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New essay: Seven theses on the Fediverse and the becoming of FLOSS

Recently, @rra and I have been working on an essay highlighting questions about the and how these are getting entangled with practices. From software production to structure and governance within alternative social media, online communities and politics.

The text follows a multi theses model, to map the different things we've been looking at and publish the current state of our research.

It is the closing chapter of a new publication from INC/Transmediale (

PDF of the text:

Feedback welcome. We're planning to publish an online version with more references!

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The final ROM of What Remains is out! 🎉🎊

What Remains is an 8-bit interactive fiction and adventure video game for the about environmental issues, the manipulation of public opinion, and whistleblowing.

Today, me and @ccl will be giving a talk about Varia and the building of collective infrastructures as part of the event "De-platform-ization, Ethics and Alternative Social Media":

The event starts at 18:00 CET.

Furthermore, @liaizon will also be giving an introduction to the fediverse!

Hier je découvrais le concept de "redirection écologique" forgé par le laboratoire Origens Media Lab basé à Clermont-Ferrand. Une proposition très intéressante pour dépasser les faiblesses des modèles #RSE dans le cadre d'organisations basées sur l'extractivisme. #écologie #anthropocene

>1. octamed
>2. into mcv24
>3. into stuff
>4. ????
>5. PROFIT!!!

Current roadmap

For a workshop, a based is looking for someone from Belgium/the Netherlands/France to give a workshop in , especially focussed on the editing part. Some animation is welcome too.
This person should give the workshop in Dutch or English. The framework is F/Loss in education, in the edit studio context.

This is a (modestly - education!) paid job, in January 2021, for one afternoon.
Please & thanks!

Send me a DM if you are interested

(mentioning or simply because I already know about these two, curious if there is anything else that could fit the job)

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What's a good that has *out* support (including sysex if possible) that's closed source or not, that can run on Linux/BSD or on an Atari or Amiga, and that is not or ?

I'm looking to commision a UI designer to help design the 250x122 bitmap interface for my e-ink public transit timer. Send me your rate sheet and let's talk!


You can also look at and there is a lot of stuff over at birdsite. Also for anyone who has reservations please read Nils Melzer interview in the exberliner I am worried but not so surprised at the lack of mainstream media attention of #Assange, but I did expect more from Mastodon.

If, like me, you have been unable to follow in real-time the hearings currently taking place, then visit Craig Murray's blog to catch up and read his thorough and detailed daily summaries. These are not short pieces, but fairly long and complete reports about what is being discussed, presented, and challenged during the sessions, going in details of the anomalies and tactics used by the prosecution.

Currently no mainstream media, even those who present themselves as independent, are covering the hearings in any serious fashion, if at all.

Regardless of what you think of Assange and it is important that what is being discussed there can circulate as much as possible. Many things are being debunked, and overall, the outcome of the hearings for potential US extradition will have dramatic chilling effects on future efforts to publish such documents.

Starting August 2020 I decided to cut the amount of my hobbies a bit and refocus to just some of them. It's because when you do too many things at once, you don't do any of them properly. As I always considered ZX Spectrum, the activities and people around it to be the centre of my life, I started with that. So right now the czech ZX Spectrum scene has again a diskmag after almost twenty years ( - czech only). Then I patched the Prometheus assembler to work on BSDOS but without the DMA (it's already released on demodisk with the Speccy 2010 clone firmware v1.2.8 - I also managed to get the last Spectrum I didn't have yet - the +3. Several more things are in progress...

>new academic year will be a mix of onsite and online education tailored to everyone's needs

me and my colleagues be like:

Today and tomorrow, some freshly graduated students will present at the wild state in as part of an programme created and hosted by the Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung.

The presentations are streamed online:

@pedrosaclout Tactical is an online republishing platform that exists in both the clear and dark web, exploring topics such as anonymity, paywalls, archives and provenance through digital watermarks.

@estragon Syster Papyri Magicae is a web-based project that unfolds the phenomenon of exclusions in male-dominated tech environments, aiming to discuss and activate feminist practices that respond to this issue.

@r1ta Networks of Care offers a collection of user guidelines for you to browse, dissect and analyse. Delve into the conversations with different members and find useful templates, resources, and experiments. Let’s explore the networks of care generated together.

Full scheduled at

If you can't attend but want to check out the projects, visit

Dear US-based people, my book is now available oversea. You can find it at, among others, Artbook, Printed Matter and also, ahem, Ama*on.


more info --as well as the pdf of the full book- here:

future: junkers and librists 

in the future there are two major camps of techno-radicals: junkers, and librists.

librists -- actually, libre-ists -- believe in ethical works from the ground up. they operate far-flung rare earth repositories and small-scale manufacturies which produce artisinal computers. wood finish, decent transistor count, moddable, open source. in many ways: the dream of open hardware.

junkers take what exists. the logistics of producing electronics are slow at best and critically unreliable the rest of the time, so junkers repair machines left by the capitalists. it's shit tech made shittier by age, but there's plenty of it so at least you never run out of spares.

"that's comcast tech," a librist says with disgust.

"zero net waste op," the junker replies dismissively.

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