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pictures of - Magnetic Flux festival

...all taken on floppy disk with Sony Mavica cameras,

with organizers Niek Hilkmann, Lidia Pereira & Thomas Walskaar, Adam Frankiewicz (Pionierska Records/Floppy Not New(s)), Sascha Müller, Remute, underbelly shop (Mariëtte Groot) & diverse workshop participants and visitors.



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I had many requests for better pictures of my #floppyDisk #camera.

So here we go! Here are some high resolution shots of the Mavica FD5.

It's about the size of an Instax wide. I might pick up some photo paper later and try some photo prints at 3x5 of the VGA images this thing produces.

Let's have a Swayze Christmas this year, because there is no tradition like a new tradition youtu.be/2ZyJCV_dyug

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with a small donation you can help us buying out of print and on flea markets and web shops

everything will be digitized and published on Internet Archive, for free, forever.
we don't spend money on infrastructure, neither on hardware. everything is lo-fi, low quality.

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Anyone knows of a EU based association or something that provides a newsletters-like mailing service but that doesnt do tracking etc? Asking for solar.lowtechmagazine.com We need to find an alternative to RSS/Atom.

Boosts appreciated

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If your company lost valuable customer data and quickly needs an excuse than use this handy excuse generator: https://whythefuckwasibreached.com

Tomorrow we travel to Greenland and explore secret military installations and system with online presentation by David Young at Varia in Rotterdam varia.zone/en/21-Camp-Century.

A short introduction to graphic design: 'Ici et ailleurs' (1976) directed by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville. twitter.com/modescriticism/sta

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This Saturday we will be traveling to the cold War and Greenland, to a secret atomic powerd base on Greenland at varia.zone/en/21-Camp-Century.

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On feminist economics, social payments, corporate crime and the “blokechain”

14 & 15 November 2019
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam


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Floppy Totaal is visiting Zine Camp 2019 next Sunday to talk about "THE FUTURE OF FLOPPY DISK PUBLISHING". Join us at 15:00 to find out what the future has in store! zinecamp2019.hotglue.me/talks

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In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.


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