Ayer en el Festi Freak, Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de La Plata.

Habia un theremin y loops de voz.

Good day!

Here are some glitches for you! I hope you like them, they are 100% GMO-free.

youtube has disabled one video because we used an Aphex Twin sample, so Warp Records own its rights.

destroy all copyrights and delete google


Here are some glitches for you! I hope you like them, they are made with free-range bits.


code::art is a new art journal which publishes code. Submissions are now open for our first issue.

Send us beautiful code, ugly code, fast code, code that you feel, code that has something to say, code about learning, code about you, just send us code!
(link: https://code-art.xyz/submit/) code-art.xyz/submit/

There's an open call for drone and experimental music comp here:
Maybe you guys can help boost it / spread the word?

Hola Fediverso!! Nos presentamos: Somos un nuevo proyecto artístico y político con la intención de dar herramientas y espacio a cualquier persona que quiera alejar su arte de Google, Facebook y en general del mundo privativo y centralizado. En la web https://anartist.space podréis saber qué ofrecemos con sus respectivos links. Esto solo ha hecho que empezar, y aún estamos en nuestra versión 0.1 pero hay energia para rato. Juntes creamos un nuevo mundo descentralizado!! #DescentralizaTuArte

Algorave cdmx now: tidal cycles + supercollider. Morras chingonas!

Open Call

ArtFutura Festival of Digital Culture and Creativity

Exploring the most exciting projects upon the international panorama of New Media, Virtual Reality, Interactive Design and Digital Animation.

AF audiovisual program presents the latest in 3D, motion graphics, experimental video and everything related to the new aesthetics. There are six sections: Premiere; Futura Graphics; 3D Futura Show; Artworks; and Schools.

Other themes are encryption, climate change, brainwave data, drones and robotics.

Open Call AV program

Deadline for the audiovisual program proposals is July 31st.

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