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Our host is Lee, our audio engineer is Max, and our designer is Caleb.

We have episodes on topics such as art and activism, toolbuilding, speculative futures, language design, digital commons, performance tools, livecoding, alternative networks and much more. We also do mini episode interviews with creators of art tools.

All episodes can be listened to on our website, via RSS Feed, and found on all podcast platforms.

We have full transcripts of every episode and links to resources.


Hi, this is the home of the Micro Fiction Games Jam, A yearly game jam where people write and submit very short format games, on a theme, just for fun.

By very short format games what we mean is any game (ttrpg, larp, tabletop...) that will fit entirely in 280 characters.

You can find full details, and previous games entered, on our website:


I know I’m a bit of a broken record on this at the moment but you only have Friday left to take part in the Micro Fiction Games Jam if you want to.

When I wake up on Saturday I’m uploading the last games and turning submissions off to enjoy my weekend.

It has been a really good year this year, the strongest yet I think!

If you really want to give writing a game in 280 characters or less a go now is the time to do it.

Do we have any Web Audio people here? The Processing Foundation is offering a 6 month paid ($12,000 USD) fellowship to make sound for the web more beginner-friendly 😀

Apply here before December 7th:

Live coding: a user's manual is out this week, published open access by MIT Press. I have my copy already, after many years it's real!

I just put up a placeholder website, and will upload the pdf, epub and mobi ebook files there on Tuesday, maybe making a web version. It'd be interesting if people started contributing edits, adding extra chapters etc..

I couldn't find an to my liking here on the , so I decided to roll my own. Let me introduce you to @oblique_strategies. 🤖

It's my first ever bot, so I might pester you with questions about bot parenting in the coming weeks.

The bot has been posting fairly often these last couple of days, mainly for testing and debugging purposes, but is likely to settle on a pace of a couple of Oblique Strategy cards a day.

I hope you find it entertaining.💫

Ooh also, we're on ResonanceFM in about an hour tonight (8:30pm UK time) as part of a 22 part series 📻 🛰️ 📡

~~ Listen in with us as we search for radio reception via homemade radios, EMF, VLF, VHF scanners and other radio devices.

"Constellations of Listening" draws on material sourced over many months and across time zones, from listening sites connecting environments, technologies and voices. ~ ~

#RadioArt #SoundArt #CreativeToots #Feminist #Listening #Experimental

Asking for a friend:
Let's say this friend is participating in (recording a track a day) for the month and I missed a day. Can I, I mean, can they, record a second track tonight and pretend one of them was from yesterday?

The p5.js Sound Fellowship Open Call is live.

> A 6 month paid ($12,000 USD) fellowship to re-envision sound in p5.js as a beginner-friendly intro to working with sound on the web and integrating sound into interactive audiovisual projects!
Deadline: Dec 7

In episode 3 we interviewed some of the folks that created and run p5.js. Listen wherever you get your podcasts or on our site:

hey my “cool tools” itch collection grew to 444 tools now!
new finds include… lots of cute little things for streaming, font generators, and drawing tools that range from silly to useful.
#tool #indiedev #resources #software

No excuses: this year, I'm doing #NaNoGenMo.

The challenge: write a computer program that generates a 50,000 word novel.

I've entered a few times in the past. In 2020, my program generated a banalified version of Moby-Dick, revised to better fit the predictions of a language model:

#procgen #llm

"A Letter Groove" for this year: a program to produce images in the style of artists' books, given an manifest to a manuscript.

I just thought of another important one: support your server financially if you can. Hosting infrastructure does cost some money. :honk:

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A big Welcome to folks that are just joining Mastodon.

A couple recommendations:

1. Fill out your profile and add a photo/image asap! Include links to another home of yours on the internet, such as your music, website, etc. Many folks don't like to be followed by anonymous accounts.

2. Create a post introducting yourself (and maybe add the tag) and then "pin" it to the top of your profile.

3. When you post media like photos or videos, add an alt text description. This is done in your mastodon client software or website.

4. If you joined one of the smaller server of peers (great!), click on "Local" to see what folks from your server are posting. It's a good way to 'meet' lots of folks right away and get a feel for the community.

5. More so than on birdsite, folks here tend to like to give CW warnings for certain topics. You'll see examples of this modeled and learn how to do it. It's a great idea to follow this.

I'm sure I'm leaving out other important stuff. Feel free to share if you have any other suggestions.

Are there some "weird twitter"-like fedi accounts I should follow?

@artistsandhackers we have an automated stream of radio looptober running! should probably switch it to now...

Our instance doesn't allow re-posts from our twitter to this mastodon account, but if anyone has a suggestion for the opposite (re-posting our toots here to our twitter account) I'd love to hear of them

And to anyone that participated in and posted their finished work somewhere, we'd love to take a listen, and to boost some of these :)

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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