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Online lecture by interdisciplinary, intersectional, digital media scholar and digital herstorian Dr Kishonna Gray whose areas of research include identity, performance and online environments, embodied deviance, cultural production, video games, and Black Cyberfeminism co-organized by Page Not Found and the Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB) at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy will be happening tomorrow at 4:00 PM (CET):


Totally free!

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Call for

(policyreview.info/node/1541) for the of systems (policyreview.info/glossary) - a project aimed at building a shared vocabulary on the social, technical,
economic, political aspects of decentralised, distributed or sovereign technologies.
We invite contributions on the emancipatory, counter-hegemonic, subversive potential of digital technologies at the intersection of
computer science, law philosophy, social sciences. The Glossary is a long-term collaborative project which will keep evolving over time,
enriched periodically with more terms and open to new contributors. Its scope is to build a foundational vocabulary for academic and
non-academic discourse on technologies, sociotechnical systems and practices of decentralisation.
We invite proposals for new terms in the form of short abstracts (max. 200 words) to be later developed into a short glossary entry. The
compiled entries will be collected in a special section of the Internet Policy Review. (policyreview.info/)

For expression of interest email to: v.ferrari@uva.nl - by the 21st of March

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@ccl @then reminds me of these gifs i made when visiting a family friend's beach house.

i think when i tried to watch into it, it had a recording of the blues brothers done on top of it, so i couldnt watch the whole movie

a bit of a flash warning in case

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Once you spend enough time with servers, sysadmin and making sense of it, eventually you try to find a consistent naming scheme for hostnames and such.

Lurkfriends, what's your system for coming up with server names?

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Read & Repair - Wireless Imagination 📻 :nes_fire:

Tonight at 19:00 CET multi-port broadcasting reading session together with Agustina Woodgate. The radio transmission will brings us together through a broadcasted soundscape. The readers are invited to send voice notes via telegram/nextcloud translating excerpts over audio clips (whispering, screaming, languages, special fxs, sounds, noises, etc.) During this session readers become listeners and radio hosts.

The REPAIR session will be hosted by @then and @cmos4040

More info: varia.zone/en/rr-wireless-imag

@ccl -port

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I put out a podcast called Artists and Hackers. Episode 3 is out now: Can a Programming Language be a Radical Community? It's on the javascript library p5.js and how they support and nurture their community of contributors


"a community is multiple entities effectively resonating within and experiencing a shared register of world-making"

- Jennifer Gabrys, Program Earth

"A catalog of formats for digital
discomfort… and other ways to resist totalitarian zoomification."

By Jara Rocha and Seda Gürses


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So this morning I attended a lovely workshop led by Elodie and my dear fellow lurker @wendy! The workshop was "Speculating on networked interdependencies and relationality"

In discussion about federated spaces (ref mastodon: lurk, merveilles, etc.) and speculative fiction (ref octavia butler), we discussed the speculative potentials of fediverse by trying to think through what creating our own instances on it.

it was truly a joy to participate in conversations with people from all different countries, as well as different points on our familiarity on these topics (such as, what even is a domain or a server, and what would it mean to block either). For me, its been like a month and a half I learn, one member in my small group had years of experience, another had none! We helped each other fill in gaps, think critically, and had a fun time dreaming of something new.

join us for the next session! "Minimal Viable Learning" led by VARIA autonomousdesign.hotglue.me/re

Read & Repair - feat. Agustina Woodgate and Dennis de Bel

On Sunday 28th February,
holds a REPAIR session, with @then followed by a READ session with Agustina Woodgate.

13:00-14:30 CET
In this live session Dennis and Danny will take you through the steps to recreate a simple as designed by Tetsuo Kogawa. We will cover the actual construction of the transmitter, what to transmit and how to receive the signal.

19:00-21:00 CET
Inspired by the current theme Wireless Imagination, this selection brings together some of the topics that have inspired Agustina over the last few years of activity - The architecture of air, and alternative means of .

More info: varia.zone/en/rr-wireless-imag

Poster design by @p_p

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indoor gardening advice wanted 

I'm planning my on a small south-facing glassed balcony, essentially a greenhouse. It will likely get a dry and arid climate during summer so I'm looking at low maintenance irrigation techniques. Anyone have experience with buried clay pots or ollas?

(image from Gardening With Less Water by David Bainbridge)

boosts appreciated


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If anyone has suggestions for /#smalltech web zines that would be! Much appreciated! I saw a neocities webring for low-tech sites but I feel like I don't find anything that quite fits otherwise unless it's spontaneously on fedi
--> specifically a website built or framed around using as low-tech as one could manage

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Today I announced a new mentoring programme for Black artists in the West Midlands (UK) who want to explore the creative potential of live coding. Details are here: algo-afro-futures.lurk.org/

In short four participants will get mentoring in all things live coding from me and @yaxu over four sessions and will be given a fee of £100 per session attended.

I know my reach on the fediverse is small so if you know anyone who could benefit from this please pass it on to them

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