Ever eat a fruit and feel like saying "thank you Mother Nature for this absolute banger I really felt you on this one"

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@pixouls fucking YES literally every time I go pick something myself, like I went and picked some cherries from the trees in the apartment complex a little while ago and ate some and shared the weird ones with the ducks, I felt like a nature goddess; I was SO in tune with nature. Like thank you nature for this fucking BOUNTY, this is truly the summer of my life

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@vultureculture @pixouls πŸ™ŒπŸΌ this is the reason i say a blessings before i eat! because i feel this need to praise! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
(actually in judaism there's a specific blessing for fruits: - i don't use it, i do the general blessing... but maybe i should start to πŸ€”)

@vultureculture @pixouls also wanted to say that dates season started and it tastes like heaven.

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@nebuchi @pixouls this is wonderful and I think *you're* a blessing, Nebuchi 😌

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@vultureculture @pixouls πŸ’š you're sweet, thank you! we're all a blessing and a miracle πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

@pixouls I think if we all ate with such an attitude it would change the world.

@pixouls Well, it's usually the product of millennia of human cultivation. πŸ˜„

@pixouls cajΓΊ!

I love the texture and mixed sensations cajΓΊ (cashew) brings when you take a bite of it!

The juice is also very tasty, and can be prepared very dense or very light (watery) according to taste. Eighter way, a little (not much) sugar goes well with it.

Unfortunately, most people only get to know the nut, which is my favorite followed by ParΓ‘/Brazil nut, but its also a (pseudo)-fruit. Two in one!!
Again, amazing Mother Nature at her best.

@olamundo omg i have never tried the fruit. i have heard but never tried. so cool to hear from someone about the taste

@pixouls it has that thing that green bananas and wine has that kind of makes your mouth stick/freeze.

It has a light, yellow-pink skin, thin but firm. The texture kind of resembles human skin, I guess (???), so its used as a sensual refference in poerty and music (such as famous Morena Tropicana by Alceu Valença). The pulp is rich, a bit like mango.

The taste is unique and marvelous. Besides the aroma, it is a little acidic and bitter but hints to sweet.

Very rich, complex, strong at some elements, but without offuscating some subtle ones.

I really hope you manage to experiment in natura or straight from a tree, sometime!

@olamundo 🀩 thank you so much for this detailed description, you have no idea how sweet this is to me

@pixouls hahaha my pleasure! Thanks for the topic.

Oh! It also has *a lot* of juice, so you take a bite and suck it a little.
Not coincidently, bats can feast on it, sometimes. :cir_rollingeyes:
They really party around the tree at dusk and dawn. I *think* they also polinate it (they are the main polinators of Cerrado), so can't be really mad at them.

The juice stains, so be really careful which clothes you wear when you take a bite! xP

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