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🇨🇵📺 La vidéo de ma présentation 'Hyperland: a scam in n-dimensions' est en ligne sur le site de la conférence Mixit:

I'm working on the English write-up!

It's November, which means it's National Novel Generation Month, where people write code that writes a novel!

I would love to see more beginner programmers participate, so I just wrote a blog post that highlights some very simple novel generators that were made last year.


Nouveau service disponible :

Un gestionnaire de tâches léger et gérable uniquement au clavier

Tails 'is looking for a design contractor to create illustrations explaining what is Tails and how it works'

Thanks to updates to the CLI my animation/broadcasting setup that was failing last March now seems to work 🙏

If anyone out there wants to test:
- open browser
- visit dat://
- turn on live reloading ⚡

Microsoft Bob, codename 'Utopia', was a project in which Rover the dog introduced Microsoft OS to new users through the metaphor of a house. Come explore the wondrous world of interfaces old and new at @ImpaktFestival 30-10 til 03-11 in Utrecht!

With: @air_pump @ccl @lidia_p and many more amazing guests :)

📘 How to Run a City Like Amazon, and Other Fables
Edited by: Mark Graham, Rob Kitchin, Shannon Mattern and Joe Shaw.
+ lovely editorial design by Carlos Romo-Melgar and John Philip Sage. Check out the free PDF download, single page optimised for small screens.

🗓️🔖 2.11.2019
Next week I'll be at IMPAKT Festival in Utrecht NL, on a panel about "Calm Technology" with Olia Lialina, @ccl , and Annet Dekker as moderator—curated by @l03s as part of the festival theme: Speculative Interfaces. I'll talk about mapping Youtube recommendations, and the possibility of perhaps, maybe, chilling out within algorithmic traps. 🕸️

📰 just got my first delivery of The Syllabus, a pick-and-choose PDF newsletter with links to academic papers, articles, podcasts, etc... founded by Evgeny Morozov. Pretty top-notch selection!

I ended up following the advice in this blog post (in french)

Basically going through Pandoc to convert the markdown to Reveal.js HTML. This adds a few bonuses like citations and fenced divs. You can pass the location of a central Reveal install as arg to Pandoc.
My build command looks like this:

-t revealjs -s
-o talk.html
--bibliography /.../Zotero.bib
--csl /.../harvard-cite-them-right.csl
-V revealjs-url=/.../reveal.js ⬅️ cloned Reveal repo
-V theme=white

Si vous aussi vous trouvez que wikipedia ne s'y connait pas trop en design, avec, on organise une session "Documentons le design sur wikipedia" le 25 octobre au palais universitaire de Strasbourg. C'est par ici pour s'inscrire:

LoL at this Adobe podcast on the "UI/UX Monoculture" that of course doesn't mention the design software monoculture.


Hi does anyone here use for presentations? I guess this might be more of a general or question but: how do you set up a central Reveal install and then store your markdown presentations in various places on disk? My tests so far involved cloning the whole Reveal repo for one presentation, and that just seems silly to replicate each time.

I believe this will add up, boosts appreciated.

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