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🇨🇵📺 La vidéo de ma présentation 'Hyperland: a scam in n-dimensions' est en ligne sur le site de la conférence Mixit:

I'm working on the English write-up!

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Updated the repository for my recent work attempting to map Youtube recommendations.

:www_server: Architectures of Choice - Vol.1: Youtube

I ended up following the advice in this blog post (in french)

Basically going through Pandoc to convert the markdown to Reveal.js HTML. This adds a few bonuses like citations and fenced divs. You can pass the location of a central Reveal install as arg to Pandoc.
My build command looks like this:

-t revealjs -s
-o talk.html
--bibliography /.../Zotero.bib
--csl /.../harvard-cite-them-right.csl
-V revealjs-url=/.../reveal.js ⬅️ cloned Reveal repo
-V theme=white

Si vous aussi vous trouvez que wikipedia ne s'y connait pas trop en design, avec, on organise une session "Documentons le design sur wikipedia" le 25 octobre au palais universitaire de Strasbourg. C'est par ici pour s'inscrire:

LoL at this Adobe podcast on the "UI/UX Monoculture" that of course doesn't mention the design software monoculture.


Hi does anyone here use for presentations? I guess this might be more of a general or question but: how do you set up a central Reveal install and then store your markdown presentations in various places on disk? My tests so far involved cloning the whole Reveal repo for one presentation, and that just seems silly to replicate each time.

I believe this will add up, boosts appreciated.

The first joint publication coming out of Varia - Networks of One's Own: three takes on taking care - is available online and can be consulted here:


With: @rra @decentral1se @manetta @ccl @entreprecariat @colm Yoana Buzova & Dennis de Bel

📻 Soar and Chill 🔈 🔉 🔊
Great episode of the Phantom Power podcast with Robin James.

Pour le premier « Bio is the new Black », @eliserigot rencontre @davidbenque
entre algorithmes prédictifs, manipulation cellulaires ré-imaginant Creative Commons et datavisualisation qui tourne au graph-porn.
À 11h @radiofmr et podcast

✏️📐 Fournitures de Rentrée 📑🎨
Preparing some Amazon web scraping examples for next week's workshop at ENSCI Paris.


Margate-based Open School East launches an open call:

"We are seeking applications from emerging artists, makers, producers, researchers and writers to join the seventh year of Open School East’s independent, self-directed and outward-facing development programme.

At Open School East, we are committed to improving the diversity of our organisation as a whole and building inclusive cultures every day. Therefore we encourage and welcome applicants from all backgrounds, generations and sections of the community, both with and without formal training.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 1 October 2019, 12pm

Open evening: Wednesday 18 September 2019, 6-7.30pm"

"Financial Music" a review of the "Spotify Teardown" book by Robin James, starting with this great quote.


duh made another repo set to private on Gitlab, published through Netlify with cross-origin allowed, and serving fonts from there.

@andybroomfield @KnowPresent

How should I serve proprietary webfonts for a static website published with Netlify via Gitlab? I'm pretty sure committing them to a public repo would breach the license...
(please don't advise to not use the font 🙃)

This time next week I'll be starting a workshop at ENSCI in Paris . We'll attempt to map recommendation systems + think about the role of instruments in this mapping.

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