"Visual Studio Code is designed to fracture"

@yaxu "Under Julia's leadership, the Developer Division team has undergone a significant cultural transformation and is guided by […] customer obsession, data-driven […]" 😬

@yaxu Uff… that's tough. Thanks for posting this, I think we need in-depth analyses like these to understand what's going on and call out rent-seekers before there's no alternative infrastructure to rely on.

I'm very sympathetic with revisiting Free Software and I see some of the development described in the article as being enabled by the division of Open Source from a more radical Free Software movement, but that's only a very vague idea and there's a reason why Free Software is in the narrow niche it is in.

@yaxu I'm very much looking forward to federation in Gitea! I truly think that can be a part of the solution.

@computersandblues @yaxu I think there are some technical solutions, but the basic problem is actually legal, through the licence schemes, so the solution is also probably legal :
What I understand here is that basically all code that uses M$ infrastructure is actually illegal in Europe, bc M$ services are not RGPD compatible (Schrems II arrest from the EUCJ), so there is actually a huge legal risk for all EU companies to use those M$ tools, and they should change for that reason (among other)

@neauoire one of the weird things about FOSS-dedicated people is they'll write a lengthy blog post describing in detail how the FOSS model has been subverted and is working against its original goals, then at the end insist that it's still the right thing to do and we just need more FOSS to fix it.

@cancel That's not how this article ends tho, the author just says they don't know where to go from there.

@neauoire that's exactly how it ends, though:

"Gitpod has already partially resolved the marketplace problem for the Visual Studio Code open-source ecosystem by creating the OpenVSX project and gifting it to the eclipse foundation

but the biggest challenge for Gitpod, Datacoves, OpenBB, Foam, et al lies ahead - developing open language tooling for each community where Microsoft has forked the communities over to proprietary language servers..."

@cancel it does say this:

"Maybe we need a new movement (or revisit past ideas from the 70s) that focuses on ensuring the openness regarding freedoms of computing (😉) that combat proprietary SaaS offerings? idk."

And I think they're unused that there's much worth revisiting these ideas, ends with I don't know.

@neauoire there's more text after that. the page is riddled with weird stuff that is making my browser wig out. maybe you missed it.

@cancel with NoScript the page looks a bit funky.

"developing open language tooling for each community where Microsoft has forked the communities over to proprietary language servers"

MS reading like, YESSS, more flags to capture

@cancel @neauoire what's the alternative? Like a giant co-operative that handles licenses?

Or learn witchcraft and have a terrible curse descend upon all who abuse our software!

Or... of course, we stay the fuck away from microsoft et al, so they don't get any leverage. Which is hard since, we don't have that much money, and they hired systemds Poettering, and apparently Guido van Rossum. Like distros probably should look at defaults and pick the open source one.

@jasper @neauoire it has nothing to do with copyright licensing. stop performing useful free labor for large corporations.

@yaxu i'm still gonna miss atom just a tiny bit.
the tiniest bit.

@yaxu :blobcatpeek: I won't say who and when but someone might or might not warned us about it

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