I have made it as large as possible and it's still on the small side.

No, you need glasses.

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Ah, it's under preferences. Which I could finally see after messing around with my screen resolution.

I don't need reading glasses. Be quiet

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I run my laptop screen at high res and then scale by 200% so images are detailed but I can actually read the damn thing. This is apparently a totally normal thing to do in . However, has never really gotten the hang of scaling and the text is at like 1pt font. It's not actually usable without changing my screen resolution.

Is there a work-around for this? It's been years. I thought it would be fixed by now.


The UK Govt's #onlinesafetybill will *BAN* services like as #mastodon if they refuse to obey the UK Govt's appointed Speech Regulator's orders.

Filterig, automated censorship, age verification and fees are among the rules #mastodon may need to follow, or face a ban.

Sign our pledge to Stop State Censorship


I'll be officially working full-time as part of nonprofit, open access and free/open source research lab Then Try This (previously known as FoAM Kernow) from December.
Here's their new web site: thentrythis.org/
Here's how Amber and Dave made the company: fo.am/blog/2015/04/07/how-to-m
+ the latest articles of association and policies: github.com/fo-am/foam-kernow
can't wait to get started..

I am the last person alive who prefers email lists to (non-federated) web forums.

Every email list migrated is a community I lose forever.

Normally, I install Ubuntu studio, gnome 3 and libre office.

The Ubuntu studio website now says I I don't want to use their window manager, I should install regular Ubuntu and then their packages via one big apt.

While that would give me all the office stuff and so forth, i think I prefer the non Ubuntu skinned gnome....

Super vague AI question for MIR 

Super vague AI question:

I have a pile of wav files and I would like some AI to come in and do an unsupervised analysis of them where it comes up with some ways in which they're distinct from each other and give them a score of 1-5 on how close they are to each pole of whatever it decides makes them distinct. So it decides on some pronounced x-factor and then scores them accordingly.

My questions are:
1. What's the terminology to describe this process?

2. Is there code lurking around (preferably in python or SuperCollider) that can do the machine learning/analysis/(see question 1)?

3. Are the results of it likely to be something that humans can perceive? (Or is there a way to encourage that?)

Folks I have, with the Vocal Constructivists, spent five months building a thing which plays a live realisation of a graphic score by Mark Applebaum. It's online now: infinity.vocalconstructivists.

There is a festival tied to the launch, which is free, but you have to sign up. Please sign up. docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

Music from Other Minds, our weekly radio program on KALW, is calling on musicians/composers/improvisors/soundmakers to send us work for our second annual "Composer Submissions" Program.

Please send entries to randall@otherminds.org by Friday, 6/18.

Legendary Computer Music Band from the distant past 

The first band to do a live-streamed performance was The Hub in 1987! (!!!) They were computer hobbyists around the Mills College music scene and are extremely influential for laptop bands and telematic music now.

A writer a ZKM is writing a book about them and their scores, which I'm very excited about. She's just put up a video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/COfF7i_FU_L/?igshid=1isivbrhpgaj

The Hub and the band they came from The League of Automatic Music Composers were wild experimenters doing weird stuff.

Today, the same department is still doing wild experimentation coming up with the music technologies that we'll all be using in 30 years time. And 30 years from now, I want their to be students and community members inventing wild stuff then too.

So I need your help to make that happen. If you want to do just do a little, you can boost this post. Thank you!
If you want to do a bit more you can (pretty please) sign this petition I keep going on about: https://www.change.org/p/president-hillman-the-mills-college-music-department-and-center-for-contemporary-music-must-be-protected

And if you want to do more yet, our website lists actions to get involved: https://savemillscollege.org/getinvolved

Thank you for reading!

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@celesteh kfjc.org/listen/archives has archives of both programs for the next week or so (search in the page for Cousin Mary)

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New Video about #SaveMills - why this college should be saved 

After the #Introductions post, we got some questions about "What is an HWC?" It's a Historically Women's College. What this means and more about the college is in our new short video: https://vimeo.com/546889519

You can also always check out our website for the latest news from our campaign. www.savemillscollege.org

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