Why do calendars automatically put bank holidays in but not events like 'accept middle age'

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@Floppy Heh a number of years ago I found this exact entry in my google calendar. I think it must have been a younger version of myself that put it there as a joke on my future self, many years earlier (sadly couldn't find a timestamp showing when the entry was created)..

@Floppy Here you go. I was born in 1975.. and it turns out there _is_ a timestamp in the api, digging..

@yaxu I like the way it gives you 20 minutes warning.

@Floppy Found it, 2006. Aged 31, I pondered when I should accept middle age, and decided a bit before my 39th birthday. Way off

@yaxu @Floppy

I feel like 39 is not actually middle aged?

One weird side effect of lockdown for me was realising that I am indeed middle aged at 44.

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