For an investigative journalism project we need to be able to record/monitor for one month. The system has to be cheap and autonomous. There's no power supply we can use.
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Note this isn't calibrated and depends on your phone hardware but one could easily map a specific device characteristic to a calibration curve by performing tests against traceable standard devices before or after doing any field work.

@mike @rra Hi, very interesting, thanks! I did not think of that.. But how do you keep a smartphone running for a month? Or another cheap Android based device..

@dywen @𝓻𝓻𝓪 Could use a carbon microphone and an analog voltmeter the same way (completely self-powered), but there's no way to auto record the results. Somebody would probably need to use pen and paper to do that.

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I got this as a tip
"AudioMoth for cheap-ish open-source audio monitoring: An important point about "decibel levels": if you want to measure noise levels, and have the measurements have ANY meaning (e.g. for use in court cases) you'll need properly calibrated expensive devices. Basic kit like AudioMoth, or Raspberry Pi, or even a Zoom recorder will NOT give any useful measure of "decibel levels".

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