BTW the first link is a IMHO legendary/stellar essay by Shannon Mattern on co-designing, and how Google's Material Design is helpful in upholding an illusion of participatory structures

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Olia Lialina wrote about such nested metaphors in "Rich User Experience, UX and Desktopization of War"

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On a more down-to-earth level, I guess the functionality of printing a document is just used metaphorically to export to PDF in most cases.

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Investigating cloudflare DNS currently, and find it very interesting that it uses the metaphor and typical user interface of a DNS service to actually do something quite different. It is basically combining the immense power of DNS with the design flaws of HTTPS to create a very enticing offer.

So when you create what is presented to you like a DNS A record on cloudflare, what it actually does is use that information to set up a global load balancing, caching, and encryption service where that IP address listed in the A record is just a data source, not something that users will actually connect with.

Just like mobile apps (which are in fact browsers that only show a single website) use metaphors that make them look like desktop apps (representation by icon on screen) to make them look familiar, cloudflare is using DNS service configuration interfaces as a metaphor.

The true potential of "dark mode" is to show a completely different website when users have it turned on.

Switched to Firefox Flatpak since the Snap version takes forever to start and the debian version doesn't respect my font settings. 🤷‍♂️

Tonight around 18:45 CEST I'll have a little remote appearance at the 10 years anniversary of the great online performance artwork "iphone live" by Johannes Osterhoff — afaik this will not be streamed, so for consideration for folks in and around Berlin

I'll have a little appearance at this online workshop at around 12:30 CEST here

"Collecting, archiving, and making the digital medium of the computer game accessible to research are tasks that present GLAM institutions with numerous challenges that must be solved as homogeneously as possible, but nevertheless with consideration for the individual demands and capacities of the different institutions. […]"

Gnome 42 design is bonkers.

What does this graphical illustration tell me about the state of my system?

What Gnome means is that there are no further updates available right now and expresses that with sunshine and a planet-like checkmark.

After suffering through intense heat last week this looks much less relaxing and joyful to me than probably intended.

Also I am waiting for an update that finally makes my webcam work. So I would prefer if there were currently additional updates available.
Not only is the package manager telling me how to interpret the fact that there are not updates available, it also does so via this weird graphic.

Paul Slocum, software developer who has been curating, conserving, and selling digital art since 2006 wrote an excellent and extensive survey of the effects and problems in the takeover of networked culture by creepto-capital.

He couldn't find a suitable publication for his critical perspective which speaks volumes about the state of media institutions which made a name and raise funding precisely promoting the opposite values to those of blockchain culture and now are totally integrated and participating in the cultural and economic distortion described by Paul.

Do read and share widely.

What is all this talk about the end of individualism when art mainly serves a distinctive function for owners and participants?

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How long can this actually keep going with all these artists trying to go into community building / social sculpturing behind patreon paywalls and exclusive discords?

I'm in the US again after more than 2 years and had totally forgotten that over here you have to turn keys the opposite direction from how they're turned in Europe. So when you want to unlock a door you turn the key towards the door frame and when you want to lock a door you turn the key away from the door frame. So exotic.

Thrilled to receive such a thoughtful and complementary review from Frans de Waard for Black Tent’s Managed Retreat 10":

> “Active listening … ambient on edge, spacious and down to earth. Ritual music … for an urban environment.”


What is Vilém Flusser's favorite band? 

Bodenlos Jovi :unwanted_happy:

There's an open comp sci PhD position with colleagues from TIB Hannover & the universities there:

It's for project P13, but topic is flexible and open to change depending on student's interest (also English is fine, doesn't have to be in German). There are some caveats about the funding, but programme is super flexible and you can help us with projects at the Open Science Lab (where I work at the moment) + supervisors are pretty great. Feel free to DM for more details. And boost!

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