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Every six months or so for the past several years, I've been doing a thread on Fedi about where to buy ebooks other than Amazon. It finally occurred to me that I could write it once, put it up on website, and update as needed, rather than constantly reinventing the wheel.

So, here we are. (And in spite of the title, this isn't JUST about eBooks)


(Please share your own links in replies, I'll add them to the list as I have spoons.)

complete! pretty much ... a pretty good spot to finish as the sun starts to go

stencil testing for the day face, trying to make a little sun guy

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the first face, plus one finished, of my set of hako dice

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this is steadily turning into something I am actually putting effort into
maybe I'll try and make an actual demo in scratch

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finally went sailing again after a couple of years today, wind was a bit inconsistent, but felt amazing to be out on the water, feel like I'm swaying in my chair still!

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nasu typography and pixel art session was a success, had a lot of fun!

a technological paradigm centered on continued consumption and the novel aesthetics of progress is one doomed to be wasteful and inefficient

this is a quick specification of the wiki to get my thoughts so far out of my head: pinto-b.neocities.org/plaintex

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And from that day forth all font antialiasing was banished to the blurred miasmic sludge from which it was formed

my plain text personal wiki is coming along nicely, I wanted to design something accessible just as text, as well as to be edited by some simple scripts, so rather than using html and hyperlinks it has simple bracketted pointer words that refer to the indexing system, e.g. see [REF-0] for the table of contents.
The goal is to have a small core group of transferable notes and more importantly source links/references, that is accessible basically anywhere, working on writing a briefer spec.

I'm at the point now where I kind of recognise a bunch of familiar faces/names around here, it's very cozy

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incoherent gender ramble 

at least for me, the next logical step from gender non-conformity is to realise oh shit, this gender bit is kinda unnecessary, and you can then convert all that surplus gender left over to pure gender fuckery

also I've been using the tiny and nice simple static site generator ssg from romanzolotarev.com/ssg.html

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ah shit I made a neocities site, my tentative first steps into smol web stuff. I've been messing around this evening on getting it set up very basically: pinto-b.neocities.org/

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"The linear-progressivist idea of technological obsolescence may stem from authoritarian metaphors: there may only be one king at a time. This idea easily leads to an impoverished and monocultural view of technology where there is room for only a handful of ideas at a time. Instead of technological "progress" (that implies constant abandoning of the old), we should consider expanding the diversity and abundance of ideas. Different kinds of technology should be seen as supporting each other rather than competing against each other for domination."

Damn this stuff is GOOD


messing about in noodle drawing some mushrooms, somehow working in small resolutions is very reminiscent of pencil sketching

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