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Last weekend held the .

collective thoughts and creations that were made can be seen here: vvvvvvaria.org/plaintext-party

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Digital Solidarity Networks started as a shared listing of tools, practices and readings for digital solidarity, conviviality and togetherness. In May and June 2021 we are organising 3 public moments for collective relearning.

For the first event, happening on Thursday 20 May, 15:00 -18:00 CEST, we will be joined by Dušan Barok, who will speak about Artist-Run Digital Networks and Community Work.

Together, we will be asking:

* How can we reconfigure digital networks across timelines and communities?

Read more about the event and the Digital Solidarity Networks series here: vvvvvvaria.org/en/dsn-1.html

@ccl @manetta

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"Pirate Care, a syllabus
, a political notion
▒▒ has topics ▽
> Introduction to Care
> Criminalization of
> as Care
> Struggles
> Care
> Autonomy
> The Hologram: a peer-to-peer social technology of care
> Community Safety from Using Contextual Fluidity
> , Toxicity and
> Fostering and in the scene
> Politicising
> Flatten the curve, grow the care: What are we learning from "
Thanks @vilay

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after many years I need to concoct a PDF portfolio. something simple: horizontal A4 with pics and a simple layout.

What are my options in terms of software? I'm tempted to use Onlyoffice on Nextcloud…

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I'm in free to attend talk/panel tonight about
💻 :nes_fire: :unwanted_ok:

5-7pm UK time

"Online Panel: Experimental publishing and alternative networked cultures

Convened by Ruth Blacksell and Lozana Rossenova with contributions from Karen Di Franco, Aymeric Mansoux, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak.

The emergence of experimental post-digital publishing over the past decade has opened up new modes and methods of design practice that have allowed for extended relationships between social and media environments. This panel discussion draws on historical as well as contemporary references to examine such approaches through a range of perspectives, spanning the fields of art, graphic design, digital media and software development. The projects and practices discussed in the presentations and subsequent Q&A will consider the shift away from fixed to more fluid forms of publication and acts of publishing that are contingent upon networked, interactive and hybrid (digital/analog) contexts."


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Pixelfed really is quite an impressive open source remake of Instagram based on fediverse protocols. If you are a visual person this might be to your liking. There are some features that I don't think work so well, like stories. But the core features of posts, comments and messages looks well made.

Here is my test profile on the official instance, which is currently open for signups.

There is also an Android client in the works :)

Maybe we should set up a queer haus themed instance of Pixelfed... ✨

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I'm considering creating a #Mastodon account for the Domingo Club (https://domingoclub.com/) as I'd like to share more of our processes with you, and I really like all the questions that come up when I post something about #fermentation and #tools. Where (which #instance) would be a good place for us? Thank you :-)

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Starting in a few minutes:

Read & Repair - Sense-full Pedagogy feat. K MacBride and Yun Lee


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Read & Repair - Sense-full Pedagogy feat. K MacBride and Yun Lee
Sunday 25th April, Varia

READ with K MacBride.

We'll be listening together to a recording of xwélméxw artist, writer, academic, and curator Dylan Robinson reading excerpts from his book "Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies" (2020, University of Minnesota Press) and from an essay in progress "Song Life."

There is no prior reading needed before we come together to Read, we experience the texts for the first time together.

Date: Sunday 25th April
Time: 11:00-13:00 CEST
Location: pad.vvvvvvaria.org/sense-full_ 

REPAIR with Yun Lee.

Recently they have been working on the “School of Camouflage”, a research project looking at camouflage practices in visual, movement, and social cultural contexts. These practices include passing, deception, misdirection and masking.

In this workshop, participants will be exploring principles of camouflage and deception, how they are effectively used in contexts including information warfare, how we can sense them, and how we can repurpose them in our own practices as artists/designers/technologists.  

drop us an email at info@varia.zone if you would like to join.

Date: Sunday 25th April
Time: 16:00-18:00 CEST
Location: bbb.constantvzw.org/b/cri-yp7- 

More info varia.zone/en/rr-sensefull-ped

"A Fair New Idea?! - Working digitally in the arts field

A strong, fair and sustainable arts field during and post corona will need to address the impact of digital technology.

Digital is part of our daily lives, interacting with our physical, mental and emotional states. Together, these states make up the world we inhabit and impact the ways we produce and experience culture.

From this holistic perspective, Flanders Arts Institute () is looking for people that call the status quo into question and suggest possible or alternative ways to work digitally in the arts.

Flanders Arts Institute is providing a total of 12,000 euros to one or more working groups that want to develop (a) specific idea(s) for up to 1 year. How this budget will be allocated, will depend on the proposals received and selected by the jury. A fair distinction will be made between participants with a fixed income and those working on a freelance or independent basis.

Ideas should strive to have an impact on working digitally in the in and ."


This looks very nice, a link to share with curious people who are looking for an introduction. Today from 7-9pm CEST:

"Libre Graphics for unionising: take 2

The session is an introduction for people who are new to image editing tools, or who want to go from commercial programs to free and open source graphic programs (known as ‘Libre Graphics’). As we learn together, it will be an improved repeat from the session we had on 10/04.

There are a range of programs available. We’ll be focusing on two popular tools for this session: Inkscape and GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program). They are a great pairing for making flyers, posters and web graphics. We’ll explain the differences between them, and show you how to get the most out of using them together."


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Web CMS question 

What CMSs are you setting up for clients and collaborators lately?

I still really like the flat file and static site approach but I haven't had great success in motivating editors and end users about markdown and file directories etc.

I'm not a PHP fan, I would like to find something in Python Flask as I have found that it strikes the right balance for me. I do know a few people that use Process Wire, is that still a thing? @raphael I think?

Quokka CMS looked very promising to me but is dead in the water. Wagtail and Django look great but feel really huge for the relatively simple and small (portfolio type) websites I usually make with/for people.

I'm close to setting up a Wordpress but can't get exited about it, need to broaden my horizons. What are you peeps using?

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@ccl sharing in case you'd be interested! these are not digital examples, but Matthew K Lynch, director of sustainability at the university of hawaii came to speak to my class today and shared this


verhoeven didnt really include examples since the idea of infrapuncture was more of theory, but i thought that these leverage points could be tied in as potential strategic points we could find examples in. matthew's work mainly focuses on emergency theory which is also evident in the work of grace lee boggs and adrienne maree brown

another indigenous leader i work with brought up the idea of caucusing as a specific example as well as we tried to unpack the term.

it also made me think of the catalystic role of doulas aaww.org/abolition-is-not-a-on

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Join us for this public online book launch on 13/4 "The Art of Fixing ". Me+ Cornelia Sollfrank in conversation w/ Annet Dekker, participants include Janine Sack fr EECLECTIC,
Morgane Stricot, Matthieu Vlaminck and Margit Rosen, hosted by ZKM


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