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Ayup folks. I live in Nottingham, UK, and work as a researcher at I make algorithmic and generative music and visual art. I write about this stuff on my blog aestheticcomplexity.wordpress. My music has been released on Entr'acte, FLUF, New York Haunted, SUPERPANG and Tokinogake. You can listen to some of it here:
I'm a budding anarchist (still learning) and archer (field archery, NFAS).

RIP Raymond Briggs. I grew up on his illustrated books - Father Christmas, Fungus the Bogeyman, and The Snowman. This picture is from Father Christmas Goes on Holiday.

Good archery session this morning. Not too warm. Didn't lose or break any arrows out of around 250 shots

Spectrogram of 'PCM 1' by Kevin Drumm (whole track - 42:04)

I'm getting some handmade boots (an early birthday present), and they just arrived for fitting - need to send them back with any adjustments required. These are the Dartmoor Boot, chocolate brown, with Vibram sole. Can be repaired/re-soled. Made by Green Shoes, a feminist/green women's collective established 1981. As worn by Roger Deakin, Robert Macfarlane, and Alice Roberts.

This is the set Sean talked about in response to a question on the recent 'ask me anything' stream - now shared with his approval, available to download in FLAC/MP3:

Good round of archery this morning. Shot ~250 arrows in 2 hours until my bow arm got tired and wobbly. Consistency is improving gradually.
Ferns have grown to chest height, brambles are flowering. Saw a woodpecker, found a tawny owl feather, and spotted more of that scrambled egg slime mould.

Also pleased to have spotted another slime mould - this one is Fuligo septica, also known as 'scrambled egg slime', 'flowers of tan', and 'dog vomit slime mould'.

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No rain today but still damp in the woods from yesterday. Some bits really look like rainforest

Milicevic (1996) 'The Impact of Fractals, Chaos, and Complexity Theory on Computer Music Composition'. Says some interesting things about musical communities and social organisation:

'For innovation to be considered creative, we need a viable context, an ecosystem to whose well being this innovation will contribute. Thus, rather than struggling to incorporate these new scientific findings into the structure of our electronic music, it would be better to concentrate on the environment that can understand our "masterpieces." Music needs to operate within human's reach not within any chancy hypercomplexity.'

I transcribed Sean's response to a question about Autechre's use of reverb from his recent 'ask me anything' stream on aestheticcomplexity.wordpress.

Wet morning in the woods. No other archers turned up, so had a nice solo round. Aim wasn't great but didn't lose any arrows this time.

Scanned documents of the Mary Hallock-Greenewalt Visibility Project by Amy Alexander - drawings, patents, blueprints, lectures and newspaper clippings about music & light and the colour organ she invented.

Had a great morning's archery in the woods. Lost a couple of arrows in the brambles and ferns, but really enjoyed it

'On the Capitalistic and Racist Dynamics of Sampling' by Jean‑Hugues Kabuiku & Mathys Rennela, one of a few essays on Technomaterialism

Down the archery range in the woods this morning, I saw this unusual thing that looks like fungus, which @c_reider identified as Wolf's Milk (Lycogala terrestre) slime mould. 🧡

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