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PhD Status: Online 🌐
Huge thanks to my supervisors Prof. Teal Triggs and Richard Banks, and examiners Prof. Jussi Parikka and Prof. Anthony Masure.

📺 🏠 📡 🏠 chezmoi: manage your dotfiles across multiple, diverse machines, securely.
by Tom Payne

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We recently cleaned up our translations. We removed some un-used text and moved the FAQ page to the documentation. Translating CryptPad is now easier for contributors, a good time to have a look at the few languages that were started but never finished:

For @air_pump
Here are two images of freshwater Belgian Lesse (river) mussels I took with my underwater macro camera. On one image, you have the incurrent and excurrent siphon
(looked up terminology).

🗑➡️🐚➡️🥙 Filtering; a broader theory of Very Online practice.

a.k.a. la méthode de la moule

📺 🔬 📡 Reverse-engineering as a crossroads for investigation, science and open tools and technologies.

by @XavCC and Clio Flego for @info_activism

just your regular:
- industrial espionage
- cracking
- exploit creation
- security audit
- bug correction
- malware analysis
- interoperability
- scientific study
- fun

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📺 🍿 🤯 FOSDEM 2021 catch-up thread

OMG Firefox finally merged the "Print Preview" buried in the File menu and what happens when you Ctrl-p 😭

📰 Feb. 2021 status: We are turning the monthly CryptPad updates for the internal XWiki newsletter into public blog posts. These will be an opportunity to regularly catch up on new features, research projects, etc

The first one is up on our blog:

The team recently presented different aspects of CryptPad at #FOSDEM2021 We have a summary up on the blog:

⬇️ 📺 ⬇️ and videos on our #PeerTube channel

I love how the @peertube algorithm automatically picked the BEST poster frame for my @cryptpad talk video. An arbitrary frame at 09:24 there would be no way to pick this without advanced AI.

Version 4.1 is live on !

This release introduces a ✨dark theme✨ . You will see this if your operating system is set to dark, or you can switch manually in Settings.

The release notes will be available on GitHub shortly.

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