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Read & Repair , Poetry and Finance session with Sara Hamadeh and Toon Fibbe at Varia this Saturday, we'd love to host you!

READ 11:00-13:00 CEST
LUNCH 13:00 - 14:00 (free, catered lunch)
REPAIR 14:00-16:00 CEST
Date: Saturday, 24th September 2022
Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

READ by Sara Hamadeh
Starting from the concept of insolvency, referring to not only the refusal to pay the costs of economic crisis, but also as rejection of the symbolic debt embodied in the cultural and psychic normalization of daily life. The reading session will discuss and explore different processes through which today’s techno-linguistic machine shapes and operates our social body.

REPAIR by Toon Fibbe
To trade in wind, windtrade, or in dutch; windhandel - became a common way to refer to stock market trading during the first international stock market crisis in 1720.
Taking cues from the books, images and plays that dealt with the windhandel we will collectively make inflatable sculptures while thinking about the ways in which finance’s infrastructures have infiltrated intimate realms of our lives, hoping that the wind can offer us a more collective, new type of speculative imagination.

[Image: Poster. Bank notes spiral down on a black background. Read & Repair a text layer on top. & is gaseous.]

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Open Call: Techno Cul de Sac
20 to 25 November 2022, Brussels.

"This is an open call for application to the worksession Techno-Cul-de-Sac. We invite artists, city dwellers, activists, electronic scavengers, conflicted urbanists and reluctant designers to spend a week together sharing practices related to the city’s zones of attention, contact, conflict."

Note: Deadline is extended to October 01


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Upcoming :boost_requested: next weekend in Rotterdam
⌨️ 🖨️
You can still sign up.

Plaintext Protocol Partyline

During the Plaintext Protocol Partyline, we will collectively explore and experience plaintext protocols as a communication medium. We invite participants to join us in this two-day semi-structured collective learning environment.

Date: Friday 16th, Saturday 17th of September, 2022
Time: 11:00-13:00 + 14:00-16:00 on both days
Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)


A wishlist for trans*feminist servers at in Athens!

The text is also available here etherpad.mur.at/p/tfs

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Feminist Hack Meetings live stream starts in 30min (11am CEST)

You can also follow @streaming

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We’re back! We are happy to announce that on the 5th & 6th of November, @zinecamp is back for its 2022 edition at WORM Rotterdam! As always, there will be stalls, workshops, talks and more. And, of course, it is free to join!

Zine Camp is a space to connect with the self-publishing community, make friends and learn new skills and techniques. We also have open tables to collaborate and create your own zines on site.

📍To apply to hold a workshop or talk, email zinecampfestival@gmail.com with your details, a title, description, how long your proposal needs and an image.

📍For stalls, send us your details, and a link with your zines, website or portfolio!

📍Deadline for the open call is the 25th September!

Zine Camp Team 💕

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fedizine: an anarchist introduction to federated social media is now online thanks to our friends at the F-91W Distro:

It's also available as a PDF for reading: https://distro.f-91w.club/fedizine/fedizine_read.pdf

and PDFs for printing in colour:
or black and white: https://distro.f-91w.club/fedizine/fedizine_print_bw.pdf

:anarchism: :fediverso:

Read & Repair is back on the 27th of August! :)

Vegetality and Virtuality feat. Georgiana Cojocaru and Bérénice Staiger

In the Read session with Georgiana Cojocaru, we will discuss what are the virtual, fragile and always threatened possibilities for recovery of a body which is considered beyond repair, beyond any semblance to a former self. What attracts possibilities for re-knowing and re-ordering a living being ? How does a shattered mind move? When the poetic act tries to stay within this state, map its ambiance, its pulsations, its circuitous rhythms what kind of creations emerge? How close is poetry to sentience? How could a stuttering, nervous awareness ordain itself into a virtual possibility: a story, a new plot, an impermanent thought that might materialize into a newborn possibility?

During the Repair session, Bérénice Staiger takes us through her interest in bees and the swarm in particular. Bérénice also introduces meditative exercises for relaxation. She will guide us to relax through sensory exercises. For this she uses simple instructions and as an extra she takes products that bees collect in nature: honey, propolis and pollen. We will feel, smell, and taste the products. We will also go outside to experience our surroundings with our senses.



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"The New Rural Agenda Summit is a planetary conference by lumbung member Jatiwangi art Factory. International policy makers, institutions, artists, representatives of villages and other-than-human inhabitants of the Earth are invited to strive for an agenda for a common future."

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A new 🌱 Green Hack 🌿 is published! Please enjoy 'Optimising images for web' by Rekka Bellum ->

🌿 @rek for The Photographers' Gallery's Digital Programme. Since COP26 we've invited photographers and artists to share hacks to lower the environmental impact of their practice.

More Green Hacks here:
thephotographersgallery.org.uk 🌿

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Call for Participation:
OPENCOIL workshop 🔋🔋🔋

"The pavements of many cities have been flooded by so-called 'dockless sharing vehicles'. This workshop explores the impact of such micro-mobility services on (public) urban space by re-appropriating their decentralised infrastructure as a space for experimentation, while also addressing the conditions and effects of this infrastructure."

Deadline: August 21

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The new web theme "soonish" is now officially released as a free and open source theme for PicoCMS platform - a flat file CMS primarily based on markdown. A super simple 2 cols one modified from "simpleTwo". It is enhanced with features such as responsive web, file hiding with meta tag, integrate other features like file generation list based on the available markdown files in a directory, etc. (using CSS and Twig) Feel free to download, fork and use it: gitlab.com/siusoon/soonish

First time contribute to other FLOSS on GitHub, very excited when I do the pull request. Submitted!!

I use the theme to revamp my personal site with better organization of things and completely get rid of wordpress. Starting to also migrate images from other platforms to my own server. The design idea with queer and fluidity in mind, as well as environmental consciousness. But I have to say I really like file organization in a traditional way with just plain text.

now on live: 👉www.siusoon.net

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Feminist Hack Meetings* will happen in Athens, 9 and 10 of September as part of the project A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers, supported by the European cultural foundation. In case you are in the area, the workshops will be in English and Greek. And there will be a live stream too for those who aren't :)

More details about the program available here https://fhm.varia.zone/
(english at the bottom of the page)
* co-organized with @anglk and @estragon

#feminist #internet

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Trans*feminist servers…

A wishlist that expands the feminisms of a document that became known as “The Feminist Server Manifesto”

🗎 pdf: transitional.anarchaserver.org
✐ pad: etherpad.mur.at/p/tfs (please edit)


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Two opportunities at Malmö University in Sweden. One in Media & Communication and one in Interaction Design

Great opportunity to develop your own research project in a interdisciplinary environment with good working conditions!



I'm also in this program (Interaction Design) so feel free to ask me questions!

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Anti University 2022 registration is online! Anyone can organise an Antiuni event in any format, anywhere! festival.antiuniversity.org/

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I am on my way to NL after many years and will likely try to cross paths with you folx. Who is around first week of August? What is there not to miss or to finally see?

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A really great project focuses on intersectional feminist approaches to coding (w/ 24 recipes) edited by Xin Xin+Katherine Moriwaki. This reminds a poetry line: "When we hear “the singularity is near”, let us remember: the plurality is here." from Audrey Tang

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:nes_fire: ! TODAY ! :nes_fire:

Workshop: AI Infrastructures for Civil Society and the Arts

"This one-day symposium explores the proposition that a civil society AI infrastructure is needed to provide computational capacity and processes for the fields of art, human rights, ecology, and political activism as a public mission."


with @ccl

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