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The computer as symbolic sewer :www_server:

‘Study an information system and neglect its standards, wires, and settings, and you
miss equally essential aspects of aesthetics, justice and change. Perhaps if we stopped
thinking of computers as information highways and began to think of them more
modestly as symbolic sewers, this realm would open up a bit.’

From: Susan Leigh Star, The Ethnography of Infrastructure, 1999.

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I spoke to artist Joana Moll about her new piece for the Media Wall at The Photographers' Gallery last week.

We discussed microprocessors, their impact on the environment and the role of artists and the art world in the transition to a less polluting society.

You can read our conversation at Unthinking photography:


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Aquarium 1.0, A Small Ecosystem for Living Thoughts


taking place this coming Monday evening in Leeszaal, Rotterdam West

11th October
19:30 – 21:30
Leeszaal Rotterdam West
Rijnhoutplein 3, 3014 TZ Rotterdam

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paid fellowship opportunity (not mine) 

spotted: paid $10k fellowship opportunity

Fellowship: The Maintainers Movement Fellowship 2022

The Maintainers (themaintainers.org) is a global research network interested in the concepts of maintenance, infrastructure, repair, and the myriad forms of labor and expertise that sustain our human-built world.

due Nov 4

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A new open call for has just come into the world, all about routines, habits and rituals around food. Send stuff if you’d like to! Meanwhile, is out in print and digitally at magiun.online

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Boosts appreciated!

We testing self-hosted live streaming using on tv.lumbung.space, and on this occasion we want to invite you again to participate watching today's :
lumbung calling: Regeneration
Saturday, October 2 , 2021
2.30 pm (CET), 3.30 pm (IDT), 6.30 pm (KGT), 7.30 pm (WIB).

About the programme:

"The seventh edition of lumbung calling focuses on . Within the framework of documenta fifteen, regeneration is explored as a way of living and organizing oneself and communities in opposition to extractive practices. This approach also includes generating time and space for mutual support and reflection. It centers care—often made invisible—as a vital part of political activism, enabling the incorporation of many viewpoints within a larger ecosystem."

You can watch it here:

To better understand everyone's viewing experience, we appreciate your feedback.Therefore, kindly take a moment to fill in this response form!
docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI (I know)

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I'm learning how to use Natural Language Processing nltk tool kit to make experimental poetry and writings. I hear it's really out-of-date though.

I also know the work of Allison Parrish which is brilliant! Anyone knows what I'm talking about or doing the same? Or could share your strategies to deal with massive frustration of learning it? lol

#nltk #MastoArt #mastopoetry #ai

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oh wow, was as late as 2017 when I stopped using this invoice indiscriminately

Read & Repair - Digital Solidarity feat. Jara Rocha and Yoana Buzova

Sunday, 26th September 2021
11:00-13:00 Read with Jara Rocha
13:30-15:30 Repair with Yoana Buzova
IRL in

Of all the greyzones of our readwrite worldings, bibliographic self-defence constitutes a specially powerful one. Self-defence, resistance, counter-weighting and mutual support operations of immense technopolitical value keep taking place at what can be termed "peripheral literature areas" such as bibliographies, footnotes, indexes, acknowledgement pages, colophons, library metadata and side annotations, where trans*feminist, anticolonial, antiracist, queer, crip, antispeciest, antifa and atiageist solidarities take very tangible and specific forms.

The devices we surround ourselves with are an increasingly complex and extremely heterogeneous matter. In a short workshop we will investigate the materiality and inevitable politics of electronic components. We will take an interdisciplinary approach to dissect specific objects in terms of their material, socio-cultural and ecological dimension.

In this process we will dismantle and dissect components to their very building blocks, investigating components from the Electronica Depot.

More info: varia.zone/en/rr-digital-solid

Poster by @p_p

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Open call: Parallel Library Services
Between October 2021 and March 2022, in Rotterdam and online
Deadline: 24th September 2021

Parallel Library Services is a workshop series that documents the many actions and situations that libraries and amateur librarians facilitate in their practices.

More about the workshop series here and how to apply:


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Recent Computer Arts & Activism related Open Calls:

* Rhizome ArtBase Executable Poetry: https://rhizome.org/editorial/2021/aug/24/artbase-open-call-executable-poetry/ – September 8
* On-the-fly Live Coding Projects: @onthefly https://onthefly.space/calls/open-call-for-live-coding-research-projects – September 10
* F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings) at SPREAD Zine fest: @anglk https://fhm.varia.zone/index.php?title=Main_Page September 11
* Taper. online magazine for small computational pieces: https://taper.badquar.to/6/about.html#submit @nickmofo – September 15
* ICLC. International Conference on Live Coding 21: https://iclc.toplap.org/2021/ – October 4

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Join us on 8th Sept at 17.00 (UK time) for Syed Mustafa Ali's keynote "Decolonising Computing (?)" centreforthestudyof.net/?p=556 - all welcome!

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📄 Aimi Hamraie and Kelly Fritsch, Crip Technoscience Manifesto, 2019 https://catalystjournal.org/index.php/catalyst/article/view/29607/24772

“Without glorifying do-it-yourself design practices, crip technoscience recognizes that disabled peoples’ world-dismantling and world-building labors stem from situated experiences of ‘misfitting’ in the world […]. Crips are not merely formed or acted on by the world—we are engaged agents of remaking.”

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The comrades at @ruangrupa_ruru are live shortly, tune in to a nice programme and also help load test their self-managed infrastructure 👌


We're running this infrastructure on @coopcloud configurations which are available for all to reuse which aligns with the lumbung model.

Autonomic is proud to be supporting this much needed intervention into reclaiming digital infrastructure.


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