Correction: I've been informed that my studio is *not* being converted into luxury flats, but rather luxury office space.

Because what we all need lots of right now is wework type spaces. Everyone works in offices now. It will certainly not just sit empty for months or even years. I regret the confusion.

(Also, I think the adverts actually say "work, play, eat" or something that describes the ideal worker/consumer. As if being passive and without cultural activity is the height of aspiration.)

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Everyone loves to carry those "let's fill this town with artists" tote bags, but actual policy is to fill the town with luxury flats, gyms and wine bars. (Sleep, play eat! As the adverts say.)

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I'm looking for a studio where I can make noise in the Bethnal Green area. Ideally, it would not get converted into luxury flats for at least two years. 😾

What do people use their grid controllers for? All I know is that I see things lighting up, but I have no idea what people actually do with them. How do I get from a colourful grid to music?

(There's one for sale at my local pawn shop, but that's not why I'm asking.)

This justifies the bajillion hours I've spend playing minesweeper.

Oh, also, the synthesis is slightly processor heavy, so uh, good luck.

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You can't actually mark the bombs, so just, like, try not to click on them. Don't bother trying to remember where they are, most of them will move around anyway.

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If you want to play minesweeper plus the game of life with weird sci fi sonification, just install this SuperCollider class and run Game.scd

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"unhandled exception while running callback: unknown type tag"


I could do this via FFTs or something boringly sensible, but since I'm sonifying an enormous game of minesweeper, I might just limit myself to the number of actual bombs.

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What's the maximum number of UGens allowed in a synthdef? Is 5000 too many? I've got 1303 sines waves to multiply by LFPulses.


I'm really happy when people make money from my free software. That's a nice side effect of datalove, where sharing something only increases its value. But POW blockchains are clearly massively damaging, please don't push Ethereum-based NFTs, with or anything else.


The Student Loans Company (the organisation the government set up to deal with all of this shit) is laughably incompetent.

They got in touch five years ago to say that I'd paid my loan off. And then again two years ago to say I hadn't.

It took me six months to argue (ultimately successfully) that I shouldn't be liable for the interest payments during the three years I thought it was paid off.

Bear in mind I paid off my postdoc fees almost immediately, and you can see what fuckers they are.

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Today's class was on diodes, including resistor math for LEDs

Software is unethical when it hams users. Strobing without warning causes some people physical harm, so that's an example.

Software that encourages people to harm each other is also unethical. Promoting bias, hatred, stereotypes and exclusion are all unethical things. Therefore any phrenology AI is an example of unethical software. Unmoderated social media with anger-driven timelines also tend to promote scapegoating and are also unethical. Facebook is one such example.

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What makes software ethical?

This seems like a hard question, so let's start with what makes software UNethical and build from there.

the bird website, NFTs, jerks 

Recently discovered that people are using a program I made to make Money Laundering Art, decided to put them on blast, and spent part of yesterday spraying my mentions with disinfectant:
I didn't kick a hornet's nest so much as stand 100m away from the nest and say "I wish those hornets weren't there, avoid the area probably" but as gamergate taught us that is more than enough to goad shitty people into demanding that you respect them.

Feminist Hack Meetings #3
Feminist Futurotopixs

At Varia + online  
Saturday 06/11/2021  
11:00-13:00 CEST

will introduce us to Feminist . This workshop will enable participants to dream, invent and desire together feminist . They will invent narratives, speculative fiction and radical imaginaries that work as alternatives to existing oppressive or dystopian models. The workshop is oriented at co-designing stories and creating new worlds as processes to imagine and together about feminist desired futures.   

More info:

To register send to:

F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings), organised by Artemis, Angeliki and Julia, are a series of research meetings and workshops that explore the potentialities and imaginaries of feminist technological collectives. These gatherings aim to challenge who counts as a hacker, and what counts as hacking. More:

/This event is made possible with the kind support of the Creative 
Industries Fund NL/  

*Varia's newsletter:*


I was recently invited to perform at the Contrasts festival in Lviv. Published the recording (not much livecoding this time though):



i'm looking for a C/C++/QT programmer who would make multitouch in #SuperCollider GUI system work.

I need this for my project and I have a small budget so I'm prepared to pay for this work.

pls boost. dm/email me if you're interested.

Its a cellular autonoma. Also it makes noise, but the sound synthesis always crashes.

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