exploration of colonial imagery using #stablediffusion 

prompt: "the burning of sugar plantations of Recife in the style of Frans Post"

exploration of colonial imagery using #stablediffusion 

prompt: "a painting of the Rijksmuseum in the midst of a lithium salts evaporation lake in the style of Frans Post"

exploration of colonial imagery using #stablediffusion 

prompt: "a painting of prosperity in the style of Frans Post"

exploration of colonial imagery #stablediffusion 

to the prompt of "a painting of the burning of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in the style of Albert Eckhout"

exploration of colonial imagery #stablediffusion 

"a painting of a Potiguara warrior guarding the Mauritshuis in The Hague in the style of Frans Post"

#stablediffusion exploration of colonial imagery 

a painting of the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague in the midst of a sugar plantation in the style of Frans Post

After some years living in the Netherlands I think that what I miss most is just to see rocks now and then. The timelessness that rocks give to a landscape. Land in NL feels shifting and elastic, rather terraformed in a way.

"Teachers are as trapped by having to command as students are trapped by having to obey.

The masters are enslaved by their power.

Teachers need to move away from the front of the classroom and even consider the question: does the classroom have to have a front?"

"The Other Ways Project", Alan Kaprow and Herbert Kohl

This flower, Anemona Alpina, is the Nina Hagen of flowers.

I have been looking into some habit-tracking apps as of late to help me with tracking food and meds due to health complications. One of the apps I tested contained this amazing piece of navel-gazing UI.

Not exactly nudging folk into pro-social behaviours.

Had a lovely day at the end of semester presentations of third year students at DAT ArtEZ, Arnhem.

Watched this last night. Left a wonderful aftertaste well into this morning.

Practicing image captioning in the Fediverse as suggested by @pixouls. Feedback much appreciated.

Is this how tweets get to the birdsite?

I've been thinking a lot about the lyrics of this aria in Sun & Sea by Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė & Lina Lapelytė.

- My mother left a 3D printer turned on. And the machine began to print me out.

When my body dies, I will remain, In an empty planet without birds, animals and corals.

Yet with the press of a single button I will remake this world again:
- 3D corals never fade away!
- 3D animals never lose their horns!
- 3D food doesn't have a price!
- 3D me lives forever!

I will print you out, mother, when I need you, my sister too, I will print you out, when I miss you dearly.

All of us together will print out some meat, and shrimp as well. When we want something savoury to eat. And we will print out the bees, so that at least some sweetness is left.

The Linux desktop experience needs more buttons in modal dialogs saying "Fine" or "Obviously" that emphasize pointless reassurance.

Shifting through old papers I found this. A reminder that I have a certificate for the years of brain damage. I got 100% correct answers on garbage collection, which seems fitting in retrospect.

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