Got a second guitar used, this one to keep in my office

I usually keep autoplay turned off, but sometimes it turns back on. The Algorithm just decided to follow up the modern industrial music of Vladislav Delay's forthcoming album (there's an initial track up) with Chet Baker and Paul Bley playing "Every Time We Say Goodbye."

New issue of This Week in Sound ( in the next hour. Stories include:

▰ UC Berkeley graduates two first nonspeaking students

▰ Google expanded Project Euphonia, for people with speech impairments

▰ Sony earbuds have generative music built-in

▰ more

I've been watching a heap of Bill Frisell live performances lately, and this trio set (Thomas Morgan, bass; Rudy Royston, drums) is just something else. It's got his trademark quietude and spaciousness, but it's also driving, even funky, at times.

My happy place is when Iannis Xenakis drawings look like Lebbeus Woods drawings.

Finished reading Hervé Le Tellier's An anomaly. Largely enjoyable high-concept scifi puzzle told in fragments of characters' experiences. Varying degree of detail aligns with the story's philosophical conundrum, but can feel cursory. Does, in the end, tie things together better than Lost did.

Bosch listens to Sun Ra.

Long day, long week. Have a good one. See you Monday.

Verb I heard this morning that I will not be employing "diligencing"

Phrase I used this morning and plan to make more use of: "synth dandruff"

The Xbox controller and Modern Jazz Quartet album cover in the living room went unexpectedly well together.

The latest project went live yesterday, but at least on my end was down, so I'm only able to post it now.

. . .

Disquiet Junto Project 0542: 2600 Club

The Assignment: Make some phreaking music

Thanks to Alan Bland for proposing this concept for a project.

Step 1: The number 2600 holds particular meaning in hacker circles. Roughly half a century ago, it was discovered that 2600 cycles per second, or 2600 hertz, was the frequency that let people gain operator-level access to phone systems. If this story isn’t familiar, a quick web search will bring you up to speed. It’s widely documented. Familiarize (or re-familiarize) yourself with the doors opened by a whistle at 2600 cycles per second.

Step 2: Make music that somehow engages with the number 2600. You might employ a tone of 2600 hertz, though fair warning it’s quite high-pitched. You might simply use a whistle, in celebration of the Cap’n Crunch toy at the center of the 2600 phone phreaking (as it was called) story. Or you might come up with some other sonic exploration of the number.


Deadline: This project’s deadline is the end of the day Monday, May 23, 2022, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are. It was posted on Thursday, May 19, 2022.

Here's the full text (slightly expanded) of my article from last month's issue of The Wire about the excellent ongoing archive that is

Says to self: "I'm gonna practice Kenny Burrell's 'Chitlins Con Carne' for half an hour without looking at the sheet music or listening to the track."

Proceeds to practice Nat Adderley's "Work Song" for 15 minutes.

Finds "Chitlins Con Carne" sheet music. Listens. Practices it.

Feels really good to get the Junto projects set up the night prior. Thursday feels a little odd, still, because I spent a decade putting the post together and then hitting send. Now I prep it more thoroughly in advance, and it arrives automatically, and I follow up via email.

Hint about tomorrow's Disquiet Junto music community project.

cc @alanblip

TFW 8 hours of live Autechre sets pop up in your YouTube subscriptions at the start of a workday

Afternoon trio for birdsong, percolating crockpot, and neighborhood gearhead revving motorcycle engine.

There's a new issue of This Week in Sound (free: going out later today. Topics include:

▰ voice privacy in prisons
▰ dolphin victims of the war on Ukraine
▰ an anechoic-chamber challenge
▰ foghorn ephemera

How about some 10BPM techno to start your week?

That's what members of the Disquiet Junto music community have been pumping out the past few days. Project ends tonight (11:59pm your local time); details at Playlist-in-progress:

Stopped by one of my favorite places in San Francisco, James Turrell's Three Gems (2005) at the de Young Museum, not far from where I live in San Francisco. It's a hole to the sky.

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