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Wir laden ein zum Sommerfest!
Am 9.7.2022 gibt es wieder Grund unsere Willa Frida zu besuchen und gemeinsam mit uns zu feiern.

Auf dem Programm ist musikalische Unterhaltung von Isopods, Laut Fragen, Face the Owl, Gizem Kus, Das Wrack und eine fantastische Nightline.

Aber natürlich gibts auch Spiel und Spass mit einem Bällebad, einer Lotterie, einer Ausstellung, Kostnixladenmodenschau, und, und, und,...

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I'm sure I used to find travel fun and not stressful.

Now I'm thinking we made the right decision to travel from Austria through Italy to take a ferry to Barcelona.
I'm just completely fed up with France at this point.

Apparently it only went into effect last Friday. We still have time, so I hope there might be more clarity before we start our homeward journey.

Why does the French train network seem to be so hostile to international travellers?
Since it was impossible to get reservations for the high-speed trains, we just planned a route on regional trains and booked a hotel for one night along the way.

And then I discovered that since 1 July, Interrail tickets are no longer accepted on French regional trains.

This is getting really frustrating.

I've spent hours trying to figure out how to get to @calafou for THF in August, and now my brain is mush. Isn't there an easier way to do this?

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Willy*Fred is a co-living house project in the center of Linz and a member of the HabiTAT syndicate based on the model of the Mietshäuser-Syndikat in Germany. The self-understanding of the project is based on four pillars: Inclusion, self-management, solidarity and the idea of user-ownership & capital neutralization.

We are interested in contact with other co-living projects, self-organised collectives and communities of solidarity for exchange and mutual encouragement.


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Neurodiversity, ADHD, children 

Can anyone recommend children's books (in English) about neurodiversity in general or ADHD in particular?

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Thank you all for AMRO 22!

It was an amazing time full of intensive radical openness, shared knowledge, fun, and experiments.

See you all in 2 years !

@fileneed @celesteh @ephemeral @ccl @alcstrt @luka @drkmbnt

Another participant has joined the party here. Welcome @aliceyuanzhang !

Now that our internet connection has been restored, @celesteh I have been catching up with your live-blogging from the festival. It's impressive, thank you! Do you plan to share that with the documentation team?

That boost was for @fileneed who couldn't find @mrvi in the room this morning at , because he is differently in the room.

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But study (as per Moten and Harney) can be studying-with. So how do we study-with friction, dis/ease?. How do we study-with-dis? How do we learn to study-with-the bugs, to study-as-bugs. If the spaces we "collaborate" in or "collectivise" in have other presences (they do) how do they play out with us? [5/?]

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I will be performing with a tuba-UI live coding language this Friday at 23:00CET in Linz, Austria at Stadtwerkstadt, in the programme.

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My son wrote a short bio for me and took a picture of me while we were in Michigan together last week. Now I feel a bit silly about it, but it's up so I can be identified at , and I didn't have to do anything at all.

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