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You can get ROCKPOOL exclusively thus far as part of this charity bundle put together by @nidorina - it's for a small young people's clothing/supplies charity in Cape Cod:

There's also lots of super cool other things in there! And it's ther first time any of my RPG work has been actually for sale for actual money so I really hope people like it and find it worthwhile :)

#TTRPG #creativetoots

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"There was a time when academia was society's refuge for the eccentric, brilliant , and impractical. No longer. It is now the domain of professional self-marketers. As for the eccentric, brilliant, and impractical: it would seem society now has no place for them at all."

– David Graeber, 2016

My Orson orsn.io project has been on hold for quite a while now, as I have deadlines to hit with my writing work. However, in spare moments I have been slowly adding some updates to get it to a releasable state.

I have been adding settings pages for plugins, so that for example with the maps functionality, the user's own API key for the ARCgis geosearch can be entered.

I've also added drag and drop for adding cards to contexts. Cards can now be dragged directly onto specific locations in a map. I will look at doing the same for timelines. This improves usability quite a bit.

Once these features are finished I will have a soft release of the source code.

codeberg.org/ caught my eye as a possible GiHub alternative, has anyone used it?

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Broke a month-long drought watching Limbo on Kanopy. Lots of free #movies there, Wellington. Use your library card. Fish Tank is 1 of my fave Fassbender roles, Pig best Cage thing in years, Another Round, Lamb, Pan's Labyrinth, About Endlessness, many Farhadi films including About Elly, You Were Never Really Here, 4 x Kiyoshi Kurosawa movies including the very peculiar & funny Before We Vanish... and then there's all the old stuff which no mainstreamers pick up.


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woohoo, we have a release 🥳

master_me is a mastering plugin for live streaming, podcasts and internet radio stations.

free & open source :rainbow_heart:


I have been developing this for the last 6 months and with the help of many contributors, it's finally ready. Can't believe how much I learned...

Thanks to @falktx @magnetophon @x42 @jkbd the faust community

#faust #dpf #audio #plugin #foss #stream #podcast #radio #mastering #prototypefund

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Adding a bit more context for people that may get their hopes up like I did 😅 :

This map of a “Euro Night Sprinter” rail network looks amazing, but it is not real — at least not yet.
It is a proposal by the German Greens, who want a Europe-wide network of sleeper trains.

Source : https://bigthink.com/strange-maps/exotic-and-sustainable-night-trains-are-coming-back-to-europe/

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Six Finnish environmental activists on their way to the Take Concrete Action protest in Gotland were detained in Stockholm harbor.

They were deported and punished with a two year entry ban. The reason? Planning to protest with no intentions to break any laws.

#Sweden's police is going down a dangerous path with their intimidation tactics. Getting detained and deported for the thought crime of planning to attend a peaceful protest is a human rights violation.


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📢 JOBS ALERT! At #Fairphone, we’re working hard to raise the bar for human rights & sustainability in our products, and motivating the industry to do the same. We're looking for more like-minded colleagues to join us! 💥
Apply... or spread the word! ➡️ https://bit.ly/3AGPdnl

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Two climate communication lessons I'm trying to learn.

1) Open with a positive future worth fighting for and then bring the facts. Storming in with the depressing reality makes people freeze up. See: mental contrasting + implementation intentions.


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Why would we continue to do science if its results do not make us shape society more consciously?

*1912*, that is 110 years ago.

What is going wrong here, and what will we do about it?

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This absolutely fascinating. A "lost" and possibly accidental method of making a solar panel 40 years earlier than previously believed and significantly more sustainable to build as well as totally recyclable.

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My copy of the Pretty Good House book finally got here after I’d pre-ordered it, and I’m excited to read it! They’re very pragmatic about creating energy efficient, low-carbon houses that will last, using things like heat pumps and thick cellulose insulation. They also have a site up covering their ideas at https://prettygoodhouse.org

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#TIL about "perverse incentives", those which have "an unintended and undesirable result that is contrary to the intentions of its designers."

Reminded me of a conversation with a student: one of the reasons she left the fashion industry included the case of recycled polyester fabric. In order to meet the increasing demand, fast fashion brands order the making of empty plastic bottles that they can then recycle into fabric...


#anthropocene #ecologicalredirection

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RT @henrymance@twitter.com

a lot of people get that eating less meat is good for the climate. but many don't realise *how good*

for 50g of protein (recommended daily amount), here are average greenhouse gas emissions
- beef: 25 kg
- cheese: 4 kg
- chicken: 2 kg
- peas: **0.2 kg**

the difference is huge!

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/henrymance/status/1549690835020783617

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I've installed a tiny #solar power station ("balcony power plant") under German regulations with minimal (or so I tried) cost and effort. Paid 713EUR for max. 600W, but mostly just offsetting some 150W of idling power draw from the house. #AMA if you want.

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MIT press is relaunching the Software Studies book series and I am very excited to work together with other fabolous co-editors Wendy Chun, Jichen Zhu and @nwf.
Check out the press release: mitpress.mit.edu/blog/mit-pres and our thoughts on the new series: computationalculture.net/softw.
Feel free to starting sending proposals our way.

Check out the new manifesto here too: gitlab.com/siusoon/refresh/

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I'm starting a small call for entries for a yet-to-exist 'zine on tech for resting, being lazy, letting be, and having a break. Share wide and far.


For the first Fallow Zine, la Jachère is interested in contributions about the following topics, but not limited to them.

- Lazy tech or tech for the lazies
- Tech that falls into place, fits, is just enough
- Tech for rest, pause, have a break, take a breath
- Tech for preservation, of the status quo, of energy, of a moment, of equilibrium

More on jache.re/notes/call-fallow-zin

- Deadline: 21. June 2022 (more or less… deadlines are thresholds to play with)

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