Bit disillusioned with tooling.

Tried to test one of my projects on my tablet and `cabal v2-install` wanted to install Cabal- even though a perfectly fine version was already installed. No amount of --constraint="Cabal installed", --constraint="Cabal < 3.0.2", --allow-older="Cabal", etc, would convince it otherwise.

The problem with trying to install Cabal- is that the tablet does not have enough (1GB is not enough). This is a big problem for the fundamental build tool of the language.

Eventually got my project to compile with `cabal v1-install` without needing to upgrade Cabal, but that option is going away (may already be gone in latest cabal-install, not sure).


@mathr I really hope they keep cabal v1-install, I find v2- buggy, incomplete, confusing and underdocumented.

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