Live coding: a user's manual is out this week, published open access by MIT Press. I have my copy already, after many years it's real!

I just put up a placeholder website, and will upload the pdf, epub and mobi ebook files there on Tuesday, maybe making a web version. It'd be interesting if people started contributing edits, adding extra chapters etc..

@yaxu "This book is open access, and will be freely available for download from this website in PDF, Mobi and Epub, from its formal publication date on 22nd November 2023."

@luka Oops, fixed! (will take a minute for the website to regenerate itself)

@yaxu excited to read this. Was chatting to a new friend last week who is a live coding performer who was really inspiring.

Also, did some collaborative live coding at a conference last week also - so much fun.

@yaxu Thanks for thinking about uploading it on epub! I prefer my books on that format because is easier to read on my ebook reader

@yaxu just tried to order from Blackwells in the UK, but they seem to have a CC processing issue right now. Anyway, looking forward to getting it, thanks for the heads up, Alex!

@drveej hmm are you in .au? hopefully it's distributed to more local booksellers

@yaxu I am, but local bookshop is $102, the UK one is $52. Normally I’d go local but that is too big a jump.

@yaxu ps. Thank you for the excellent lockdown tidal cycles course too. Belatedly.

@yaxu Congratulations to all the authors! Looking forward for it.

@yaxu v. interesting, might give me the push I need to deep dive into #livecoding

@thetechnobear Despite the name it's not really a manual as such, more of a philosophical introduction

@yaxu actually that’s what I need :) as a developer , I’m fine with the tools … rather looking for inspiration on how to approach live coding.

@yaxu does the license will allow translation to other languages?

@yaxu - very happy to be part of this! and also keen to see reactions and new versions.

@yaxu yay, Alex. Will try again at live coding. Any more London gigs planned (Sheffield is a bit of a trek for the Southern shandy drinkers)

@Lexilex Hey I don't have anything planned at the moment but will likely do something in the new year

@yaxu maybe Berlin. It's actually cheaper to get to than Sheffield!

@yaxu Congratulations to all involved, I have written a few books myself, so I know how hard it is to make this happen. And so rewarding. Again, congratulations, a great achievement.

@yaxu congrats on the book! I just took a look at the website, and didn't seem to find a table of contents of the book. Perhaps an idea to add?

@nescivi Yes good idea! I made the website superfast but will have some time soon to update it. I also want to make the book more easily editable.

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