Dear , , in an institution..

A letter from to everyone facing .
Let’s learn together how to do technology differently!

"Together we witnessed how the recent move to ‘distant learning’ has meant that educational institutions have almost without exception turned to online commercial platforms. What we called ‘an elephant in the room’ only a few months ago, has finally trampled all residual ‘room’ in education. It might feel like the change is sudden, but it has been long in the making..."

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@wendy rem : imho in the tools/plateforms it would be good to add nextcloud (with all it's internal tools/plugins) and moodle

@wendy Is something wrong with constantvzw site? Can’t seem to reach it.

@hansup Hi, there was an https glitch this afternoon, so perhaps it's the same 😅 The advantage to this scenario is that the errors are quite easily ignored, and quickly over..

@wendy Still can’t seem to reach it. Will try on a laptop later.

@hansup Hei, it's true that we do some funky stuff with the website, I think with iframes.
--> it's online now 😄

if you have an image of what you do see --> screenshot of the website not working, I can add it to the gitlab error list. Would be great! You can post it here, I'll transfer it.

@wendy well on my mobile (Safari on iPhone5), I simply see nothing. When I type I get a completely blank screen and even url in address bar disappears completely.

@wendy and: ifranes! Really? That’s hard funk! 😄

@wendy I tried on a laptop. I see your funky page in Firefox. In Safari also on a laptop: nothing loads. "The server unexpectedly dropped the connection. Try again later".
Also: while I understand the drive to experiment and search for something different, the page is difficult to read and navigate for my old dyslexic eyes...
Anyways, I will use Firefox, no problem.

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