Wondering if this is a good interface for uploading data to a music making bot for stage performances 🤣

This is tonight! Heizhaus, Wedding in Berlin, starting from 6pm with performances and concerts. 2022.y-e-s.org

Hurra! The p2panda.org website is online after one year of fun hacking on the first version of the protocol! 🐼 🐼🐼

This (free) music / performance festival is happening this weekend in Berlin with some interesting workshops you can sign up for: 2022.y-e-s.org

"Il collettivo antimilitarista C.A.S.C.A.T.A. will lead Tour Operator, an experimental, co-participatory workshop to discover the Mediterranean island Sardinia, 1897 kilometers of beautiful cost, 35000 acres of military zones."

Also, I'll be playing on Saturday!

Okay, I've learned some new things in the last days about alternatives to GitHub:

* There is the app GitNex where you can just switch between your accounts hosted on different servers! With this feature one does not need federation for Gitea (yet) to follow the activities of all these instances
* With Woodpecker you can host a nice looking CI yourself, on Codeberg its already offered as a integrated service for some accounts
* Aaaand Codeberg also supports hosting static pages with custom domains

Anti University 2022 registration is online! Anyone can organise an Antiuni event in any format, anywhere! festival.antiuniversity.org/

I've been running a node on my smartphone and laptop and the memory footprint is 7mb o_O

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HOFFNUNG 3000 running for 100 days in the Zukunftsdorf at documenta fifteen 🤩

Tomorrow we celebrate Lauries release on our label Hyperdelia at KM28 in Berlin. Come if you are in town!

🥞 Listen here: laurietompkins.bandcamp.com/al

🥞 Come here: km28.de/

This is so cool: A global computer network where nodes are available when there is sun 🌥️⛅🌤️computingwithinlimits.org/2022

This is definitely something for and and and co, as they automatically start syncing up after sun arrives and the computer boots up.

Let's start a solar node alliance!

Is there a for mushrooms?

I like that I can add pictures of my plants right next to a large database of everone elses (verified) pictures. Would be great to have something like this for mushrooms.

My favorite app is "Pilze 123" which has a really large database, but it is not possible to extend it with own pictures / share them with others.

This was our first concert with Stellan Veloce's Complesso Spettro in KM28, Berlin!


Stellans record "Complesso Spettro" comes out soon on our label Hyperdelia:

It's an abstract collage of multiple band recordings with a whole bunch of different people, really happy it's soon out there ❤️

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