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╚═╝ restorative justice). One could then ask, if such a speculative self-conscious hardware/software system were created, at what point could one talk of personhood? coin the term “AI crime”. Cp. ↩ 2. Cp. ↩”

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Re-Centralization of AI focusing on Social Justice
by Adnan Hadzi, Denis Roio

#ann #feed #AMRO #servus

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Nextcloud incorporates many features that the human rights communities prioritize and it's the cloud platform of choice for OpenArchive!

@open_archive helps individuals around the world securely store and share critical evidence they’ve captured.

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Enough is Enough: **Berlin: Self-Organisation against the virus of control – Why we can’t stop the struggle during COVID time**

"A submission that we received from Berlin. Some may find it controversial, because of the virus and because it is likely that the state will answer with rep…"

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Además de avalarnos mancomunadamente tambien aceptamos donaciones puntuales.

Si quieres colaborar con nosotras puedes escribirnos a

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Con motivo del final de la adquisición del terreno lanzamos campaña de recogida de avales mancomunados.


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Great news, everyone! The website is now live and taking donations for the Refugee Trans Initiative!

This is the only community organisation for transgender refugees run by trans people, often themselves refugees.

Please help support this extraordinary mutual aid fund.

Please boost! Please give!

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"A feminist perspective on data science: The Feminist Search Tool (text by @anglk)

This essay is a reflection on the development of a feminist search tool and my involvement in its technical and conceptual aspects. It refers to the notion of feminist critical computing in public infrastructures and specifically digital libraries. It brings to light the frictions between the technical aspects of a digital infrastructure and the societal issues it comes to address. This essay studies one1 of the prototypes of the Feminist Search Tool (FST), a collective artistic project that explores ways of engaging with items of digital library catalogues and systems of categorization2. The specific FST I worked on is a digital visualization tool that engages with the collection of the International Homo/Lesbian Information center and Archive (IHLIA) using terms from their Homosaurus, a standalone international LGBTQ linked data vocabulary that is used to describe their collection3. This essay highlights the tensions between technical restrictions and research questions within the working group of the FST."

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Really great podcast on how N.K. gives a workshop on world building, whilst constructing a world in the show itself. She also pointed out some stories I didn't know. ⛰️

The Ezra Klein Show: I build a world with fantasy master N.K. Jemisin


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Welcome to the web feed of A Nourishing Network, a publishing experiment starting from the feed as a potentially multi-directional circulation device.

Especially in this moment of reduced mobility and physical encounters, we are excited to launch this playful publishing experiment, which will circulate within a community that usually gathers in small-sized events and festivals.


Read more and subscribe to the web feeds or postal feed here:

#ann #AMRO #servus

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So this is the final issue of the VPN-zine project. It goes over a raspberry-pi installation of openVPN, local network settings of a home router required to access such as tunnel from the outside, plus how to use it for remote backups (when you are abroad or working remotely). Hope you will find it useful!
As always you can download it from:
Or if you are keen to support the project you can order one from:
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Assembly of different contributions from the galaxy of Hacker Feminisms all around the world. The glue is the meeting /etc, Eclectich Tech Carnival, running from the 2002. We have contributions from some self managed servers, like and, fanzines, books, radio programs, codes, games, ...

Συγκέντρωση διαφόρων συνεισφορών από τον γαλαξία των Hacker Feminism σε όλο τον κόσμο. Η κόλλα είναι η συνάντηση / κ.λπ., Eclectich Tech Carnival, η οποία ξεκινά από το έτος 2002. Έχουμε συνεισφορές από ορισμένους αυτοδιαχειριζόμενους διακομιστές, όπως και, fanzines, βιβλία, ραδιοφωνικά προγράμματα, κωδικοί, παιχνίδια, ...

Riunione di diversi contributi dalla galassia dei femminismi hacker di tutto il mondo...

Assemblage van verschillende bijdragen van de melkweg van Hacker Feminisms over de hele wereld...

Assembléia de diferentes contribuições da galáxia de Hackers Feministas em todo o mundo...

Conjunto de diferentes contribuciones de la galaxia de Feministas Hacker de todo el mundo....

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Falls es irgendwer nicht mitgekriegt hat: Als Reaktion auf Wien schlägt Österreich vor, dass die Verschlüsselung von Signal und WhatsApp staatlich geknackt wird.

Effekt: alle werden überwacht und Islamisten benutzen weiter Telegram.

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it's #BandcampFriday today. :bandcamp:

feel free to support your favourite musicians and independent labels with what you can afford, because they will get all proceeds (BC waives their usual 10%/15% cut).

find my stuff at

... and boost!


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Ich befürchte, das nächste #überwachungspaket wird nicht lange auf sich warten lassen.
#wien #atPol

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Try to remember that some people have a more complicated relationship with pronouns than you do.

Encouraging people in give pronouns in their bio is nice, but try not to be so heavy handed. It's rude to insist.

Instead, consider normalising the use of they/them for anyone who doesn't explicitly state their pronouns.


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New zine is ready! ~~troubleshooting openVPN~~
you can download the pdf, or support the vpn series project by buying a physical copy.

#zine #software #privacy

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To all the anarchists who have recently arrived. In case anyone wasn't sure, the stuff you post on the fediverse is not private, it is available to all to see, the state included. That means the nodes where activists congregate are also patrolled. This is not a place where you should organize actions. Use other, encrypted tools for that.
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: Bureaucracksy

Between 7 and 12 December 2020, organises the Bureaucracksy in Brussels.

This work-session investigates the governance of techno-social systems through the prism of . The execution of rules is an essential element of computation, of digital infrastructures, and of the societies that they operate with.

The work-session invites and to share imaginations of counter-accountancies and -accountabilities, of how to engage with paperwork, systemics and logistics.

More more more (ask me or)

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