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It's kind of strange that the wikipedia page for 'computer programming' makes no mention of interactive computer programming, like using a repl or a spreadsheet.. Even though surely that's probably the majority of computer programming activity.

Instead of technologies, talk about practicalities. Instead of separating developers from users, have discussions about innards where anyone interested is invited to have a look. This isn't about making things more accessible to end users, but helping the practice of making software more culturally grounded and relevant, opening the windows to let out the bad air.

A live recording of my old algorithmic music band 'slub' with Adrian Ward.. Over 20 years old, erp..

Kind of sad to see slack communities slowly die, as the message archive for free slacks gets reduced. So many empty channels, with history lost.. Yet the communities are unable to move to anything else due to a mixture of company policy (alternatives are blocked at many workplaces), lack of agreement on where they should move, and general inertia / absent administration.

I've never really got into submitting my research to academic journals, they're super hard to access and read even when you work for an institution that subscribes to them, have very long delays from submission to publication, and are often super expensive to publish open access (££££s)..
That's been fine because google scholar is good at picking up conference papers etc that other citation databases do not.
But I just had the realisation that if google scholar went away (which is entirely possible, based on google's record) then I'd have no record of my work or its citations.. and I'm not sure what to do about that. I've been thinking of uploading all my papers to zenodo, but despite having DOIs, stuff there is practically ignored by other databases (including google scholar!). I'm not sure what to do about this..
Academic publishing and reporting is a total mess, completely compromised by publishing companies like Elsevier, with absolutely *astonishing* profit margins, and heavy investments in fossil fuels..

My definition of live coding:
Using an explainable representation
to explore and share unexplainable experiences,
by asking 'what if?'

f(x,y) = ((-((x / x) ^ (y / x))) | (((y & x) + (y / x)) | ((1 | x) ^ (~y)))) % 10

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

Sometimes I have a look at hacker news (formerly known as startup news), and always think, this is a very strange collection of links. It doesn't look at all like the links you'd see from a chart system based on collective voting like it claims.. Those systems always give you clickbait or vanilla stuff that gives the smallest percentage of people offense, rather than anything provocative or a weird/unusual long read from 20 years ago like you see on hn... But surely there isn't someone manually overriding/manipulating votes?

Live coding: A user's manual out in November! Straight to paperback as well as free (cc-by-sa) PDF / ebook

"IDEs that are not subscriptions are a dying breed"

I must live in a bubble or something.

> Emili Caminada fent gambines amb engissos d'olivera (Anys 80)

(engissos = rebrots = the fresh thin branches/shoots of olive trees that go straight up and don't bear fruit)

photo of a photo from a recent exhibition in Cadaques of the work of photographer Meli (friend of Salvador Dali).

trying to find instructions on how to do it and getting nowhere, the internet archive has some books on basketry but the ones I've looked at so far very American-focussed and colonial (1910s), and deal with rattan, raffia and reed instead of olive shoots.

I found a page with some interviews with European basket makers, apparently willow is easy to work but olive is much more difficult.

We have what we think is a Cotinus (smoke bush) tree in the garden, Wikipedia says

> can be coppiced in early spring, to produce first-year shoots up to 2 m tall

So maybe next summer there'll be some shoots to try something with, but I suspect they'll be too thick/stiff for basket making...

Now starting to get a good feel for what @tidalcycles 2.0 will be like... A whole new way of working with patterns as discrete sequences, tightly integrated with the current way of working with them as cyclic signals.

f(x,y) = ((((-y) & (~x)) * (-(12 | x))) % (((y / 6) | (15 ^ y)) * (~(y & 8)))) % 11

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

Good times climbing around fontainebleau forest (trois pignons), totally magical place

New #faust version released. Includes a tool to convert faust to #tidalcycles instruments and a number of other nice tidbits

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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