Ah..., now beginning a migration of all of my teaching/learning videos away from peertube.co.uk because the instance is set to only blur mature content...

Can't really justify sending peertube.co.uk links to students with that setting.

Looking at now, would anybody have any other routes for sharing / archiving & on or ?

Thanks !

"Dark Study takes up the work that the university prevents through regulation, intellectual property ownership, and massive debt. Dark Study serves the underserved and underrepresented locked out of the racket of higher education."


delete your gmail account, the most simple fundamental move of resistance one can do, tell all your fam members and push academia out of complicity, don’t use their tech !

alternatives ->

Nice article on independent in Ireland from the national media outlet.


in particular produce maps of areas close to me and their detail is second to none.

Nice to read an alternative outcome to the super heavy investments from the tourism board into the atlantic way.

Frank Wasser —Control, Alt, Delete —A lecture on the history and politics of Internet Art | Frank Wasser – Pallas Projects Online

Live now

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Energy Conservation with Open Source Ad Blockers

"The results show that page load time dropped
11% with AdBlock+,
22.2% with Privacy Badger, and
28.5% with uBlock Origin.
Thus, uBlock Origin has the potential to save the average global Internet user more than 100 h annually."

via https://ecirtam.net/opennews/?hmOALQ

@aral a lot of my concerns are taken care of with this page I didn't see yesterday:

The code is published here github.com/HSEIreland/ and from what I can see, there is a lot of documentation about the functions and databases.

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Hi @aral I was wondering if you've had time to look into the Irish app that was released today ?

I had been reading up on the work of the DP-3T about two months ago, but didn't expect Ireland to implement this method. github.com/DP-3T/documents

Just asking in case you have any thought about this yet, on first glance it seems like the HSE has done this properly?

And in giving the benefit of the doubt, it would be nice if the sources for the smartphone apps were published for us to be able to have a look.

Research organisation method 


Seems like an interesting agglom of tools

There was a Too Little Not Enough podcast about research aggregation a while back, on the very subject of the lack of a suitable extendable tool.

Would be curious to survey the methods people on Mastodon use use to sort/organise/categorise/ writing and research.

First guided tour of the *just opened* di.versions.space online exhibition is happening ... Now !

Join us on bbb.constantvzw.org/b/fem-rzq-

So suddenly there’s a lot of attention around email and it’s exposing how many people in the web community still use Gmail. Like actually trust all your personal information and communication (and that of your potentially marginalised or vulnerable contacts) with Google. 🤮

There are a lot of hard problems and lack of alternatives when it comes to rights-respecting technology. But email (as imperfect as it is) has a fair few affordable alternative providers. Small change, big difference.

Old news but totally missed it: Mike Skinner to be releasing a full-of-features mixtape in July. Release early July :)

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