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dywen @wendy

I'm a Floss artist - working with social conventions, interaction, implicit bias

- member of Constant
- teacher at erg
- must update
- based in Brussels Belgium
- like to make lists
- very much into textile (techniques), physical computing, frankenscript, electronics, just Linux

Currently looking at interactive weaving and Teensy sound, trying to make an instrument
(re)learning a lot

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welcome to mastodon!!! amazing projects!

just a note on constantvzw.org link you posted.

the https: // takes you to nextcloud installation (with badly configured certificate), but http: // to the main home page

constantvzw.org (http)
works (home page)
constantvzw.org (https)
does not take you to the home page but ssl error.

oddly, the same goes for erg.be


Haha, yes, thanks! I forgot about that.. I know who's behind both.. When I ask them, they go blublubla https mumble bla.

So, indeed