🚀 CryptPad 4.11.0 is now live on cryptpad.fr

This release introduces version 2 of our Forms application, addressing the feedback we gathered over the summer.

Many thanks again to everyone who took time to answer our survey and/or took part in interviews.

Open call: Parallel Library Services
Between October 2021 and March 2022, in Rotterdam and online
Deadline: 24th September 2021

Parallel Library Services is a workshop series that documents the many actions and situations that libraries and amateur librarians facilitate in their practices.

More about the workshop series here and how to apply:


:think_starry_eyes: omg I just discovered there's a ✨track changes✨ tab in Firefox devtools that summarises all the css hacks you did in a neat little diff.


I ordered a 2TB external SSD expecting a big blocky thing and now I feel old.

Our new issue of Possible Futures is out.

In this issue we cover the heated topic of 💸 FUNDING 💸 .


How can we ethically fund projects so tech projects don't end up scaling at all costs, ditching all morals along the way?

How do we fairly compensate people in open source?

This issue also includes our *first* piece of original content.

I interviewed the CEO of @penpot on how they fund their open source projects among other things.


Powerful text features in the next version of Inkscape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmC3tFnFUJM

I haven't done a feature video in a while. But this one's great! (thanks to xkcd for the CC-NC art)

As part of our work on document conversions for NGI DAPSI we would like to hear about which formats you use, and which ones you often import/export. If you have a few minutes please let us know using this survey:


👤 🆕 FYI I'm starting a new account for screenshots and other random pics of my design work on @cryptpad

it's here 👉 @cryptpad_design

(and all just an excuse to try out @dansup's great work on Pixelfed @pixelfed)

Hello World! This is a new account dedicated to pics and screenshots from the CryptPad design department! (aka @air_pump@post.lurk.org ) follow our main @cryptpad@social.weho.st for for regular project updates.

🚀 CryptPad 4.8 is now live on cryptpad.fr!

This release includes early work on document conversions, including:
- Import of Trello boards (JSON)
- Export of Markdown from Rich Text

Much more to come in this area!

🚧 almanac.computer PSA: 100% Planned Maintenance 🚧 

The Quandl API that provided stock market data for Cosmic Commodity Charts has shut down its free tier. (I did scrape everything before leaving so I can re-program the charts 👈😏)

There are a number of improvements that I have been meaning to make to the almanac.computer (e.g. bots, jupyter notebooks, new widgets) so now seems like a good time to pause it after nearly 3 years and do some maintenance and development.

🌝 Back for Samhain 2021🎃 🧙‍♀️📖

promo: new design journal/newsletter 

At the Center for Other Worlds we're finally launching Other Worlds, COW's shapeshifting journal for design research, criticism and transformation. Other Worlds (OW) aims at making the social, political, cultural and technical complexities surrounding design practices legible and, thus, mutable.

What other worlds, exactly? Those that have been traditionally ignored, neglected or silenced in the past, as well as those that are overlooked today: non-Western communities negotiating their own set of values through practice; alternative rationalities emerged in the West but overshadowed by the instrumental reason; technosocial environments blossoming at the periphery of platform empires, semi-visible modes of organization that oppose or sustain official institutions.

OW hosts articles, interviews, short essays and all the cultural production that doesn’t fit neither the fast-paced, volatile design media promotional machine nor the necessarily slow and lengthy process of scholarly publishing. In this way, we hope to address urgent issues, without sacrificing rigor and depth.

OW's initial form is that of a newsletter. Follow this link to find more information and to subscribe: buttondown.email/otherworlds

Do you feel like you have OW same energy? Then, don't hesitate to get in touch!

✅ ❌ ❓ We are seeking feedback on our new Forms application. If you use online forms regularly and/or have tried our Beta https://cryptpad.fr/form/

We would love to hear from you: https://cryptpad.fr/form/#/2/form/view/gYs4QS7DetInCXy0z2CQoUW6CwN6kaR2utGsftDzp58/ (spoiler: it's a form)

🚀 CryptPad 4.7 is now live on cryptpad.fr!

This version introduces the new Form application to collaboratively create surveys and polls. This is a Beta version of the app with more features to be added in the coming weeks.

#JeRecrute (pas moi)

Open Food Facts recrute un(e) développeur(euse) fullstack

CDD de 6 mois, avec perspectives d’embauche en CDI. Rémunération brute de 2200 à 4000€ mensuels selon expérience.


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