@wjt FWIW, you can have a seasonal covid19 booster shot in the UK if you tick the box that says you care for someone who is vulnerable. I couldn't find a strict definition of what caring for someone should involve, was maybe a little bit of a reach in my case (I visit my parents regularly), but there were no further questions and I think at this stage in the vaccination drive, you're not depriving anyone else by taking a shot.

@solderandchaos @tomstafford I asked the organisers via eventbrite and they said "Thanks for your email - Unfortunately, this is an event for University of Sheffield researchers."

Oh and then the other mechanical music bosses @grahamdunning and Sam Underwood appear

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@impactology I do love this work but is it really a new style of music? Really it seems like a really extreme way to make really conventional music. All the constrains of sheet music (locked loops, discrete conventional tuning etc) are there, the timing is perfect, it could easily have come straight out of a digital audio workstation. Isn't that a bit strange, considering the work that has gone into making every element by hand? It makes me wonder how much trickery and editing went into this really polished video.
I find Sarah Kenchington's work a lot more humane really -> youtube.com/watch?v=IpUE_IZRya

@tomstafford Ooh, is the lecture.. open? I think I'd need a pass to get into the diamond?

Open registration begins for the 2023 session of my annual anti-statistics course focusing on causal inference & Bayesian data analysis & fully coded examples. Lectures will be free online, so no need to register unless you want to join discussions. All details at link: https://github.com/rmcelreath/stat_rethinking_2023/blob/main/README.md

Satire is dead. This is not Yes Prime Minister or Alan B'Stard in The New Statesman. This is the actual living breathing real life government.

"The government said the mine was possible within the UK’s climate legislation, which requires the UK to reach net zero emissions by 2050, as operations will shut down by 2049."


@laurabalboa @luka @320x200 Wilson describes being stalked and catfished in the video right?

Our collective fund is getting to the point where we'll be able to put out a call for microgrants soon! I'm the meantime if you have some spare cash and like tidal you can extend our reach by contributing here, thanks! (ooops, reposted with the correct link, please re-boost if you don't mind! )

@kevlin @cwebber described ChatGPT as Mansplaining As A Service, and honestly I can’t think of a better description. A service that instantly generates vaguely plausible sounding yet totally fabricated and baseless lectures in an instant with unflagging confidence in its own correctness on any topic, without concern, regard or even awareness of the level of expertise of its audience.

So many friends and colleagues posting cute content about OpenAI. Y'all do know you're doing advertising / cultural normalization work for Peter Thiel, Elon and the effective altruism creep show right? The tool may have productive, even joyful uses — but this is a situation where a few impressive and charming party tricks can distract us from the immense collective harms being done by the co-founders. Please check in with yourselves before choosing how to engage this.

Day 2/2 of hybrid live coding interfaces starts at 9am ET/2pm UTC/3pm CET
I'll be throwing away all my work and live coding myself without anything else. I'm going to look ridiculous but will be in a session with the awesome Melody Loveless @chaime and @jessicagarson . You can also watch the recordings of yesterday's sessions: hybrid-livecode.pubpub.org/wor

@solderandchaos You're awesome, I always admire your work and hope to collab with you on workshops again some day!

@yaxu nabbed myself a physical copy, directly from the MIT press bookstore!

@laurabalboa @320x200 didn't they turn out to basically one guy who was a dodgy predator?

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