How long have you been using your current daily use smartphone? What model is it? How did you manage to keep it going? What repairs did it need? Boosts appreciated!


@rra I tend to keep my hardware going for a very long time, especially computers.
I had an HTC for years (6/7?), until the software was basically outdated and it wasn't running properly anymore. You could take the battery out, not glued shut. Before that I had a Nokia tough phone, that also really died of old age.
Through my brother more I get his second hand stuff. But both Huawei and Nokia had the programmed obsolescence syndrome. Nokia 7+ had a bloated battery whilst still under warranty.
Your question came at a pivotal point. I got a Fairphone.
Some of the marketing around it annoys me, but I'm done with glued shut devices.
Let's see how it rolls..
Already I had some "exciting" (read stressful) rooting adventures. 😅

Why do you ask the question?

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