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Falls es irgendwer nicht mitgekriegt hat: Als Reaktion auf Wien schlägt Österreich vor, dass die Verschlüsselung von Signal und WhatsApp staatlich geknackt wird.

Effekt: alle werden überwacht und Islamisten benutzen weiter Telegram.

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it's #BandcampFriday today. :bandcamp:

feel free to support your favourite musicians and independent labels with what you can afford, because they will get all proceeds (BC waives their usual 10%/15% cut).

find my stuff at

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Ich befürchte, das nächste #überwachungspaket wird nicht lange auf sich warten lassen.
#wien #atPol

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Try to remember that some people have a more complicated relationship with pronouns than you do.

Encouraging people in give pronouns in their bio is nice, but try not to be so heavy handed. It's rude to insist.

Instead, consider normalising the use of they/them for anyone who doesn't explicitly state their pronouns.


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New zine is ready! ~~troubleshooting openVPN~~
you can download the pdf, or support the vpn series project by buying a physical copy.

#zine #software #privacy

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To all the anarchists who have recently arrived. In case anyone wasn't sure, the stuff you post on the fediverse is not private, it is available to all to see, the state included. That means the nodes where activists congregate are also patrolled. This is not a place where you should organize actions. Use other, encrypted tools for that.
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: Bureaucracksy

Between 7 and 12 December 2020, organises the Bureaucracksy in Brussels.

This work-session investigates the governance of techno-social systems through the prism of . The execution of rules is an essential element of computation, of digital infrastructures, and of the societies that they operate with.

The work-session invites and to share imaginations of counter-accountancies and -accountabilities, of how to engage with paperwork, systemics and logistics.

More more more (ask me or)

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our sound mapping site Sounding Linz - Klangwolke 2020 is growing fast. feel free to check it out -

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As several people asked -- yes, Delta Chat works in Belarusia even if Signal, Whatsapp etc. suffer blockings. Several people in the DC community are looking into helping things. If you want to help get in touch, and/or maybe contribute to

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RT @spideralex
Guía de autodefensa digital contra la violencia machista online, buen articulo de @montsehid repasando el trabajo de nuestra colectiva donestech:

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What's a word like "heteronormative" but for outdated binary gender roles instead of heterosexuality?

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PSA: If you are using Nextcloud Deck, you should *not* update to the just published version 1.9.1 but wait for the next release 1.9.2.

v1.9.1 will break things:

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If you're wondering if a tiny group of people can put together an enormous festival in just 3 months, the answer is *technically* yes, but we are still taking today as an extra needed day of rest.
While we enjoy sitting on our local parks, you may enjoy our still-running exhibition:

Or share some love with our artists:

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#Element (formerly #RiotIM) is now published on F-Droid:

This is a new app replacing both and RiotX, it's based on the RiotX codebase.

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has launched! We're starting with a supercollider workshop!

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About ethics on funding, would you be open to get funds and become a fellow at Bill&Melinda Gates, Chan Zuckerberg or any similar foundation?
How could you justify getting support from groups associated to tons of unethical practices?
(No, I didn't get any found from them, pure curiosity mainly when see open source and open science projects announcing the grants/supports...)

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I'm a "tech guy" on a lot of teams. My major skill is confidence. If I don't know how to do something, I'll type whatever keywords I can think of into DuckDuckGo and keep trying things until they work. I usually have no idea what I'm doing before starting on a new task. I like doing things I haven't done before.

If you can search the web and can be comfortable with some ambiguity, you could do this too.

A lot of women have been told this approach is insufficient. That was a lie to oppress you.

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The future is federated: We've joined Mastodon! Follow us to hear out more from the festival!

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Can anyone point me towards research on 'ritual' and 'online spaces'? How can 'ritual', usually tied with spectacle, performance, and physical presence in a group, be facilitated through online space/s, where bodies are not physically in the same space?

Any ideas, thoughts, pointers to essays or books greatly appreciated!

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