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We are a collective body of feminists who critically explore and develop everyday skills and information technologies in the context of free speech, free software and open hardware. We chew on the roots of control and domination, disrupt patriarchal societies and imagine better alternatives.

Eclectic Tech Carnival (/etc) is a gathering that happens whenever and wherever someone feels a need to organize it and finds the resources and collaborators to do so.

irc meeting this evening to discuss preparations for the Eclectic Tech Carnival, which will be happening this year in September in Athens.
I think irc meetins are my favorite kind of meetings.

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If you are in Vienna you might be interested in joining the first meeting of a new #FDroid user-group tomorrow 18:30 at @metalab

All details on:

Since I'm just going through it again now, this is the link for @natacha that @spideralex posted some time ago: en.gendersec.train.tacticaltec
We are preparing a series of workshops at using these modules. @spideralex , would our German translations be useful for you?

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Und weil in Wien nicht nur zu Ostern geheggt wird:

Nach dem großen Anklang beim ersten feministischen Linux Meetup gehts näxten Freitag gleich mit 0x02 weiter: es werden diverse Linux Distros vorgestellt, ausprobiert, angepasst, etc.


#technofeminismus #linux #wien

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Next Date: Presentation: How Blockchains really work + X–Givecoin release! by @servus & @STWST -> Dienstag, 26.2.2019, 19.00 Uhr im servus Clubraum

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