Hello Lurkers, it’s time for a brief . I am raphaël, born in montpellier, studied art in brussels, living in paris. I usually write small systems with code or physical objects, that eventually become instruments, tools, or less functional things. I love cooking without cookbooks and I usually write code the same way. I am a free software user and enthusiast. I teach art and design in various schools and during workshops. I am part of @velvetyne and prepostprint.org. I am currently (04/2021) focused on and as a language, and I still maintain lots of tiny tools that I should list somewhere at some point. Procrastination is part of my creative process and I kind of handle it now. I have a post-punk band called zone and a debian computer called jardin.

@raphael @velvetyne It would be interesting to hear more about your procrastination techniques… if you ever get around to writing about it.

@praxeology Unfortunately, writing is not part of my best skills. But I’ll try t sum it up: I am realizing since a couple of years that the tiny seeds of time I injected in minor work, tasks, or experiments to satisfy my curiosity (am very curious), led to a forest. This forest is now my home and it allows me to live comfortably and create. What could be seen as excuses to avoid a boring or complex tasks since ~10 years, were in reality the setup of a personal language, that led to a form of maturity. Procrastination is sometimes seen as a bad behaviour. I think it can be cultivated, and can have positive consequences on personal development if it is accepted and oriented. Now the forest slowly moves toward my different interests in life, I can see now patterns out of what I thought was chaos. I still have some work to do, like to distinct creative procrastination from addiction to social network, or finding better ways to focus, but I am working on it :-)


@raphael @praxeology and you are getting paid ☺️ for some/most diversions?!

@wendy @praxeology Yes, I manage to being able to live from it. It sometimes requires to be inventive but I think most artists know that position.

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