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If your company lost valuable customer data and quickly needs an excuse than use this handy excuse generator: https://whythefuckwasibreached.com

Tomorrow we travel to Greenland and explore secret military installations and system with online presentation by David Young at Varia in Rotterdam varia.zone/en/21-Camp-Century.

A short introduction to graphic design: 'Ici et ailleurs' (1976) directed by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville. twitter.com/modescriticism/sta

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This Saturday we will be traveling to the cold War and Greenland, to a secret atomic powerd base on Greenland at varia.zone/en/21-Camp-Century.

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On feminist economics, social payments, corporate crime and the “blokechain”

14 & 15 November 2019
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam


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Floppy Totaal is visiting Zine Camp 2019 next Sunday to talk about "THE FUTURE OF FLOPPY DISK PUBLISHING". Join us at 15:00 to find out what the future has in store! zinecamp2019.hotglue.me/talks

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In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.


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