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: Bureaucracksy

Between 7 and 12 December 2020, organises the Bureaucracksy in Brussels.

This work-session investigates the governance of techno-social systems through the prism of . The execution of rules is an essential element of computation, of digital infrastructures, and of the societies that they operate with.

The work-session invites and to share imaginations of counter-accountancies and -accountabilities, of how to engage with paperwork, systemics and logistics.

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@wendy I have just spent *two hours* trying to help a friend open an important form she needs from a government website. I've seen this site before. They proudly announce how secure it is to use their online services, but not only are the procedures hopelessly arcane, also *nothing* works.
As we both got frustrated together, I kept thinking about this worksession.

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