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It's this time of the year...


Date: Saturday, 17th of July
Time: 15:00h - 21:00h
Location(s): VARIA (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam), Nieuw Charlois (Wolphaertsbocht 81, Rotterdam), RIB (Katendrechtse Lagedijk 490B, Rotterdam), Ateliers M42 (Gouwstraat 34 a/b, Rotterdam), The Pole (Pompstraat 40-B1, Rotterdam)


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Are you near ? Do you like experimental and ? Then join XPUB students Martin Foucaut and Federico Poni at The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend 2021 8-11 July to experience their work

⚠️ "Caution Weird Floor"! ⚠️


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Been lurking here for a few days, time for a post! Got some printed versions of my phd reports, so if anyone from my 9 followers here missed the twitter post, DM if you want me to save you a set... trying to distribute them to schools / teaching contexts primarily :D

Full context info + downloads: sites.rhizome.org/artbase-re-d

for "Solidarity is a verb"

"With this call, curated by Anca Rujoiu, Akademie Schloss Solitude together with ARC invites artists and collectives to foreground the relational quality of solidarity. With »Solidarity is a verb,« we strongly encourage practitioners to shape a continuous production of relation grounded on common differences. While projects can inhabit the web as a space to practice , this open call encourages in equal manner initiatives that unfold on a local or dimension beyond the screen, whereby the between off- and online should be taken into account."


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If you're in Rotterdam this July (22nd-25th), keep reading!

Together with Santiago Pinyol and Luke Murphy we're organizing this year's edition of Relearn in and around the city.
Relearn is an intensive IRL three day collective learning experiment with as many teachers as participants from all backgrounds and disciplines to learn from-and-teach each other, beyond the traditional paradigms of education from an interest in free culture and practices of care.

This year's edition will take place in and focus on Rotterdam. We aim to explore the importance of self-organisation and the use of experimental tools to build alternative systems and economies within the urban fabric of Rotterdam.
Apply by the 30th of June! Find the full text of the open call here -> relearn.be/2021/

Read & Repair - The Automated Body feat. Katarina Jazbec & MELT

11:00-13:00 CEST (READ, in person)
14:00-16:00 CEST (REPAIR, online)

The text selection and our reading choreography in June was made by artist Katarina Jazbec. This Read session will be overflown with no bullshit tales on living and dying together on damaged earth. How are we to live in the ruins with the dead and the living? Arundhati Roy’s ghost vultures and Anjum, a Muslim Hijra, in her opening chapter of The Ministry of Utmost Happiness and The Camille Stories in the closing chapter of the Staying with the Trouble by Donna J. Haraway, speculative fabulations, will render us capable of response in disturbing times.

The Repair session of this theme is hosted by arts-design researchers MELT. For this repair session we will work with and around the project Rituals against Barriers by MELT which is inspired by the multiple practices of survival in the face of oppression which take the form of ritual practice. Rituals can invite a stepping away from whatever normativities and can allow entry into practices such as: Refusing to ignore a feeling, refusing to not listen to your body because doing so would make apparent the ableism of any space, refusing to speed up even if that is the normalised tempo.


Poster by @p_p

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open call for Relearn 2021, the Rotterdam edition! 'The what and the why of the Anarchive' >>>> relearn.be/2021/# (deadline for submissions is the 30th of June) .zone

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Digital Solidarity Networks started as a shared listing of tools, practices and readings for digital solidarity, conviviality and togetherness. In May and June 2021 we are organising 3 public moments for collective relearning.

For the 3rd event, happening on Thursday 10 June, 15:00-18:00 CEST, we will be joined by The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (Miriyam Aouragh, Seda Gürses, Femke Snelting, Helen Pritchard) who will speak about infrables.

“Infrables make negative use-cases and un-fixing bug reports as a solidary praxis. They are articulations of what extractive digital infrastructures are, and what they are doing. What infrables can we tell to take-down Big Tech narratives and undo their violences? (...) Our contribution to the Digital Solidarity Network conversations will be a series of infrables to be reworked and retold.”

Read more about the event here:


To register, please send an email to info@varia.zone mentioning the name of the event in the subject line.

@ccl @manetta

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Activating Captions: an online exhibition of audio-video work that "critically engages with captioning as a singular artistic form of expression." ... All works accessible online until 7 June.


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Charlotte Johannesson is a pioneering and digital artist who saw the relation between weaving and pixel graphics starting in the 70s:


Palestinian medical aid fundraiser today 2-6pm 

Today from 2-6pm CEST in , our neighbours organised a fundraiser for Palestinian medical aid.

"On Saturday 29th May from 14-18 CEST at Varia, Rotterdam, there will be food, drinks and a raffle, printed t-shirts for sale, music and poetry... All funds raised will go directly to two organisations providing emergency medical aid and working to build ongoing healthcare infrastructure within Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank:

Medical Aid for Palestinians:

Palestinian Medical Relief Society: pmrs.ps/

❗We will encourage attendees to stay outside whenever possible but would like to ask that you are mindful of the ongoing pandemic. Please bring a mask and maintain a 1,5m distance. If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus please stay home!"

For those that can't participate in person, but would like to contribute, there is also a GoFundMe:


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Why did I paint this, what's going on in Burma? 

For over 100 days, Burma has been burning. Over 800 have been killed and thousands displaced. After decades of military rule, Burma had a semblance of a democracy for about six years before this January, when another military coup began. I have extremely worried for my mother who has spent years despite travel warnings to work in the same orphanages and rural communities that she grew up with. This painting is for her. It is for my first language. For my favorite food to eat. Putting up this symbol means we will not be able to return to our home country and would warrant our arrest if we tried. My family members have been arrested in the past. Please pray for my people. The international community has always ignored Burma and the humanitarian crimes of the military but we truly need your help more than ever now if our people are to be free.

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This Sunday morning at Varia: Read & Repair - The Automated Body feat. Angeliki Diakrousi

The text selection for Read in May was made by @anglk whose work engages critically with notions of listening and dynamics of public realms.

In this edition of Read participants will be invited to pick a text, read in groups, breath and share their readings through an (un)automated persona. We discuss automations of the human body, that surpasses the idea that 'human' differs from the other animals in that it uses tools. They are;

Countersexual Manifesto (2018) by Paul B. Preciado

Full Queerocracy Now!: Pink Totaliterianism and the Industrialization of Libidinal Agriculture (2021) by Comrade Josephine (embodied by Luce deLire)

Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software (2002) by Steven Johnson

There is no prior reading needed before we come together to Read, we send out a link for download during the event.

Date: Sunday, 30th May 2021
Time: 11:00-13:00 CEST
Location: bbb.constantvzw.org/b/cri-yp7-
NOTE: This reading session will be held in English.

[image: poster with title on layers of images, including a scan of bubble wrap, a pen with black background, and waving images of the communist sickle & scythe on pink triangle, and StarLogo slime mold simulation - both from readings]

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A livestream series about hidden economies, communities building livelihoods and support in defiance of platform exploitation and atomisation.

Streaming WEEKLY from Sunday, May 23

FULL ANNOUNCEMENT 👉🏽 ndc.substack.com/p/the-para-re

TRAILER 👉🏽 youtube.com/watch?v=b-JQ5Bo4Jn

STREAMING SITE & PROGRAMME 👉🏽 stream.undersco.re

PUBLIC CALENDAR LINK: webcal://cloud.undersco.re/remote.php/dav/public-calendars/9FzomgAfidHWCQcx/?export

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Last weekend held the .

collective thoughts and creations that were made can be seen here: vvvvvvaria.org/plaintext-party

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Digital Solidarity Networks started as a shared listing of tools, practices and readings for digital solidarity, conviviality and togetherness. In May and June 2021 we are organising 3 public moments for collective relearning.

For the first event, happening on Thursday 20 May, 15:00 -18:00 CEST, we will be joined by Dušan Barok, who will speak about Artist-Run Digital Networks and Community Work.

Together, we will be asking:

* How can we reconfigure digital networks across timelines and communities?

Read more about the event and the Digital Solidarity Networks series here: vvvvvvaria.org/en/dsn-1.html

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"Pirate Care, a syllabus
, a political notion
▒▒ has topics ▽
> Introduction to Care
> Criminalization of
> as Care
> Struggles
> Care
> Autonomy
> The Hologram: a peer-to-peer social technology of care
> Community Safety from Using Contextual Fluidity
> , Toxicity and
> Fostering and in the scene
> Politicising
> Flatten the curve, grow the care: What are we learning from "
Thanks @vilay

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after many years I need to concoct a PDF portfolio. something simple: horizontal A4 with pics and a simple layout.

What are my options in terms of software? I'm tempted to use Onlyoffice on Nextcloud…

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I'm in free to attend talk/panel tonight about
💻 :nes_fire: :unwanted_ok:

5-7pm UK time

"Online Panel: Experimental publishing and alternative networked cultures

Convened by Ruth Blacksell and Lozana Rossenova with contributions from Karen Di Franco, Aymeric Mansoux, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak.

The emergence of experimental post-digital publishing over the past decade has opened up new modes and methods of design practice that have allowed for extended relationships between social and media environments. This panel discussion draws on historical as well as contemporary references to examine such approaches through a range of perspectives, spanning the fields of art, graphic design, digital media and software development. The projects and practices discussed in the presentations and subsequent Q&A will consider the shift away from fixed to more fluid forms of publication and acts of publishing that are contingent upon networked, interactive and hybrid (digital/analog) contexts."


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