Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

Now that some design people who might be into the weird theme of disillusionment are on the , I'm thinking of 'porting' my years-long birdsite thread on the subject (basically my notes/thoughts/memes dump).* An example attached.

The issues I'm considering are:

- would this feel spammy in the local timeline (2~3 posts per day)?

- as I don't want to break it and have it half there - half here, is there an elegant way in which I could reconstruct it on Mastodon?

- perhaps it makes more sense to keep this space for the special things, the things that don't fit my actual job…


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Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

@entreprecariat i think you can mute yourself so you don't interrupt the local timeline while dumping years worth of content

@entreprecariat I really like this thread but I find the thread format is not the best because it's hard to reach posts that are not towards the end of the thread. I wouldn't find it too spammy and the good thing with Mastodon is you can make a featured hashtag on your profile with it's own direct link and make it much easier to point at.

@raphv yeah the thread is not ideal for retrieval purposes, but that's somehow what I like of it: to find something I have to "rewind" a bit and by doing that I look in retrospect at my thought process :) Otherwise I would use Zettelkasten or similar. Alas, I'm chaotic neutral…

@entreprecariat @raphv I'd be interested in knowing how you'd publish a zettelkasten for others to read.
I have seen some examples, but in general zettelkasten seems like a terrible way to share information with other people.

@entreprecariat @raphv For myself I do like the zettelkasten; but surely it's not something you can use for everything. Definitely these kinds of retrospectives on your thoughts might get lost in the way.
However, sometimes the important is the final decision and not really the path you took to get there.

@entreprecariat Just dump all stuff in here, make sure that the first post is public and all the other ones are marked as unlisted.
When you make a new toot reply to the last one and make it public so that other people see that.

Alternatively, you can publish everything detached without a thread and link them with a common hashtag

Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

you can use unlisted to control what is visible on local TL or not and I think you can judge yourself when it might be too much or not too important and use unlisted?

Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

@rra thank you. This could work nicely. But not sure if it's in general a good idea. Will wait until 2023 I think :breadthink:

Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

@entreprecariat good new year's resolution!

I suggest that, instead of keeping the "thread" format as a chain of brief messages (which were used in Twitter to avoid one of its severe limitations), you move all your valuable information to a more suitable format, like a web page or a blog entry or somewhat similar.

Then you can publish here links to your creations for us to enjoy.

Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

@entreprecariat I'd say go for it. I'm interested.

(I just downloaded my own birdsite archive this week. I basically stopped logging in around 2017. But it was amusing looking through the old stuff and I thought about re-posting some things here but I never managed to have any actual interesting discussions there. It would mostly just be recycling old puns and dad jokes - perhaps better left to history.)

Your thread here seems to have a concept and a kind of ongoing performance that could be cool here.

Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

@praxeology i'd never say no to an old pun or a dad joke :) The long thread idea worked really well with The User Condition thread here, so yeah why not.

Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

@entreprecariat @praxeology yes user condition thread was nice!

Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

@entreprecariat what about making a separate 🐘 account for that thread?

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