codeberg.org/orson/orson

Documentation: orsn.io

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This is both the most in-depth, and the cutest, explanation of mastodon and federation that I've seen so far :rainbow_heart_eyes:
If you're new and confused, you might want to read this: https://wordsmith.social/elilla/a-futuristic-mastodon-introduction-for-2021

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