Viernes 19 de noviembre ~ 19 a 23 hs
inauguramos muestra en SOPA/Ramos Generales junto a Anabelala, Librenauta @librenauta Oblinof

-elogio de lo invisible-

intervención sonora-performática x Gabriel Drah + Victoria Parada + Pamela Esquivel el set que hicimos en el Centro de Arte de la UNLP. Gracias por la invitación <3

mañana 16/07/21 Muestra de Literatura Digital Argentina, Mar del Plata

y pasado mañana 17/07/21 Centro de Arte UNLP , La Plata

set audiovisual que hicimos por invitación de NUMERAL en el Centro de Arte UNLP, estreno 10/07/21 vq y 17/07/21 c0d3


One of the created pieces is "ANTI - A Netart Theory of Identity" by Carla Tapparo and Rapo Francisco.

<title>ANTI - A Netart Theory of Identity</title>
<script type="text/performance"> Carla & Rapo <onclick="perform();">
<p>they will and will not coexist. In this poetic encounter they are interested in empathizing with the <body> of the internet, using <rhythms> and texts from <sources> they are interested-in to un-draw the limits and <perceptions> of identities</p>
<p>they would use <sampling> techniques and build a sound-collage to de-automatize the perceptual organization of the <medium>, as well as the struggling and underlying ideologies beneath</p>
<p>this will be an on-line-real-time-improvised-performance</p>
<p>and will be the first time the artists will perform together as a continuation of a dialogue that started years ago when they met in a remote place from planet earth</p>

Carla and Rapo will perform their work on Saturday, June 12th. In the first event, which takes place: 7:00-8:30pm (CEST) / 10:00-12:30am (PDT)

You can find the full program on
en 10 dias, con Carla/Osmia/Sophie/una amistad hermosa, vamos a exponer una pieza de en BROWSER, un festi de "web-music"
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