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so the mic is stereo!?

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oh pipewire is also for videos .. he says

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yes! now am enjoyin the fact that supercollider on patchboxos on pi3(on pi4 wasnt good) rly does the job! did a vnc thing from an android tab to the hotspot pi itself provides and acutually get the right sound .. now getting greedy enough to expect that tidalcycles gets preinstalled someday ;)

@wendy got to tell you one more thing .. sound from pi4's default card eas horrible but the one from pi3 wasn't that bad (vol was low tho) .. this time did a vnc from an android tab via a hotspot given by pi itself ..

mmm hes running manjaro with qtile on it

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what about this one?

Patchbox OS - Raspberry Pi OS for Audio Projects

30min of AUGuntaloons:
muzik made of field recordings y python y haskell

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supercollider on pinephone(mobian) with an external keyboard seemed like gonna do a good job but the output was a weird distorted noise..not the kind the code was intended to make..could anybody manage to get the right sound?

o not por audio? pero a bit interestingo

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