I've been looking hard for a modern static website generator for a knowledgebase, where I can write and organise webpages (not just time-sorted blog entries) in markdown, with support for pandoc-style academic references (citeproc) and usable themes. Any leads?

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@drlabman @yaxu Hugo is what I use as well with org-mode => markdown exporting. It's fairly popular and flexible.

@carl @drlabman @raa Thanks it does seem Hugo is the one. The pandoc support doesn't allow you to pass the flag to switch citeproc yet, but I submitted a PR for that and found a nice docker image that includes a workaround for custom pandoc params, so have everything building from a github action. Really happy with this!

@yaxu I’ve been enjoying Jekyll and it looks like there are pandoc/citeproc extensions readily available.

@yaxu just roll your own with some css stylesheets and pandoc in a bash script? for example, i have a starter thing here:

@yaxu hugo is quite applicable in the sense that it lets you define your own taxonomies and write your own templates for various filetypes. However the core templates (single entry + list page) remain geared towards blogging.

@yaxu if it is a personal knowledgebase you could consider zim desktop wiki as well as it can generate static pages!


If it is for personal wiki and you're feeling adventurous I've been enjoying this :

@yaxu I'm not sure about citeproc, but I've been playing with bashblog a little bit:
It's a lot more lightweight than Hugo or Pelican ( Maybe it's too lightweight for your purposes, though.

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