Videogrep 2.0 is out!

Here's a tutorial about how you can use it to automatically make supercuts on the command line:

Today's Twine rec is a commercial ($5 on Itch that is) game called Localhost.

It's a beautifully-produced visual novel, a very grim game created by the team at Aether Interactive.

"It's your first day on the job in the last days before the singularity. You're undoubtedly a valuable addition to our team. We hope you'll find in our era of machine governance, the repair trade is a noble pursuit.....Pay no attention to the "souls" inside those drives. You will learn that synthetics will do anything to seem like a human. We made them that way."

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continuing this week's Twine thread of recommended stories and games...

It would be impossible to list our favorite Twine works without shouting out Porpentine Charity Heartscape (don't think Porpentine is on Mastodon, but let us know if we're wrong)

So many great ones, including:
With Those We Love Alive (presented in the Whitney Biennial, among other places)

and a personal fave: Ultra Business Tycoon III

Both of these and many more in Porpentine's Twine games anthology collection Eczema Angel Orifice

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@artistsandhackers @Lime Forth’s stack-based architecture is a great place to start, and has been borrowed by many esolangs. This book is great for going in-depth into other offbeat languages too

inspired by the exchange we had yesterday and the day before, we are gonna try and put together a series of zines collecting community submissions about our ephemera.

so, if you wanna participate, using the attached image as a writing prompt, send us a short story or poem or other piece of writing (keep it pg, pls) to mediaarchaeology at colorado dot edu by Friday, May 13.

all submissions will be included, we'll at the very least put togther a printable PDF but maybe we'll print some copies ourselves, too.

we're supporting a study on the role modders and rom hackers play in games preservation and archiving - if that description fits you and you'd be willing to participate in an interview, fill out the form here:

Continuing our daily thread this week of Twine games to profile is
Horse Master: The Game of Horse Mastery.

This is a personal favorite, a game that really stopped me in my tracks the first time I played it.

I'd classify it as speculative dystopian body horror perhaps. It's one of the featured games in the wonderful book Videogames for Humans, edited by Merritt Kopas, that features playthroughs of Twine games.

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Dorothy R. Santos's Domain Errors is from 2020, 'an interactive, speculative fiction, text-based game.'

'The protagonist of Domain Errors is Aseco, named after the Greek goddess of healing. The experience takes the player through varying levels of cultural, social, and political visibility and invisibility. The player makes choices throughout the game that involve explorations of identities that are subject to varying levels of care and have been studied within the medical and health-care industries. The game is not bound by time, and it is fantastical in its propositions. Domain Errors uses statistical data as a primary worlding device in order to ultimately investigate how race, gender, and class are inextricably linked to science and technology.'

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Our latest episode features the interaction fiction creation tool Twine. The next week we'll be profiling just a few of the thousands of created works made with Twine, in this thread.

The episode can be found here, or via RSS or on all podcasting platforms.

thinking about best ways to share the ephemera, especially hand-made, that we find in our collection. these are all maps from text adventure games...

In our current episode we speak with Chris Klimas, creator of Twine, talking about creating the popular interactive fiction authoring tool.

You can listen via our website, rss or podcast platforms, or read the transcript on our site.

If you have a favorite Twine game or story, please share it with us. We'd like to play and share some as we're highlighting our new episode and interview with Chris Klimas, creator of Twine

We have a newsletter where we send out approximately monthly emails that notify our listeners of new episodes. We've also used it for things like surveys to gather information for upcoming episodes.

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A new short "Art Tools" episode is out today: Designing Interactive Fiction with Twine, featuring an interview with Twine's original creator Chris Klimas.

You can listen on our website, via RSS feed or on all podcasting platforms.

Our host is Lee, our audio engineer is Max, and our designer is Caleb.

We have episodes on topics such as art and activism, toolbuilding, speculative futures, language design, digital commons, performance tools, livecoding, alternative networks and much more. We also do mini episode interviews with creators of art tools.

All episodes can be listened to on our website, via RSS Feed, and found on all podcast platforms.

We have full transcripts of every episode and links to resources.

We have a new mini 'art tools' episode dropping Thursday with an interview with Chris Klimas, creator of Twine, the open source tool for telling branching non-linear interactive stories, games and artworks.

Hello world!

This is the account for the Artists and Hackers podcast. We cover 'art, code and community' and are excited to join post.lurk since we've been fans for a long time.

We are an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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