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Okay, I've tried everything else, let's see what happens here. I'm a 56yo IT professional currently facing age discrimination in the job market. My skills are proven and broad. I can do operations, project management, service delivery; am versed in multiple OSs, monitoring systems, ticketing platforms. I'm a technical writer and published author. I'm willing to relocate pretty much anywhere for a job that pays enough to cover my mortgage. I need employment by Sept 30. CV on request. #job #dayjob

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The fantastic Prof Elaine Chew is now at Ircam and looking for a PhD student, post-doc and engineer to join her COSMOS project. It will use data + citizen science to study musical structures created in music and unusual sources like cardiac arrhythmias.

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prep for a hike off grid: what is a pdf reader pad w no amazon, google, even internet in it and loooooooooong battery life

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Je tente ma chance à tout hasard :

J’aurai bientôt 40 ans et je n’ai jamais appris à faire du vélo, en raison d’un handicap à la main droite et au bras droit.

J’aimerais désormais réparer cela. Pour cela, la première étape va être de trouver un vélo adapté à mon handicap.

Quelqu’un connait-il une boutique de vélos, si possible sur Nantes, qui pourrait me renseigner et m’aider à trouver une solution adaptée ?

Boosts bienvenus si vous n’avez pas vous même de réponse 🙂

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KASK / School of Arts Ghent offers a course in Open Design for asylum seekers and refugees currently staying in Belgium

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Pour les personnes qui tiennent absolument à partager des vidéos YouTube sur Mastodon, sachez qu'il existe #invidious qui permet de le faire de façon moins invasive 🙂

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Wondering if anyone has found / used a ADSL/VDSL Modem router that is supported by OpenWrt ? Would be totally ok wit another open firmware if it would run properly on a modem router.

The list from the website is not exactly encouraging :

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12-13.07.2019 + + !

Upsetting Settings presents graduation projects initiated by Alexander Roidl, Alice Strete, Angeliki Diakrousi, Joca van der Horst, Natasha Berting, and Zalán Szakács. The concept of this exhibition arises from the idea of the default setting, a situation in which a specific mode of interaction is selected automatically, pre-configured to work out of the box without the need to tinker with its underlying apparatus. Every system comes with default settings predefined by its creators, and most of the time, these settings remain unchanged by us, the users of such systems. These defaults do not represent our needs but are possibly the materialisation of biases from the system's makers, from corporate or political interests, from a society at large. The projects engage with the concept of default modes and propose interventions in their core structure/source/root so as to start thinking collectively about better places from which to begin. You are invited to become root users, active listeners, smart speakers, intentional eaters, counter trolls, sensorial spectators!

Grad projects overview:
Full programme:

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UK ISP group names Mozilla 'Internet Villain' for supporting 'DNS-over-HTTPS' | ZDNet

UK government and local ISPs are putting the pressure on browsers to drop plans to support DoH protocol.

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Our reaction to Gab joining the fediverse:

- Blocked Gab domains

- Added Community Guidelines

- Added user level domain blocks

- Added CW to comments

Fascists and Nazis can h*ck right off and are NOT welcome on our platform. #pixelfed

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Please share widely or pass on to interested people:
post at University of Limerick (Ireland):

Lecturer/Lecturer below the bar in 3D Modelling, Animation and Digital Fabrication

The post holder will have expertise in some or all of the following: digital modeling, animation and rendering software, computational design tools such as Maya, Unreal, Cinema 4D, Houdini or their open source counterparts Blender, Natron, Godot etc.

The successful candidate will have:
• Doctoral degree pertaining to the domain of 3D animation or digital fabrication or related disciplines. Alternatively, a doctoral degree in a related area and demonstrated 5 or more years of experience in games engines, VR, AR, digital fabrication or related disciplines.
• An active research and publication record in at least 2 of the following areas:
• Interaction design
• Games development
• Virtual and augmented reality
• Experimental media and digital art
• Design and fabrication of full-scale development prototypes
• Applications of machine learning and AI
• Video editing and projection mapping
• Demonstrated expertise in 3D modelling/animation and digital fabrication

More details here (type “3D modeling” on the “Any Extra Keywords?” field:

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Call for participants Open Design Course
KASK / School of Arts Ghent offers a course in Open Design for refugees and asylum seekers currently staying in Belgium. The course program focuses on Open Design as a technological and as a cultural, artistic and critical practice. The course method is based on co-creation and peer learning (learning from each other, changing the teacher - student relationship), and puts an emphasis on new media literacy.

This 8-week course is open for refugees, asylum seekers but also “sans papiers” and people who do not have easy access to higher education.

- Register, before 26/08
- Course, from 02/09 till 25/11, 3 to 4 days a week
For more information:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Anybody looking for a #workspace in #berlin #kreuzberg? Our shared office currently has 4 of 12 desks free.

We are programmers, a motiondesigner and an author and the office is quite cozy in an old appartment building, 5 min to Görlitzer park...

222€ net per desk, all inclusive.

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As of yesterday #Microsoft's #DRM server is gone. If you have any ebooks through their store . . . bid them adieu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Users will be given refunds but the books themselves will no longer be readable. If you made notes on the titles, you'll get $25 credit as a, "we're sorry you'll no longer have access to the notes you took on all those books. Here's $25 and we'll call it even!"

#DefectiveByDesign is a campaign run by the #FSF to combat Digital Restrictions Management and they work to prevent this exact kind of thing from happening.

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"On 10 April, astrophysicists announced that they had captured the 1st ever image of a #blackhole.

No headlines mentioned that the image would have been impossible without open-source software: #Matplotlib, a #Python library for graphing data.

Just 5 days later, the NSF rejected a grant to support that ecosystem, saying that the software lacked sufficient impact.

#opensource is widely acknowledged as crucially important in science, yet it is funded non-sustainably."

@aiscarvalho @rlafuente hey! Pre- we talked about your talk on Open Design. I heard some fediverse echoes toward a more precise definition, floss design, libre design etc. As the Open design course for refugees and asylum seekers is happening in Gent, from September to November, it would be very helpful to have your notes! I suppose a recording in the end didn't happen.. hope you are fine and able to cool down! ciaooo, wendy

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Tired of reading the word ""? Then this firefox add-on is for you.

1. Install

2. Browse any page that talks about AI

3. Enjoy the read

😂 😂

or if you are more than tired (i.e fed up) this addon may suit you better instead (but disable the previous one first)

😂 😂

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[en] #Diffu is a Free Software allowing authors to publish all kinds of texts or articles and to aggregate the reactions they generate on social networks, especially through #ActivityPub such as #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #Pleroma, #PixelFed, #Funkwhale, #Hubzilla, #GNUSocial ...

Diffu is a kind of free and federated alternative to #Medium or other applications that are not always easy to install.

To develop it, we launch a crowdfunding campaign

ReToot are welcome 😉 !

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