epub / ebook reader 

Building up a new reading list so I'm sorting through paperback purchases, epubs and PDFs that I'll slowly acquire: the non proprietary ebook reader question comes up again.

Has anybody had any success with devices such as BQ cervantes (supposed to run on published software?) or The Open Book (github.com/joeycastillo/the-op)? Are there others out there that I'm unaware of? Ideally, I'd like to manage my lib with Calibre, ok with it being a bit more manual. E-ink is a must.

Ideas / thoughts ? Thanks!


epub / ebook reader 

@colm I have a pocketbook inkpad 3 and really like it. Loading pdfs/epubs etc is super convenient via dropbox, if you're happy using that.

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epub / ebook reader 

@yaxu thanks, I'll look into that!

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