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this friday, december 3rd, at 2pm UTC-5 (EST) we'll talk about our technique developments during the microresidency we had in !

you can register here:
SloMoCo Fall Gathering

we'd love to see you there!

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intro to qiudanz technique mode 1!

this introductory video demonstrates the principles of technique mode 1 so that you can learn and practice it complementing the written notes and live workshops.

this is part of our microresidency at the fall gathering of

dancers: mel* and @sejo
music: io - @dominicloretti

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found this peculiar recording of la consagración de la computadora (the rite of computing, 2019).

the rite of computing is a ceremony, a collaboration and celebration between human and non-human elements: a slow, sweaty, organic, locally-grown, inefficient, danced, turing-complete, computational machine; performing a potentially endless process of life.

the video, showing the process of an almost-complete cycle of the universal turing machine we were becoming during 56 minutes, is sped up 40x :)

save the date ↭ 5 Dec ↝ 14h-16h CEST ↭ online event Ch◉re◉graph◦ng C◉d◦ng ↝ tales from real-time co audio-visual coding ↜

A whimsical landing page for announcing my tour of Mu

Many thanks again to @sejo for play-testing it and making it 10x more hospitable a road to travel.

If you're doing AoC in Uxntal and are looking for some basic debugging routines, I've started collecting some utilities and string conversion macros here:

i'm ending this month very satisfied and grateful with what has happened with @compudanzas: we advanced, playtested and documented the #qiudanz technique; we taught the #introToUxn online workshop; we got to help in the Mu tutorial; and we got new supporters via patreon and ko-fi! :tealheart: :merveilles:

i invite you to join in supporting so that we can continue with online workshops and start translating our materials! it would help us a lot :)

this friday, december 3rd, at 2pm UTC-5 (EST) we'll talk about our technique developments during the microresidency we had in !

you can register here:
SloMoCo Fall Gathering

we'd love to see you there!

After putting it off for some time, I finally finished day 2 of the uxn guide @compudanzas ! I'd really like to know about the loops though, the code for this one looks like a mess!

A guided tour of Mu on x86 computers

Oh, is it Advent time already?! I've been remiss. If you're looking for something slightly different (easier, more collaborative) this year, I have this guided tour of Mu in 16 gradually-escalating tasks for your consideration:

Many thanks to our very own @sejo for play-testing all the tasks and making many suggestions for improving it. Send compliments their way, blame me if you find anything off.

had our fourth and last (for the moment) technique miniworkshop!

today we got to talk about how this system contrasts with conventional ways of approaching choreography, and how difficult it might be to unlearn those ways.
it was super fun and insightful!

now we get a week to prepare our talk to conclude our microresidency :)

I went through @compudanzas tutorial and so should you if you'd like a gentle but swift introduction into uxn programming.

Go check it out!

we'll be talking about our technique microresidency during the fall gathering on the following online event!

SloMoCo Fall Gathering
Fri, December 3, 12021
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST

just had a super fun technique miniworkshop!

loving to explore movement/memory/body-mind via this practice <3

in case you were wondering, you can support our work via patreon or ko-fi!

we'd love to spend more time in efforts like these ( and technique), and in translating our materials from english to spanish or viceversa <3
your support would help us a lot in achieving that!

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"a source of joy" i love the expression ! thanks @sejo for the workshop, it gave me some inspiration :) (i had to make a little something before going to bed)

had a lot of fun in the #introToUxn workshop!
thanks for joining and supporting! :tealheart:


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