I need some help on how to scrape/download a more complex html Manual --> the Manual of ; a great audio editing Floss project.
Someone I work with has an offline computer for editing.

-- wkhtmltopdf for example does not want to work.
-- Neither does html2ps

Thanks for boosting - even better, replying !

@wendy Did you try using this page: manual.ardour.org/ardourmanual seems like a single html file, should work really nicely.


@rra hey, yes, it works, scraping/saving all - but I have a 654 megabyte pdf with wkhtmltopdf :unacceptable: . I can probably make it lighter - but I do not have the TOC - meh!!

and thanks, nice find..
In the meantime @frankiezafe gave a hand with httrack. 25 megabytes (more than 600 pages, this manual..)

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