I propose to launch a campaign called #ShareATool.

Everyone can share their favorite #opensource tool(-s) that use on a daily basis as well as other interesting tools for your opinion.

No software categories. The main requirement is that the project must be open source.

And I think I'm gonna start.

1) veracrypt.fr/
2) cryptomator.org/
3) keepassxc.org/
4) meet.jit.si/
5) github.com/phw/peek
6) github.com/Splode/pomotroid
7) atom.io/


@TheFuzzStone Do you want people to reply or to use the hastag? or Boost?

Thunderbird (yes)
k9Mail via Fdroid

More Fdroid: Camera Roll, Open Camera, AntennaPod, NewPipe, TuxPaint, LibreOffice reader, Mupdf, Riot.im, Tusky,

And my whole Linux Mint machine 🙂 - so fresshhh


I thought more people would take part in this campaign...

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