No parking on the cycling path - ne pas se garer sur piste cyclable.
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Leaving to etextile Summercamp on Monday in As I don't want to take my rigid heddle loom, I have started preparing some samples, which should become capacitive touch sensors.

Using a Copper Karl Grimm thread in the warp, weaving another conductive thread in there (20% stainless steel, 80% polyester)
I used the clasped weft technique in the conductive (grey) zones. On my rigid heddle loom, in the kitchen..

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Call for participants Open Design Course
KASK / School of Arts Ghent offers a course in Open Design for refugees and asylum seekers currently staying in Belgium. The course program focuses on Open Design as a technological and as a cultural, artistic and critical practice. The course method is based on co-creation and peer learning (learning from each other, changing the teacher - student relationship), and puts an emphasis on new media literacy.

This 8-week course is open for refugees, asylum seekers but also “sans papiers” and people who do not have easy access to higher education.

- Register, before 26/08
- Course, from 02/09 till 25/11, 3 to 4 days a week
For more information:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

My brain is fried. My short term memory does not go beyond 20 seconds. Solution: to do list, on paper, is in left hand.

parade in . The nmbs/sncb train company decided to bring out the 🏳️‍🌈 flags.

w00t w00t
They are back!

I bizarly missed them - as it feels good to visually [[[block]]]

--> Firefox update..

Crap! Mozilla---- ggrrrrr ---- https everywhere addon has been disabled, also Privacy badger --> all Eff stuff.
I did not even update anything actively!

For the worksession called Networks with an attitude in Antwerpen, by and so much more, we only used the train, and a to transport electric cables, camera, projector, coffeemaker, kettle, thermoses, paper, pens.. With every change in venue, a trolley distribution was done amongst the participants.
The last transport back was done today!

Cartoon by my partner Wauter Mannaert this week in Bruzz, a Brussels magazine/newspaper.
Tents Translation
- Blue tent: Climate refugee
- Green/pink tent: Climate activist
- Burning tent: Climate denier
- Shredded tent: Climate plan/policy

Networks with an Attitude

---> Public events on 10, 11 and 13/04 in Antwerpen, Belgium

The internet is dead, long live the internets! In 2025, the internet will consist of either gated communities or decentralised independent instances. For those who want to be connected while choosing their own dependencies, there is no other option than to draw up new networks and experiment with both historical and innovative protocols.

Networks with an Attitude is a six-day worksession organised by Constant. During this intensive week we stretch the imagination of what a network is, and what it can be. Three public moments will open up the process, beginning of April.

Alexia, Helene, Steph and the - Ecole de recherche graphique - students made this in a Brussels fablab with bicycle parts and some re-purposed wood.

from with all kinds of traps and trepidations to conquer, with proprietary lasercutters and cnc's versus open format files.

Trying to get the honey out if this badly designed squeeze bottle. The bees worked hard for this! Cheese fondue sticks are useful..

@tulsi @SallyStrange
1) I remembered this: all employees of L'Eau Chaude are paid the same
2) Hot Water vendor in the Marolles With a tank on his back

This morning at 7:50 we did an action on bd Lambermont, Heliotrope(s)(n) with 1030/0 to commemorate an accident and to put attention on safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Schaarbeek Brussels.

Last week a grandmother and two children got run over by a car at this pedestrian crossing, because the lights were not working.
(All victims are no longer in mortal danger. The car involved stopped and helped.)

The lights are fixed, the crossing time is very short.
Lots of press (it's the neighbourhood where the press/tv people live) and politicians.. (elections in May)

What makes me really sad that this road was going to be altered in 2009 and because of a political change the plans got cancelled.

Not interlaced and glitched versus interlaced and glitched

It has a more 'embroidered' look..

When you interlace your png with imagemagick, the glitches made afterwards really make their pixels shine.

$convert /path/to/your/image.png -interlace Line /path/to/your/interlaced_image.png

(imagemagick has 2 main types of interlacing: )

--> run pnglitch after interlacing (see 1/2 toot)

Excellent demo of Pnglitch, a little commandline tool/library

$sudo gem install pnglitch
There are four main glitch filters are possible:

(or from 1 to 4)

To use them on your image:
$pnglitch /path/to/your/image.png --filter=Average /path/to/your/glitcchhh.png

To change the parameters of the glitches, you have to dive in deeper..

via but tested out live and translated to straight forward instructions in my playtime hour

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