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I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

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🥳 lumbung.space is online 🥳

We've been working with ruangrupa & friends for a while now and we're super proud to see the project launched!

Here's an excerpt from the public post:

The aim of lumbung.space is to create a digital infrastructure that is maintained by the lumbung network without being dependent upon exploitative digital infrastructures. The pandemic and the ensuing digitization of many aspects of creative practice, offered an extra reason to focus on networked media practices. lumbung.space, therefore, is an urgent experiment that tries out what an artist-run digital space could be like.

lumbung.space was conceptualized and developed together with @rra an artist and doctoral candidate in Interaction Design at Malmö University and with @autonomic. Their work for lumbung.space is part of the @coopcloud initiative, which allows other collectives to set up similar infrastructures.


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We are hiring a postdoc (2 years) on digital activism as part of SHAPE - Shaping Digital Democracy, questioning the normalisation of digital technology and imagining better or more inclusive futures. The person will work closely with me and Christian Ulrik Andersen. More: au.dk/om/stillinger/job/postdo (get in touch if you are interested)
//Whether corporate or state-controlled, the digitisation of the citizen often gives rise to opposition, critique and search for alternatives beyond a focus on maximising profits or immediate convenience. Digital activism is here understood as software and network-related practices that address mass digitisation itself, including power asymmetries, societal issues and social injustices in a broad sense (rather than the use of digital media as a means for activism or participation in social movements). Eg include when citizens choose non-commercial Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), encrypted search engines, or self-hosted servers and applications; when they develop new tools and services that draw attention to or circumvent mass digitisation; or simply when they choose to opt out. A distinctive feature of a sustainable democracy is its ability to accommodate such activism that questions the normalisation of digital technology and imagines better or more inclusive futures. //

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Rustic computing at the Tangible Cloud worksession in Brussels with amazing woodworking tools from @praxeology This particular item is a coinbit, a binary decision making and speculation system.

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Maybe a good chance, during #atnofs and many eyes watching, to share the videos made by our first peertube art residents.
MELT were invited for a monthly art residency on our feminist and collectively managed tube, to create an animation introduction to their ACCESS SERVER project, which comes in a few versions (with captions, sign-language, subtitles) to take into account online accessibility


MELT @access_server

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On the 23rd of May 18:30-20:00 CET, the cell for digital discomfort (Jara Rocha, Karl Moubarak, and myself) is organising a workshop as part of 2022!

A workshop session to map out each of our current conditions of connecting and being together, the physical-political, and technological conditions using a diagrammatic methodology.

The workshop is geared towards installing ourselves into the conference's infrastructural spectralities by sharing, learning from and attuning to each others' conditions for connectivity, online participation and basic computer-mediated mundane day-to-day life. We want to pose this affirmation as an initial trigger: installing is about situating — attuning to our network of (inter)dependencies and attuning to the dependencies with our local and vernacular but also standardized and planetary networks.


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come join us ━ ☆゚ Varia x DAAP (Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing) public workshop ☆ ~ Sunday 29 May ~ 11:00h - 16:00h CET ~ > more info & RSVP: varia.zone/en/daap-varia.html

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📢 If you're in and around Rotterdam in the end of the month, come by a workshop I am co-facilitating with friends from Varia on Sunday, May 29th.

📚 We'll be onboarding new users and discussing the ethical/technical setup of the DAAP (Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing) archive (daap.network)

📌 Full details (incl. RSVP infos) in the link here: varia.zone/en/daap-varia.html

💫 Feel free to spread the word!

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SomeTimes contains a collection of posts about things we have done, are doing now – learning, reading, making, researching – and stuff that will happen soon. Some of the news is from public moments, while other news comes from behind the scenes. It is networked news from a variety of web sources, the urls in the "from" can tell you more.

The first edition includes the following sources: Varia's website, Post.lurk.org , Post.lurk.org , various logbot logs (x-y, ATNOFS, pub.club)

You could add content to SomeTimes by tagging posts with or .

More info here: varia.zone/en/sometimes-af-en-

@manetta @simoon @p_p

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I'm Geraldine. I was invited by Matt @emenel!

I am an artist and I also write and translate critique of technology and I larp as designer for my breadjob.

I work with digital, cold and hot media like glass, ice and screens and I think a lot about the differences between documentation and work.

Lately i think and write a lot about the implications of cultural production in the age of assetization and creepto: paletten.net/artiklar/this-is- / paletten.net/artiklar/the-ghos

I make radio with my friends at fumeradio.live/ and run a study group about Asset Media called Mediabolics! skogen.pm/

Here are my linx if you want to follow what I am up to:

happy to be here 🙂

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Join tonight's Next Cloud Atelierhaus Open Studio Visit moderated by digital anthropologist, researcher and curator Wade Wallerstein !

Tonight 20th April | 6 PM - 8 PM CEST | https://atelierhaus.servus.at/open-studio

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Hi! This is the official #Bookwyrm account. Bookwyrm is a federated reading platform (think Goodreads). Post about your reading and stuff! You can interact with Mastodon users and vice versa. We are going to toot development news and more.
Code https://github.com/bookwyrm-social/bookwyrm
Docs https://docs.joinbookwyrm.com/
List of instances https://docs.joinbookwyrm.com/instances.html

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Second chapter of currently in progress in Bucharest, documenting important things. @snisioi @estragon @p_p

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is a collection of contributions in many media that originate from the worksession Bureaucracksy, organized by Constant in December 2020.

After registration, you will be presented one story per day, at 20:30 CET, 21 days in a row. Once you have received all contributions, you will have to unregister. Unless you want to enjoy another cycle !

How to receive this
Subscribe before 1 june 2022, by:

* you can register to the mailing list here:

* add this link to your podcast feed:

This work session brought together artivist practices around the imaginative re-appropriations of rules and regulations, and took place between 7 and 12 December 2020. Bureaucracksy investigated the governance of techno-social systems through the prism of bureaucracy. The execution of rules is an essential element of computation, of digital infrastructures, and of the societies that they operate with. Critical practices of listing, naming, filtering, tool making, care and sharing require that some books are kept.

>>> For more information::

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Open call is out for worksession:
Weak signaaal looks at human and non-human communication practices which play, open-up and wreck linguistic systems while acknowledging their ever-changing, unpredictable and muddy qualities.

On 2, 9, 16, 23 june.


A Traversal Network of () travels to this weekend where has organised a two day programme hypha.ro/program

More about ATNOFS here culturalfoundation.eu/stories/

with @snisioi !

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