Was a great evening! I had the pleasure to ask questions to @walskaar @lidia_p @fcr and Niek. We talked about the purpose and process behind the publication, the post-digital ambivalence of engaging with so-called retro and low-tech media/tech/practices that are in fact inextricable from contemporary tech/networks, the question of resistance and escapism in such practices, the creative potential of technological constraints and only working with what you have access to, and we started to sketch a discussion around nostalgia and its problematic ties with notions of traditions, imagined communities, nationalism, etc. It was way too short but really demonstrated the value of all the interviews that @floppytotaal arranged in this book.

If you're into stuff or the (or just have a sweet spot for ) this is a really valuable resource.


Attached a few photos from the evening taken by @fcr with his... Floppy based Sony Mavica FD95 camera-wiki.org/wiki/Sony_Mavi

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More teasing... Actual final What Remains cartridges with actual final stickers. Courtesy of Broke Studio's secret headquarter under the volcano, where the carts are being assembled...

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If only we could just do a project without technological purist elitism in the comments.


This saturday I'm at v2_ in Rotterdam with the @floppytotaal team to erase/format/checkdisk/write/eject (with moderation) a discussion around the launch of their publication "Floppy Disk Fever".

Do you have a copy yet? 💾🧲


Full program listing of the two days event:

floppytotaal.org/events.html (click on Floppy Disk Fever - 16 & 17.09.22)

maybe maybe maybe maybe but mostly

Just had a peek into this book that discusses floppy disks as a cultural practice https://www.onomatopee.net/product/floppy-disk-fever/ — excellent stuff

was it @entreprecariat who suggested that graphic design might just be a "style" ? when I see events like this, it really makes me think that it might be true : https://www.paris.fr/evenements/marche-d-objets-graphiques-24544

✧✧✧ fermentingdata.net/nordichi22/

Deadline extended till Aug. 28 for our curating/fermenting data workshop at NordiCHI in October w/ Magda Tyżlik-Carver and @lukasfx. Just send us a short email w/ expression of interest, very low bureaucracy threshold :)

Help spreading the word, appreciated too! Anyone interested in working with data interfaces, curation and fermentation processes while thinking critically about the production of knowledge online is very welcome!

Read & Repair is back on the 27th of August! :)

Vegetality and Virtuality feat. Georgiana Cojocaru and Bérénice Staiger

In the Read session with Georgiana Cojocaru, we will discuss what are the virtual, fragile and always threatened possibilities for recovery of a body which is considered beyond repair, beyond any semblance to a former self. What attracts possibilities for re-knowing and re-ordering a living being ? How does a shattered mind move? When the poetic act tries to stay within this state, map its ambiance, its pulsations, its circuitous rhythms what kind of creations emerge? How close is poetry to sentience? How could a stuttering, nervous awareness ordain itself into a virtual possibility: a story, a new plot, an impermanent thought that might materialize into a newborn possibility?

During the Repair session, Bérénice Staiger takes us through her interest in bees and the swarm in particular. Bérénice also introduces meditative exercises for relaxation. She will guide us to relax through sensory exercises. For this she uses simple instructions and as an extra she takes products that bees collect in nature: honey, propolis and pollen. We will feel, smell, and taste the products. We will also go outside to experience our surroundings with our senses.



1 month from now 16-17 September @v2unstable Rotterdam

Floppy Totaal, the recurring festival for contemporary floppy disk culture, returns with a two-day program that coincides with the release of their brand new book 'Floppy Disk Fever'.


Much love for this week's
episode of the Art&Obsolescence podcast where my PhD supervisor (& all round digital preservation legend)
@despens tells the story behind his work in the field & how emulation, web archiving + LOD made it into major infrastructural projects at Rhizome. Why are digital preservation folks so often coming from music backgrounds? What are the ethics of preserving art on the internet (vs more old school conservation approaches) and much more... Tune in over the long weekend:


For those who enjoy frequent engagement with library systems in some form and/or have intimate knowledge of structuring digital files, we invite you to join us (@simoon and @manetta) during the Hold & Release Partyline (on Friday 10 + Saturday 11 of June at Varia, Rotterdam), where we will rethink library software, starting from Calibre. Can knowledge be held and released simultaneously? Subscription details and more information can be found here: varia.zone/en/hold-and-release

I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

The new issue of OW is out and I'm very proud of it. First, because it's penned by lurkers @aiscarvalho and @rlafuente, whom I've admired since I got to know their work.

Second, because it is topical: here, Ana and Ricardo rigorously dissect Stayaway, the contact tracing app launched in Portugal during the Covid pandemic. By analysing both the technical limitations of the app and its misleading visual metaphors, they prove that a grounded criticism of public health monitoring systems is possible. Reconsidering the app after its demise, they warn us against a novelty bias in the public discourse, which is too focused on promotion and expectations rather than consequences and effects.

Read it here: buttondown.email/otherworlds/a

And don't forget to subscribe to get future issues right in your inbox! :boost_requested:

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