Thanks to @Thib support for URIs got merged into mastodon a few days ago. This should make linking to external discussion channels and moving a conversation to a E2E encrypted chat a bit easier on the fediverse:

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@rra @Thib Oh great. That's excellent news.

Could we also add magnet:// links to download heavy weight content on decentralized p2p networks?

@xuv @rra hm, I'll consider it, but it's likely to be quite some amount of work, unfortunately (well, similar to adding XMPP URI support, but I'd prefer not to add that if I can't refactor that in a sane way)

@rra @Thib That's great but can you also add support for Matrix URLs,please?It's very confusing that the @username:domain.tld format does always parse the leading @username as a Mastodon user πŸ˜•

@nipos @rra now, if I understand what you're asking correctly, those aren't URIs and you're asking for very custom logic to be added to Mastodon

@Thib @rra You're right.I thought you added a support to parse,then my request would be quite similar.But if a username would at least need to have a space before and after it,we could prevent unintended mentioning Mastodon users when posting a Matrix address.

@nipos @rra requiring a space before and after would break things like mentioning with a coma immediately instead, which I think is quite frequent. Having a colon right after a handle might be less common, but I think it's common too.

In the end, I think those two handle formats are in the end too close to do anything meaningful with it :/

@rra @Thib @320x200 Is there integration between Mastodon and XMPP servers yet? I.e., if the server my.instance has both, can the credentials for @user@my.instance be synchronised between the Mastodon server and the XMPP server, or are they two separate and disjoint things?

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