>walks into room
>funges your token
>refuses to elaborate

@rysiek @Gargron @thegibson I think the bigger issue/ride will be when the media starts getting wind of the fact that trump just used the trans/furry/sw/hacker software to build his new “empire”

facebook should just rebrand to Google and battle it out in court

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OK, I'll just do it myself then:

Maybe facebook will rebrand as FACE and focus on users paying them to not sell their biometric information?

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Kind of disappointing that despite the upcoming facebook rebrand I don't see ironic suggestions everywhere what the new name should be.

Anybody had success connecting bluetooth earbuds to a Linux system and use them for calls without too much effort?

So glad the internet is connected to the internet again!

Whenever I buy a new Mitsubishi uni-ball eye pen, my handwriting looks just as good as it did 10 years ago for a solid 30 minutes, then it goes right back to digital native mode.

It is that time of the year when the Chaos Computer Club starts discussing their upcoming mega event on social media. Unlike previous years they haven't decided on a tag beforehand, so it is impossible for me to filter out this stuff.

Welcome to this tutorial on how to deploy a to-do list web app with react, kubernetes, high availability mongo db, and global load balancing on Azure

Any lurkers can recommend a self-hosted alternative to miro.com -- a multi-user board on which folks can add notes and move them around?

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