Feminist Hack Meetings #3
Feminist Futurotopixs

At Varia + online  
Saturday 06/11/2021  
11:00-13:00 CEST

will introduce us to Feminist . This workshop will enable participants to dream, invent and desire together feminist . They will invent narratives, speculative fiction and radical imaginaries that work as alternatives to existing oppressive or dystopian models. The workshop is oriented at co-designing stories and creating new worlds as processes to imagine and together about feminist desired futures.   

More info: 

To register send to: estragonius@protonmail.com

F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings), organised by Artemis, Angeliki and Julia, are a series of research meetings and workshops that explore the potentialities and imaginaries of feminist technological collectives. These gatherings aim to challenge who counts as a hacker, and what counts as hacking. More: fhm.varia.zone

/This event is made possible with the kind support of the Creative 
Industries Fund NL/  

*Varia's newsletter:* 


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I spoke to artist Joana Moll about her new piece for the Media Wall at The Photographers' Gallery last week.

We discussed microprocessors, their impact on the environment and the role of artists and the art world in the transition to a less polluting society.

You can read our conversation at Unthinking photography:


#sustainability #art #photography

Today at 15:30 CET I will participate in a conversation together with Caroline Sinders around societal issues and bias in technology referring to feminist artistic strategies critically addressing them, as well as the proposals that our work from different angles offer as an alternative.

Maybe some of you are interested to tune in. 👾

stream: stream.waag.org/events/transfo

___FACT Liverpool, Transmediale Berlin and Waag Amsterdam are collaboratively launching the Transformer Summit after the Summer. The Summit will take place online, in Liverpool and Amsterdam next 23-26 September, as a series of conversations, discussions and workshops that look at arts-based practices that deal with the societal challenges of digital transformation___

From MayDay Rooms:


We looking for a Archivist to join the staff collective at MayDay Rooms.

Please share widely in your networks!

Job description and how to apply here: t.co/QQkiJfkWQJ

Deadline is 14th October t.co/Qx6sc2ZxsF

Zineing with (F)eminist (H)ack (M)eetings @SPREAD Zinefest (at Sign Gallery at Groningen), with lots of scanning, printing, binding, patching, folding, annotating, re-reading, messing.

It was amazing to see such a rich zine collection made by the hosts of SPREAD from feminist, artist zine makers from far away.

Thanks all the zine contributors who send their feminist zines and participants of the workshop.

Check out the FemLib with links from the publications of the contributors in the wiki fhm.varia.zone :)

With @estragon and Julia

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Spotted some really nice zines by @manetta @alcstrt and other & folks at :hacker_w: :hacker_o: :hacker_w: The collection of zines on display is amazing, from all over the world, from screen and riso to xeroxed publications.

17 - 26 September in Groningen!


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Open call: Parallel Library Services
Between October 2021 and March 2022, in Rotterdam and online
Deadline: 24th September 2021

Parallel Library Services is a workshop series that documents the many actions and situations that libraries and amateur librarians facilitate in their practices.

More about the workshop series here and how to apply:


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Another little generator project. This is a tool made for the art event Lesbiennale (https://lesbiennale.art), aimed at the organisation team so that they can create pictures for their social network accounts by playing with the automated layout of the tool. Then PNG files are generated and can be downloaded.

#graphicdesign #webtoprint

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Recent Computer Arts & Activism related Open Calls:

* Rhizome ArtBase Executable Poetry: https://rhizome.org/editorial/2021/aug/24/artbase-open-call-executable-poetry/ – September 8
* On-the-fly Live Coding Projects: @onthefly https://onthefly.space/calls/open-call-for-live-coding-research-projects – September 10
* F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings) at SPREAD Zine fest: @anglk https://fhm.varia.zone/index.php?title=Main_Page September 11
* Taper. online magazine for small computational pieces: https://taper.badquar.to/6/about.html#submit @nickmofo – September 15
* ICLC. International Conference on Live Coding 21: https://iclc.toplap.org/2021/ – October 4

Do you know any designer/collective who works with emojis and challenges the representation of expressions? With the idea of queering or/and decolonizing emojis and in general finding a broader vocabulary of emojis.

:think_mind_blown: :unwanted_grimmace: :eyeless_smile:

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Print-making gets messy, stressful but also fun! We are sending new geeky stuff to spreadzine festival in Groningen NL. Exhibition at sign project space 17 - 26 September.

Your feminist zine to SPREAD Zinefest!

F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings) invites you to send zines to the presentation library, “Zinedisplayer”, of the SPREAD Zinefestival until the 11th of September. In this year's SPREAD Zinefest, FHM will organise a workshop on zine making and invite zines from different networks to be displayed in the festival and join a feminist library that will be an inspiration reference for the workshop. We invite you to contribute with your zine(s) themed around feminism in relation to L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ issues, hacking, biohacking, technology, art, food, caring, networks, tools, infrastructures etc. The delivery costs and the price of the zine will be covered.

If you wish to participate send us an email to estragonius@protonmail.com
more: fhm.varia.zone/

SPREAD Zinefest (spreadzinefest.nl/) is a festival focusing on self published art and prints, including a library, a zinemarket, workshops, lectures, petanque and network moments in a splendid setting!

FHM are a series of research meetings and workshops that are initiated by Varia (vvvvvvaria.org/) in Rotterdam. They explore the potentialities and imaginaries of feminist technological collectives. These gatherings aim to challenge who counts as a hacker, and what counts as hacking(...)


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The other half of psaroskala team created a new zine totally old school, hand made and photocopied about our zines display construction from wood!

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The latest issue of the free online open access journal, A Peer-Reviewed Journal About Research Refusal, is now available at https://aprja.net - with some great articles.

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Katerina Gogou 1940​-​1993
from #arachnesound

RT @poemproducer@twitter.com

"I fear getting tired - an easy prey for priests and academics -
and so turn into a "sissy"...
They have their ways ...
Keen psychiatrists and lousy policemen
are waiting for us in the corner."

for #αράχνήχος #arachnesound

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/poemproducer/status/1203948424229470209

Tune in!
Today at 15:20 CEST

Feminist Hack Meetings #2 - Polyphonic Radio Ensemble
:nes_fire: 🔉

more info: vvvvvvaria.org/en/fhm-2.html

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