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The final ROM of What Remains is out! 🎉🎊

What Remains is an 8-bit interactive fiction and adventure video game for the about environmental issues, the manipulation of public opinion, and whistleblowing.


Special Issue 10
modular publication launch at DE PLAYER in ( FTW)

Thursday 12.12.19, doors open at 20:00


Dear operators,

We would to invite you to combine, modulate, compose, and play with our 10 unique contributions to the common assembly of the modular publication INPUT-OUTPUT. Each contribution consists of one or more modules. Each of them represents our individual interests in the matter of signals, circuits, language and interfaces, while using modular synthesis as a means to explore these concepts and systems. Outputs vary between sound, image and text.

Assemble and use at your own risk.

Avital Barkai, Damlanur Bilgin, Sandra Golubjevaite, Tisa Neža Herlec, Mark van den Heuvel, Max Lehmann, Mika Motskobili, Clara Noseda, Anna Sandri, and Ioana Tomici

RDEX installed in , . tomorrow!

Had to do some hotpatching yesterday because there was a sometimes (not always) a visible grey line along the top and left edges of the . Setting the desktop background to solid black and creating a new with 0pixel black borders everywhere seems to have fixed it (here's hoping...).
Sounding DIY III Vitalist Materialism curated by @netzzz

The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles

"Critics characterize Nestlé as a “predatory” water company that targets struggling communities with sometimes exaggerated job promises while employing a variety of cheap strategies, like donating to local boy scouts, to win over small town officials who hold the keys to valuable springs.

Its spending on lobbying and campaign contributions at the federal and state levels totals in the millions annually, the revolving door between the company and government perpetually turns, and it maintains cozy relationships with federal officials from the Forest Service to Trump administration.


Nestlé Waters, which owns 51 brands including Ice Mountain, Poland Spring, and Zephyrhills, sees a much different reality. It presents itself as a responsible steward of America’s water and an eco-friendly “healthy hydration” company aiming to save the world’s freshwater supply."


"Pourquoi se mobiliser en tant que travailleur·euses de l’art ?

En attaquant les droits sociaux les plus avancés (ceux des fonctionnaires et des salarié·es du privé), cette réforme va parachever une politique libérale qui tire tout le monde vers le bas. Nous avons les mêmes intérêts que ces travailleur·euses qui, dans les différents secteurs de la société, vont se mobiliser pour défendre des droits remis en cause au nom d’une idéologie qui confond intentionnellement libéralisme économique et liberté individuelle. Pour des raisons historiques, les artistes sont hélas à l’avant-garde de l’absence de protection sociale et, au nom de leur passion ou de leur engagement, voient ainsi la plupart de leurs activités être non reconnues comme du travail. C’est pourquoi notre lutte pour faire reconnaître nos activités comme productrices de valeur économique peut être profitable à tou·tes et permettrait de combattre cette idéologie qui tente de nous faire croire que l’absence de protection sociale favorise la « liberté », la « créativité » ou « l’autonomie »."

is basically western societies ddos'ing themselves at both human and infrastructural level for fun and profit.

Thanksgiving Dinner on the L Train! Putting aside the sketchiness of eating anything inside the subway, this is awesome.

@neauoire I just read 'History and Future of FLOSS' by @audrey and the non-discriminatory nature of FLOSS is most certainly part of it:

@320x200 and I also have a forthcoming text that goes into this, specifically in relation to fedi

Ah..., the official website for handling administrative tasks in France (like ID card renewal, housing subventions, etc) is making use of 's ...

Me, looking at this figure in the book I am reading: "Oh, I guess they left the USA out of the study"
Also me: *looks again* "Oohhhh"

Article intéressant sur la lutte des étudiant.e.s de l'Ensci,n6522757.php

Partagé quant à sa conclusion. Je pense que l'état a une vision très claire du design comme devant être au service des besoins de l'industrie, devant être rentable, d'où la nomination de profils gestionnaires à la tête des écoles.

De fait, dans la situation actuelle, le design ne peut se faire que contre l'état. Mais pour ça il faut renouer avec une approche conflictuelle.

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