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:boost_ok: Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share again this Friday, so artists will get their normal cut of any sales (music and merch) plus the fee that usually goes to Bandcamp. This is a good way to help your favorite musicians survive the pandemic - especially musicians of color, LGBTQ+ musicians, and disabled musicians!

Here are all the dates Bandcamp plans to do this in 2020:
August 7, 2020
September 4, 2020
October 2, 2020
November 6, 2020
December 4, 2020

20 Minutes into using git for a project and I'm already into the wilds of weird git problems.

If you hit 'i' in vi when you're already allowed to insert, it sticks an extra i at the start of what you want to paste in and if that happens to be a "securely generated" password, it could took over an hour to figure out why you can log into your database from the command line but not from your php script

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The UK baking forecast: - get baking on Tuesday and Wednesday, before the weather gets really baking :)

Today I learned that Schenkarian analysis is apparently racist?

I don't know anything about this discipline because it doesn't seem to apply to any music I would make or want to analyse. I will say that there's something deeply wrong with how music is taught in many American universities.

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Although we've been quiet on social media, we've been busy planning new initiatives! We're excited to launch Building A New Legacy on 7 August 2020 and we hope you can join us! Register to attend some or all of the sessions by emailing! More on our website

Some personal recollections of how my friend and I put together a rather large festival very very quickly

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Anyone want to recommend an asset management thing in FOSS? I need people to be able to upload audio files and stick the files on a website, sorted by a primary classification and the arbitrary optional tags.

The textbook for my new class weight 2.5 kilos

@amolith Thank you so much for hosting workshops for the Network Music Festival. Everything went off without a hitch.

So how hard is it actually to host a instance? I'm used to dealing with wordpress and used to have a gnusocial instance, which was dead easy to install and maintain.

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Hello, This is the fediverse presence of the choir the Vocal Constructivists. We make unusual music. Our last project was the opera, 'Irma' by Tom Phillips.

Our current projects include doing a web installation of 'The Metaphysics of Notation' by Mark Applebaum.

In light of current events, we're exploring online performance practice and also doing youth outreach to choirs in Ireland.

Nature Study Notes by the Scratch Orchestra has finally been transcribed to machine-readable text!

This is my hottest art take of 2020: The artists and the works matter more than the venues.

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Dans cette étude à propos de l'empreinte #écologique des outils de #visio on apprend que #jitsi est le plus mauvais élève face à #zoom #teams et compagnie. Certes, il manque toute une partie d'audit côté serveur qui biaise l'analyse mais en soit si l'on s'attache déjà au côté client, c'est important de garder cela en tête : #libre et #écologie se doivent d'aller de pair 👉

PS: Je viens de leur envoyer un mail pour les interroger côté #bigbluebutton

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As conferences seem to be not happening in time I published a blog post on how to translate video conferences and debates. I focus on #BigBlueButton
as it is the best #FOSS solution. Have a look:

I was set to go to war to use instead of for a project and I was defeated immediately because we need to support people who only have phones and will need a mobile app or to call-in.

We also need to deal with safeguarding* issues that rule out .

I am unhappy with this, but I need to prioritise access and safegaurding over other issues.

* A choir made up of non-CRBed adults is doing outreach to under-18s, so we need to prevent private messaging and out-of-hours meetups. (UK choral music has an extremely alarming track record for abuse, so I can't just assume things will be fine, even though I think they will be.)

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Petition that covid vaccine should be available to all

Governments have invested billions of dollars/pounds/euros/(etc) in vaccine development but want to distribute this vaccine under a capitalist system that systemically leaves poor people and poor countries uncovered. This is completely unacceptable. Sign to make a #PeoplesVaccine free to everyone/

(Background: )


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