Does anyone remember the name of the modular synth playing woman in the pacific north-west that had a pack of dancing AIBOs around 2002-ish?

Attn friends of #MillsCollege, we do regular social hours!

SaveMills Social Hour + Letter Writing Workshop May 28 at 10am PT. Let's gather online again as this fight to #SaveMills is far from over. Our gathering will include breakout rooms based on specific topics so come along for the ride. See you there!! So grab your favorite beverage and join us. Pets and family members welcome. Please register at

PD information online is oddly hard to discover given the size of its user base.

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How does one lower the audio latency with on a ? Please help me answer this student question. I don't have a mac and won't be near one for some time.

There's a paper on ImproViz from 2005 that shows an analysis of Miles David's Kind of Blue, but no mention of software and no further papers. Anyone heard of this?? It's from 2005 by Jon Snydal

I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

Anybody with experience marking/grading undergraduate code, can you please message me. I have an urgent question about best practice.

Project photo for tuba based live coding should be, I guess, me with a tuba?

i am still on the hunt for artists for my vending machine artist residency programme based in norwich, UK. if you make works on paper, small multiples, have big ideas about public works and how lots of small pieces can make a whole, or just think this sounds cool, please get in touch!

i am currently seeking residents for july 2022 onwards. the residencies are monthly, and can be completed from anywhere in the world where you can post things that reach the uk.

more info:

#MillsCollege alums of the fediverse: today is the last day to register for the upcoming AAMC meeting. There are lots of things to discuss! Register at the AAMC's new website:

If you are an alum and did not get an email about this, please also take a moment to join their email list. Their email list used to be administered by the college, but they lost access around the time of their lawsuit.


"The intent to make ecocide an international crime isn't new. The idea was brought up by then-Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme at the 1972 U.N. Conference on the Human Environment. In his speech, he warned that rapid industrial progress could deplete natural resources at unsustainable levels."

And later he was shot for some reason.

the problem with cryptocurrency is that eventually you run out of other people's money

academia, students doing research, google, misinformation, antisemitism. 

We all use the internet for research and it's hard to imagine not doing so, but, aside from discouraging google, how do we inoculate them against disinformation? How do I tell students to please look up for themselves the history of A instead of messaging me without chucking them into radicalisation hell?

We want to get them back into libraries, but this seems like an uphill battle and this is also not how we actually work.

I just don't trust anything online anymore unless I recognise the publisher. Maybe it was always thus, but in the days of going to newsagents and libraries, I could trust that somebody else had done some level of due diligence. Obviously, many UK newspapers do publish untruths, but they're at least partly constrained by libel law. Websites that look like news can and do say anything about anyone.

Today, the QI elves tweeted an apparent untruth about Churchill (who's dead and can't be libelled).

It feels like stable ground is crumbling underneath us, leaving us nowhere to stand.

* YT's radicalisation feature was an emergent property. But once it was discovered and not removed, that became a design decision.

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academia, students doing research, google, misinformation, antisemitism. 

We tell students to look things up, which, obviously, they need to learn how to do. But 90% of them time, that means google.

The well of information that was the internet has been poisoned, however. Everything is the subject of a conspiracy theory. Once they confusedly click on a few dubious links, Google shunts them into a filter bubble and correct information gets harder to find.

The number and kind of conspiracy theory is an era of exceptional growth. Even previously, their subject-reach has been absurd. Students looking for information on tuning systems, looking for historical tunings for A will find out that it's been creeping slowly upwards. But some very highly ranked results tell them this is a conspiracy of Jews to ruin music. Not all at once, but in a slow tunnel down a rabbit hole, where each step looks relatively reasonable. That's just on text sites, not even YouTube, which is designed* to encourage extremism.

All conspiracy theories seem to run eventually into a grand unified theory which is, at it's core anti-Semitic. This is where google will try to lead them.

Ok, let's say you wanted to modify slightly a pre-existing app that had source on github:

How bound are these with the IDE used to develop them? Is there a way to look at a project and tell what IDE it uses, or does that matter? (Is there an IDE that's good on ubuntu that's faster/smaller than eclipse?)

I'm looking at the Halachic Times app on and it's pointing at a defunct Source Forge site. The app is being developed on github. How does one tell @fdroidorg about this if one isn't involved in the project?

Me: this is more of a cat than a question
Lecturer: ??
Me: *gently lobs a cat onto the stage*

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I have an idea for a serverless shared calendar using ssb, but I'm also extremely lazy.

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