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Hello everyone, the IODINE DYNAMICS site it up! 🎉

release and launch party with duo Men of Mega is the 27/09 at V2_ in .

The list for reserving a or cartridge is also now open! We will only produce 80.

More information:

Reading on core memory. What a fascinating way of storing bits, by weaving wire through rings.
Here are some interesting links on the topic:
*The Charming Genius of the Apollo Guidance Computer - Brian Troutwine
* Examining the core memory module inside a vintage IBM 1401 mainframe
* Arduino core memory shield

Watching 90s music videos in a cinema in . Everything is OK.

"Alexa, *cough* I'm hungry *sniffle*"

(in Žižek voice)

Tomorrow at Varia! Casio's! Show more

Can contemporary art cater to the needs of the everyday man?

I'm in this week, invited by ODD for a lecture and group therapy :)

We'll talk about , , , , , , , , , , , , and artist-run things.

Any fedi users/lurkers around? Let's meet!

Belgian users, tomorrow I'll be in Hasselt to talk about, entrepreneurial populism and creative self-destruction. Come by!

The new IPCC meta-report about a 1.5°C global warming is out [1].

If you are unfamiliar with this kind of reports, they materialize the scientific consensus regarding climate change.

Very very short summary about the new figures (expect more details as I read along the report).

If we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050, CO2 emissions needs to decreased by about 45% by 2030 before reaching 0 by 2050 (very unlikely if you ask me) though carbon capture.

As a remainder, we can expect >3°C warming if we keep following the current pathway. As a matter of scale, the median temperature difference between the ice age and our pre-industrial period is also about 3°C.

Just read the abstract and headline statement so far, you can expect a more detailed review shortly ;)


Sick and tired of relying on using Google Translate/DeepL/SYSTRAN/$$$Corp for language translation? It's time to build the free software alternative! Read my brain dump on if that sounds interesting. Help Needed! :anarchistflagblack: :yayblob: :anarchistflagblack:

Hey everyone, I'm rebooting ye olde .

I'll use it from time to time to post some updates about projects and works I'm busy with. If you want to receive such lovely emails, please join the bleu255 list!

the mastodon list system isn't too bad, but I think it would be nicer if the user-facing part of it would be just a tag system, like, you tag users with a few tags and then can select which tags to display.

Dans la peau d’un forçat d'Amazon. Un libé suit un pseudo CDI sous-sous-sous-traitant dans sa journée de livraison.

News flash: Debian is packaging Fork Awesome and is migrating some other packages that currently use Font Awesome over to Fork Awesome as a fully-free replacement. Hopefully those patches go upstream; congrats to @xuv and the rest of the squad for tackling a high-profile source-code "takeback" and producing a usable free-software replacement.

Spain court confirms jail sentence for former IMF chief Rato

All possibilities of appeal are exhausted, one of the most high-profile bankers of Spain needs to go to jail now. This makes Spain only the second country (after Iceland) where any prominent banker were sent to jail following the 2008 financial crisis. What this article fails to mention, like all others I found, is that the trial and conviction was due to an unprecedented citzien's campaign (led by people such as Simona
Levi), which raised funds, hired lawyers and organized leaks to gather evidence. More on this aspect in an (older) article in The Nation.

via felix stalder:

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