Ton of cool sound-studies raw material in yesterday's This Week in Sound email newsletter (, including the 60th anniversary of the US. Navy's FLIP, which can, yes, flip from horizontal to vertical, so as to position hydrophone arrays and other sensors.

I like that I'm never sure which Junto project will connect with the larger number of participants. This week's sure did. About 50 participants made drone music with their voices. Playlist here:

Additional tracks in the bbs thread

New free issue of This Week in Sound ( later today. Topics include:

▰ ICU sound studies
▰ scientists who stutter
▰ Medieval musicians as first responders

And check out this demo of "contactless fabrication" using sound waves:

Level of tired: I looked at my desk before going for a walk and thought "My earbuds are charged, but are my sunglasses?"

This exquisitely generic smoke alarm displays on its face the required audio frequency for such devices: 520 Hz. If the typography included a symbol to show the frequency is a square wave, that would likely be too much of a design element, shifting the low-budget gadget’s appearance from infrastructure-rote to minimalist-austere. Perhaps the thing could simply read “smoke alarm,” and thus enter the realm of a Repo Man movie prop. If only the electrical outlets down at floor level read 60 Hz, but alas they are blank.

There’s no Doppler effect like that of a frail, elderly person walking by and clicking their cane on the sidewalk with each step.

Waking up in San Francisco after 17 days on Long Island. Less birdsong, at least for now (cold here relatively). Also fewer lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Side note: Why do birds appear to be so much more colorful on the East Coast? (Excepting hummingbirds, which SF has tons of.)

Tomorrow's Disquiet Junto project* will involve making drone music. Get your instructions via — and also here once I get up in the morning.

*The 548th consecutive weekly project

The previous image is real. This one is me just taking it to its natural next step.

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Trying to sort out the difference between the second and third options in this iOS Gmail pop-up alert. (I removed the email address from the screenshot.)

Within 12 hours of emailing This Week in Sound (, I've got new stories on London restaurant noise, Hong Kong crackdown on classic cars, Indian police response to tweaked motorcycle silencers, Foley artists, and NASA quieting aircrafts. Such a rich realm.

Still on Long Island. Back home soon. Completed a This Week in Sound ( issue. Out momentarily. Topics:

▰ bats memorize ringtones
▰ optical mics are a thing
▰ voice AI reanimators
▰ McDonald's drive-thru voice AI woes
▰ heli-commuter noise complaints

At the hardware store, there were two similar smoke alarms. One was $49, the other $59. I asked about the difference. I was informed that the $49 one "goes beep beep beep." The $59 one, in contrast, "has a recorded voice that says 'fire fire fire.'"

Disquiet Junto Project 0547: Genre Melee
The Assignment: Combine two seemingly different genres.

Step 1: The concept of “math house,” a combination of genres, came out of a conversation between friends Jimmy Lem (a Junto member) and tetkik ve tedavi. Consider what “math house” might sound like.

Step 2: Combine two genres of your own choosing. Perhaps “math” and “house,” or other ones entirely.

Step 3: Record a track resulting from the combination of genres you selected in Step 2.


Deadline: the end of the day Monday, June 27, 2022, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are.

An IBM advertisement on Twitter for Watson AI services reads "No one likes hold music. Quickly solve customer problems."

It's funny how in the world of AI-mediate customer service, hold music's been replaced by that rapid processing noise meant to suggest a computer is thinking.

"I found that this color provides confidence in all things mechanical."

That's Jason Sandberg, writing about the results of zinc chromate for's Color Code series, for which I recently did a piece on teal.

Infrastructure readymades are my favorite readymades. I love how the exterior architectural detail resembles part of a picture frame.

Wednesday, June 22, 2:34pm EDT: afternoon quartet for rain, passing airplane, washing machine, and suburban construction

Re-watching old Pottery Throw Down episodes. Season 1, episode 2: large ceramic sinks. They don't need to look to see if one held up in the kiln: just give a ping to see if it rings. (By coincidence or design, in the same episode they have the potters do a project blindfolded.)

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