Print the attached pdf document, sign it, scan it - didn't someone recently mention a more efficient way of doing that?
Or at least a need for a more efficient way?

@celesteh I just realized that I'm reading the same discussion about universities in English and German, and you are not actually talking to one another, even though it sounds like you are.

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Vienna people: Where the fuck do I find donation-based or free Drum'n'Bass raves in this city?

Bonus points if they're straight-up illegal!

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25th January, 2-7 pm, next workshop in "How your shitty portfolio si killing the environment"! Antonio Zingaro, who took part at Research Lab 2019, will guide the participants into making more sustainable websites.

More info:

Register at: teilnahme[at]servus[dot]at !

As a self-employed translator I was perpetually in search of quotations in the original language or from authorized translations. No university or other academic access was incredibly frustrating. But for me, the Marxist Internet Archive was the most valuable resource on the Internet:

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PSA: If you're doing research but don't have access to a university library, you should definitely *not* use a website to pirate a large amount of journal articles. That would be illegal and wrong. I post this link so you can bear witness to this unlawful activity.

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Gerade ist der neue Mailserver angekommen, der bald die Mails unserer Mitglieder noch schneller ans Ziel schicken wird.

I miss snow. Snow is wonderful, snow is so much better than this.
Everyone warned me that winter in Calafou is really bad, but since I am accustomed to Austrian winters, I wasn't too worried.
I'm ready to capitulate now and admit that it really is that bad. It is seriously awful. I'm trying to find words to describe what makes it so bad, hoping I can find better ways to cope then, but right now I'm just going to spend the rest of the day wrapped in a blanket in front of my wood-burning stove and acknowledge that I'm miserable.

But at least the people here make it worth the effort.

@hellocatfood I thought we were already following each other. Was that just on Twitter?

@deriver I'm intrigued by the pictures you post. You might also like to follow @soberaniamicologica for their pictures.

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A Future with No Future: Depression, the Left, and the Politics of Mental Health
Mikkel Krause Frantzen

"Maybe a good place to start, then, with regards to the politics of depression, is to collectivize suffering, externalize blame, communize care. At this point, the question of responsibility returns in all its force. The neoliberal responsibilization of the depressed subject must be rejected, and, also, replaced by an idea of collective responsibility."

Adapted from Mikkel Krause Frantzen's book "Going Nowhere, Slow", "A Future with No Future: Depression, the Left, and the Politics of Mental Health" stresses the urgency of repoliticizing mental health within a neoliberal capitalist context that seeks to individualize, pathologize and cultivate guilt, thus obscuring systemic readings of depression.

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Fresh librehosting initiative looking for server :loading: 

Question: What do you think of, when you think of a 60-year-old woman?

Explanation: Following a popular request from the community, I was baking again this afternoon, but I found myself reflecting on how I may have acquired a new identity here, which I'm not quite sure what to do with.
In Linz people knew me from bars, concerts, events and actions by the independent art scene. But here I seem to have become a gray-haired old woman who wears her hair pinned up in an old-fashioned braid (because I still don't want to cut it short), stays inside with her cats (when the community is not working outside somewhere together), and bakes cookies.
Recently I have started noticing how many people tell me about their mothers, and it is starting to feel a bit creepy. I know there are people (including my sons, in fact), who have a positive relationship with their mothers, but I didn't, and I don't want to be associated with anyone's mother.
I'm 61 and I actually like being over 60, but I'm not sure what to do with other people's very different perceptions.

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#Feminist #Servers Review

13/12/19, 17:30 UTC+2
28 Keramikou, Athens

Σας προσκαλούμε σε μία συνάντηση/συζήτηση για φεμινιστικούς διακομιστές. Θα μιλήσουμε για ιδέες, έννοιες και παραδείγματα αυτόνομων τοπικών διακομιστών (servers) που υποστηρίζουν φεμινιστικές πρωτοβουλίες (...)

We invite you to a gathering/discussion about feminist servers. We will introduce concepts and examples of autonomous local servers that support feminist initiatives (...)

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Instead of trying to figure out which messenger provides the best “security” features by certain technical standards, think about precisely the kind of security you need.

When @luka recently asked about strategies for coping with grief and @celesteh and I started a brief exchange about blogs, I was only thinking about past blogging.
Until I started writing another blog post a few days ago, I wasn't even conscious of how far I had retreated into my memories and the oppressiveness of November.
But I am all the more grateful to be living in the wonderful community of @calafou now.

Reading "Digital Privacy at the US Border" from EFF is raising some concerns. Does anyone know what the current situation is?

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If you have a .org domain name: go renew it now. For the full 10 years.

Registration rights for .org were just bought by a private equity firm. And as part of that contract, the price caps were removed.

Anything in .org will get much more expensive, soon.

A ten year renewal will cost you a bit over a hundred bucks. Which is probably less than one year will cost you in the very near future.

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