Just tried the new official mastodon mobile app. Probably some people will like it for its undeniable elegance over, let's say, Tusky.

These are things I don't like:

A logo saying "mastodon" is constantly visible on top of the screen.

But more importantly:

Posts with content warnings appear highlighted, like a headline, with the content warning text being in larger type and centered. Below is written "tap to reveal".

If you think about this for one second in combination with some more serious content warnings folks use on here: You get a stream of posts, then one that stands really out spelling "grief, loss" in big letters, and below "tap to reveal". It looks really tasteless and sensationalist. (This was an example I accidentally came by when using the app for one minute.)

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Small addition:

The content warning handling in the Mastodon app can be read like the tone-deafness of some of the most criticized features of facebook, Google Buzz, etc. that are/were assuming a certain capitalist culture of self-image, sharing, etc.

I would never say that the Mastodon project subscribes to these world-views, it is just that the design processes that created this elegant app are the same that are sure to fail outside of these world-views. And increasingly these design processes seem to be the only ones available.

On a much-smaller scale this also finds its expression in "tap to reveal", in which the lack of Gestalt in the user interface (read as "simplicity", a supposedly desirable quality) mandates the use of loads whitespace and extended text copy. A button labeled "reveal" would have been enough, because the button already communicates that it can be "tapped". It could have been placed closer to the content warning because it would clearly demark the actionable surface, instead of requiring loads of padding, increasing the space the content-warning post takes, and visually suggesting there is something hidden behind. But the culture of experience design demands "call to action", to explicitly tell users what to do and how exciting this engagement will be, with as many verbs as possible.

@despens agreed, it really incentivizes mindlessly clicking and it really does not account for the different uses of that feature, that indeed are often used to convey sad or worrying things. It becomes too much of a spectacle.

Biggest anti-freature is the lack of local timeline though..

The full width images and the profile summary on a follow notification are nice and would be good to see in other applications though.

@shibacomputer @entreprecariat @rra What is this Citizen project, some kind of digital neighborhood watch?

@despens love the color-coded footnotes. Is the color chosen randomly?

@entreprecariat Thanks!
The system is based on the 24 main colors of which I divided into 4 groups. The first footnote gets color 1 from group 1, the second footnote gets color 1 from group 2.
Footnote 5 gets color 2 from group 1.
So the footnotes move through the color spectrum with enough distance between each spot to remain distinguishable. (I'm red-green blind, and this works for me.)

@despens thank you for writing this up! Pretty much a deal breaker for using the official app IMO.
I was surprised today by the Content Warning in the compose UI. That almost goes full whack the *other* way of wrong by adding silly building site banners on the sides of the CW field. It signals some sort of "danger" (in a cartoonish way) and doesn't account for the multiple uses of CW, e.g. as a subject field.

This is a layered and multi-faceted failure :unwanted_thinking:

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