@matrix Any chance you can prioritize https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-bifrost/issues/64 ? Currently people joining matrix rooms via XMPP apps don't get a good experience as they miss all offline messages. #xmpp #matrix #freesoftware #interoprability

I have created an xmpp public channel to work with people interested in this feature. Join and help out in the crowd funding campaign.

#xmpp #matrix #FreeSoftware


OK we found people to work on this, they were part of #Outreachy project and worked with me on adding yarn plugin for apt in #debian. But no crowd funding platforms support payments to Nigeria. Would you know any #FreeSoftware organizations in Europe of US who can help with setting up a crowd funding campaign and then pay them directly?


Hey, I'm thinking of

Very different approach: opencollective.com/


@praveen Of course outreachy is very close to software conservancy..

@wendy @conservancy thanks we thought of SFC and planning to write to them. Do you know if open collective support payments to Nigeria?

@wendy @conservancy @sonnie is contacting SFC to check the possibility of them handling the funds.

@wendy @sonnie let's ask Snikket folks too. @snikket_im would you be able to host a crowd funding campaign for adding offline message support to matrix bifrost bridge? This will make accessing #matrix from #xmpp apps like snikket reliable and makes choosing xmpp more attractive option for people who currently use matrix or has many communities on matrix.

@wendy @sonnie @aral would you be able to host a crowd funding campaign or know someone who can to add offline message support to matrix bifrost bridge so xmpp users connecting to matrix rooms will have a reliable experience?

@wendy @sonnie
We got a reply from @conservancy they usually support only projects affiliated with them.

@praveen @sonnie@mastodon.social @conservancy@mastodon.technology hi, that's a great pity! Can they give advice on payments outside of the US / PayPal / stripe realm? They have that knowledge, or perhaps know people who do.

We know Western Union works, but it won't scale for crowd funding. We are planning to use a personal account of someone we know in Europe. I think currently the projects/developers drive fund raising and priority what we are trying to do is not traditional approach, we are trying to raise funds for a feature that the project/developers (matrix.org) don't consider a priority, but it is important for interoperability and a priority for users.
@sonnie @conservancy

They work with a system called 'fiscal hosts', that means not one particular financial flow. It would be really interesting to ask!

@praveen @sonnie@mastodon.social Will you be able to go through xsf? 🤞
Indeed fiscal hosting has a lot of potential and open collective works as an interlocutor!

We will try to apply via xsf. I hope it will work, let's see.

@wendy @sonnie yay! XSF accepted our request to be a fiscal host! We can receive donations via https://opencollective.com/mam-plugin-for-xmppjs now! Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions. Now help us raise some funds to get this work done. #xmpp #matrix #interoperability #bifrost-bridge

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