Hey if anyone has any examples of cooperatively/collectively owned and operated restaurants could you let me know?

Slightly urgent. Boosts appreciated.


@tulsi l'eau chaude in Brussels, Belgium. bioguide.be/restaurants/l-eau-

Not sure if this is the continent of your wishes?

@wendy I'm sending them as examples to someone who only speaks english but thank you anyways!

@tulsi yeah, there's yelp stuff, but you find it in search engines with Eau chaude (means 'hot water's, because they used to sell it in this area) & Brussels, or Marolles. Very nice vegetarian menu in a touristy area of the city.
Their own website is offline for the moment with a database error.. 😶

@wendy @tulsi

The story goes that back in the day, not every house in Marolles had residential gas hookups. So ppl came looking for water, heated in a large copper pot by neighborhood grocers...

Cooperative born in 2014 from the desire of several folks to open a café, a project brought by a dynamic collective, l'Eau Chaude offers quality vegetarian cuisine and cultural activities... Today it includes about 100 coop members, a few employees, and numerous donors.

@wendy @tulsi
Rough translation... If ever you wish to find some sympathetic folks speaking both French & English, eldritch.cafe is the instance for you!

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