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@ice I love the way they hide their complexity. I remember grooving along to "burnt" (I think) wondering why it pushed forward so hard and then I realized that is was repeating every 7 bars.

@welshpixie an unkindness of ghosts by Rivers Solomon is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Also, Octavia E Butler

@yaxu I'm curious, when using a smaller system, which was the bigger performance constraint, superdirt/supercollider or tidal? Cool that it can run on a pi zero!

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Hello everyone! I am a therapist professionally but I enjoy writing music, performing music, learning about computer programming, playing video games, talking philosophy, watching Formula 1 and so much more. I look forward to talking about my projects and hearing about what all of you are up to and what is on your mind.


@af Thanks for the detailed reply! I thought about arch but I have to admit I am a bit intimidated by it. I had a friend who ran arch and it seemed like he regularly was fixing pieces of his system that would break with upgrades. My cartoon is that Manjaro keeps things far enough from the bleeding edge so as to make this less frequent while still providing a rolling release. At least that seems to be the idea on paper...
Debian is a really good suggestion. It seems to have a reputation for being stable and fairly lean. I have some virtual boxes going with distros that people have recommended. I should spin up a Debian (or MXLinux) one with i3 and see what happens.
You're right, my interest in resource use probably doesn't have very much to do with music but rather extending the useful life of my technology and avoiding upgrading the hardware for as long as possible.
The blog post about System76 was entertaining (in a dark way). Its almost like complaining on twitter isn't a productive way to communicate. :)

Thank you again for taking the time to answer my question!

@tyl I have heard nice things about focusrite products and have friends that use them. My advice would be to:
1. look for options that are labelled "class compliant"
2. be suspicious when a product requires drivers.

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anyone know a good book or blog post or something about how to write a c compiler

Thanks @paul! No I haven't heard of it...I'll check it out. Just looking at the disto's goals (which seem to be fairly security focused) I am a bit worried about software availability and compatibility...Still, it looks like a really cool distro... I should try it out and find out for myself. Another unstated goal is that I need to do a fair bit of video conferencing (Zoom and Google meet) for work. My job requires a lot of remote pairing for software development.

I'm thinking of ditching PopOS for manjaro i3... My primary use for the computer is music making and coding. I want to waste less resources with my desktop environment... Any advice? Anything else I should consider?

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FREE SAMPLE PACK - boosts appreciated!
Continuing my experiments with #glitch and #distortion, I had the idea to use a shoddy video call connection as an audio effect. So I set up a GoTo Meeting and used a utility to drop packets, and I recorded some weird glitchy sounds! As expected they got weirder as I increased the percentage of dropped packets (~60% was the sweet spot).

I also ran the results through a script I wrote that does bad mp3 compression to get some extra squishy glitchy goodness.

Seems to me this is a "glitch for our times" :-)

You can download everything here:

#samples #audio #sounddesign #samplepack
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Here's a longish academic article I recently finished. It has more stuff on the #demoscene than #permacomputing, although it also includes some permacomputingish visions for the future.
Digital esthetics, environmental change and the subcultures of computer art

@cb was this also using tidalcycles? Sounds really cool BTW...

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current state of VC in music tech

> glut, when applied to software design, entails a strategy that figures an individual actor who searches, sorts, and manages a dis-ordered order in the (potentially futile) hopes of finding meaning and value

@tehn yeah I don't think you can really ask for it. It just emerges. Which squares are yellow and which ones are green depend on who you ask.

@neauoire SMPplayer aside, how do you make your manjaro install look so clean and pretty?

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