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Piet Zwart Institute
Call for Applications
Experimental Publishing Master
Deadline: May 15

coming up:


What Remains is a new darkly humorous 8-bit homebrew adventure video game for the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and developed by Iodine Dynamics. iodinedynamics.com/


an olive garden commercial written by a bot that watched 1000 hours of olive garden commercials

"One of the ways Rotterdam is encouraging gentrification is by establishing nine bakfietswijken—or cargo-bike neighborhoods." theatlantic.com/technology/arc

git log from my performance at LAC this Saturday:

Difference between the code at the start and end:

Digital audio recording with synchronized code diffs:

Video link coming as soon as LAC upload it.

The noise at the start was because I forgot to re-run make after switching branches from the soundcheck session branch to the lac ready-for-performance branch, so it started with the noisemaking code as last compiled at the end of the soundcheck. I fixed the ./start.sh script afterwards.

“After Post-truth”
2nd Interface Politics Conference

Critical approaches to creativity in the age of multi-truth. The perspective of art, design, grassroots technology, pedagogy, activism, user cultures and other collective practices.


PZI Special Issue 6
XPPL / Interfacing the Law

Workshop on distributed book catalogue and network library + discussion on shadow/extra-legal side of access to knowledge and research practices.

June 14, Leeszaal West

more info: issue.xpub.nl/06/

Just please... I don't want to fee it anymore. Both ostatus and ap are bad protocols for privacy. They don't ensure it, they just hope that the other server cooperates. Please, don't share REALLY private stuff on fedi, use matrix or xmpp or pgp, with proper encryption. This isn't a Pleroma problem or a mastodon problem, it's a problem in the protocol and that won't change in the near future.

Found a new pretty bug. Lost in CHR glitches.

Laboratório Cidadão da Baixada Santista

LABxS 2018 Open Residency Program on arts, communities and aesthetics of the commons

deadline June 17


Due to popular request during the different playtests so far, we've started to add many more object interactions.

It's quite fun to do actually :)

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How did I miss the fact that #mastodon has tons of keyboard shortcuts!? Press ⇧+?

is starting!

If you're in and want to talk about and in particular with Daniel Gultsch (developer of ), feel free to drop by!


Avis aux électeurs. Voici les 20 députés qui ont voté pour l’interdiction du glyphosate.

Alors que les députés supporters du glyphosate sont souvent cités, on parle trop peu de ceux qui ont osé dire non. Rectifions ça.


Notons quand-même, encore une fois, L'ÉNORME taux d'absentéisme. Et après ça vient faire la leçon sur le fait que voter est u' devoir. Ptain ça me rend fou !!

New special issue 6 to be launched on the 14/06 is going to be a small distributed electronic catalogue experiment making use of , , and .