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We're happy to announce that we just started to work on three new interdependent online resources: the Damaged Earth Catalog, the Permacomputing wiki, and the permacomputing workshop series!


Damaged Earth Catalog

A growing online catalog of the different terms in circulation, used by communities of practice, in relation to computing and network infrastructure informed by ecological ethics, degrowth, resilience, repair, and minimalism. Currently developed by @l03s as part of her PhD research.


Permacomputing wiki

A new wiki about permacomputing that aims to expose its principles, present and discuss the concepts and jargon required to engage with permacomputing, and maintain a repository of related projects. Currently facilitated by @viznut and @320x200 open for contributors!


Permacomputing in the Arts

A workshop series that will be developed throughout end-2022 and 2023 as an onboarding course for permacomputing practices in art an design. The workshops will be made available as an Open Educational Resource. Developed by @320x200 as part of a postdoc research on the topic.

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The torrent for the final PDF and all the source/assets files of FLOSS+Art (2008), an edited collection of texts about Free/Libre Open Source Software () and and , is once again seeded!

Big thanks to who motivated me to do so :)

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New essay: Seven theses on the Fediverse and the becoming of FLOSS

Recently, @rra and I have been working on an essay highlighting questions about the and how these are getting entangled with practices. From software production to structure and governance within alternative social media, online communities and politics.

The text follows a multi theses model, to map the different things we've been looking at and publish the current state of our research.

It is the closing chapter of a new publication from INC/Transmediale (

PDF of the text:

Feedback welcome. We're planning to publish an online version with more references!

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The final ROM of What Remains is out! 🎉🎊

What Remains is an 8-bit interactive fiction and adventure video game for the about environmental issues, the manipulation of public opinion, and whistleblowing.

Very excited to announce:

💥hydra microgrants 💥
funding for community projects involving hydra video synth

💥Apply by November 7th!! 💥

💥 organised by @hellocatfood
and @ojack , w/ guest judge Monrhea Carter

NUBO est à la recherche d'un.e reposonsable de la gestion quotidienne:

<User Sentimental eXperience- Issue4. It’s like I’m driving on an endless highway.>

Hello all, hope you had a nice summer. My skin is still a bit tanned, but now I can sense that the air is cooled down.

Today I want to present the 4th issue of User Sentimental eXperience :-)

In the new issue I wanted to question about scrolling down, which is one of the most common user mechanisms.

Today most of the contents on the digital interface are super linearly laid. I can just scroll down to see things and it seems so easy. But then I often feel I lose myself while repeating the same finger movements. I mean, I don’t have that many choices. A scrolling bar at the right side implies that I must lead myself to the down side. It doesn't really ask me what and how I wanna do though. It rather says I must do it.

I often think it's like I’m driving on an endless highway. It doesn’t have obstacles but weirdly I’m getting oblivious of things.

This way of navigation is so-called ‘intuitively’ designed, but then I'm not sure if this considers our diverse intuitions and choices enough.

I’d be glad if you let me know what you think :)

Here is the link:

Any feedback/critique is welcome. Thank you very much and have a great day.

Read & Repair , Poetry and Finance session with Sara Hamadeh and Toon Fibbe at Varia this Saturday, we'd love to host you!
READ 11:00-13:00 CEST
LUNCH 13:00 - 14:00 (free, catered lunch)
REPAIR 14:00-16:00 CEST
Date: Saturday, 24th September 2022
Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

READ by Sara Hamadeh
Starting from the concept of insolvency, referring to not only the refusal to pay the costs of economic crisis, but also as rejection of the symbolic debt embodied in the cultural and psychic normalization of daily life. The reading session will discuss and explore different processes through which today’s techno-linguistic machine shapes and operates our social body.

REPAIR by Toon Fibbe
To trade in wind, windtrade, or in dutch; windhandel - became a common way to refer to stock market trading during the first international stock market crisis in 1720.
Taking cues from the books, images and plays that dealt with the windhandel we will collectively make inflatable sculptures while thinking about the ways in which finance’s infrastructures have infiltrated intimate realms of our lives, hoping that the wind can offer us a more collective, new type of speculative imagination.

[Image: Poster. Bank notes spiral down on a black background. Read & Repair a text layer on top. & is gaseous.]

Was a great evening! I had the pleasure to ask questions to @walskaar @lidia_p @fcr and Niek. We talked about the purpose and process behind the publication, the post-digital ambivalence of engaging with so-called retro and low-tech media/tech/practices that are in fact inextricable from contemporary tech/networks, the question of resistance and escapism in such practices, the creative potential of technological constraints and only working with what you have access to, and we started to sketch a discussion around nostalgia and its problematic ties with notions of traditions, imagined communities, nationalism, etc. It was way too short but really demonstrated the value of all the interviews that @floppytotaal arranged in this book.

If you're into stuff or the (or just have a sweet spot for ) this is a really valuable resource.

Attached a few photos from the evening taken by @fcr with his... Floppy based Sony Mavica FD95

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More teasing... Actual final What Remains cartridges with actual final stickers. Courtesy of Broke Studio's secret headquarter under the volcano, where the carts are being assembled...

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This saturday I'm at v2_ in Rotterdam with the @floppytotaal team to erase/format/checkdisk/write/eject (with moderation) a discussion around the launch of their publication "Floppy Disk Fever".

Do you have a copy yet? 💾🧲

Full program listing of the two days event: (click on Floppy Disk Fever - 16 & 17.09.22)

maybe maybe maybe maybe but mostly

Upcoming :boost_requested: next weekend in Rotterdam
⌨️ 🖨️
You can still sign up.

Plaintext Protocol Partyline

During the Plaintext Protocol Partyline, we will collectively explore and experience plaintext protocols as a communication medium. We invite participants to join us in this two-day semi-structured collective learning environment.

Date: Friday 16th, Saturday 17th of September, 2022
Time: 11:00-13:00 + 14:00-16:00 on both days
Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

The project aims to be a hub for discussion, exchange, debate, research and the co-creation of events, and aims to exhibit a wide range of formats by artists and activists.

With NoisyLeaks! we hope to create a space and moment to share knowledge, practical skills and encourage freedom of information by engaging with artistic and activist practices.

#NoisyLeaks! aims to collectively expose and celebrate the historical and cultural heritage of WikiLeaks and its influence on world-wide practices.

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work-in-progress, we convinced broke studio, the indie NES/FC publisher who will produce and distribute What Remains, to become a NES/FC recycling plant for the project ♻️ :nes_fire:

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Publishing Partyline, Broadcast #1: standards and work arounds, with Open Source Publishing (OSP)

For the first radio broadcast, the Publishing Partyline meets in Brussels with Open Source Publishing (, to return to a time of disappearing CSS regions and intrepid responses. Tune in as we hear how to develop a practice based on a hack, and where dreams meet needs when it comes to working with work arounds.

Date: Wednesday, September 7th, 2022
Time: 18:00-19:00 CEST
Broadcast URL:

More information about the Publishing Partyline can be found at:

Firefox Translations

"Firefox Translations provides automated translation of web content. Unlike cloud-based alternatives, translation is done locally, on the client-side, so that the text being translated does not leave your machine."

powered by Bergamot

Le Tournant de Radio France

"[...] 4- Les antennes de Radio France font de la crise climatique un axe éditorial majeur. Il se déclinera dans nos programmes et nos tranches d’information, au quotidien et dans des spéciales. Nous maintiendrons également un volume conséquent d’émissions et de chroniques dédiées. Un accès thématique facile à ces programmes sera disponible en permanence sur le site et l’application Radio France.

5- Radio France lance le plus grand plan de formation de son histoire à destination de ses journalistes, ses producteurs et équipes de production, et ses animateurs, sur les questions climatiques et scientifiques. Nous changeons de philosophie : l’environnement et la science ne seront pas l’affaire des seuls journalistes spécialisés, ils constitueront le socle de connaissances indispensables mobilisables par toutes nos équipes éditoriales. [...]"

hi everyone,

i'm a ux designer and visual artist with a computer science background.

i create art with kid pix studio (yes, that children's painting program from 1998). you can see that on and here too, possibly, in the future.

i enjoy making simple websites and zines, learning about design and typography, cooking for people, and recently also practicing yoga.

happy to be here! :)

We’re back! We are happy to announce that on the 5th & 6th of November, Zine Camp is back for its 2022 edition at WORM Rotterdam! As always, there will be stalls, workshops, talks and more. And, of course, it is free to join!

Zine Camp is a space to connect with the self-publishing community, make friends and learn new skills and techniques. We also have open tables to collaborate and create your own zines on site.

To apply to hold a workshop or talk, email with your details, a title, description, how long your proposal needs and an image.

For stalls, send us your details, and a link with your zines, website or portfolio!

Deadline for the open call is the 25th September!

This past weekend we held the first edit-a-thon. For two days a we've been going through all the stuff already added to and discussed extensively the next steps to develop further this nascent concept and community of practice. We now have a few pads packed with stuff that we need to process and add back to the wiki, including a much better editing/copywriting guideline, plan for a better introductory text, as well as a beginning of an action plan for the group to work further together and organize a few more things in the coming months.

It's pretty cool :)

Thanks to Varia for hosting us, and of course thanks to all the participants: @cmos4040, Gizem, Katía, Lukas, @michal, Ola, @pixouls, @praxeology, @sandu, Sujata, and @viznut

Hi all, I have a few questions for the community about PeerTube strategy for online independent film distribution.

I'm part of an academic/art/film project and we are going to publish online about 5-10 short and long films in the next 3 years. Some of them will be trailers. Some of them will be films behind a password, to be viewed by a restricted audience for a while. Some of them will be freely accessible full-length films (eventually all password-protected films will be come available).

As a group, we want to publish in free/open access/open source platforms. We are already present on mastodon ( and would like to pursue a free-publish first strategy. What would you recommend? 1/2

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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